Pragya and Abhi forever Part 1


Recap- Pragya was writing her diary that she lost her husband but then she started to tell her story from starting that she loved suresh but god doesn’t accept her decision. She was going to college but her mom stopped her and said she cant as she have to take care of her mama mami.
I went for shopping so that I can make something good for them. When I was coming back I saw Rock star Abhi’s new album’s CD. I don’t like him. He looks like a monkey and I just want to drag him and comb his hair. But bulbul is a great fan of him. She always listen to his music. So, I bought it for her. When I came back, I made food for them and took the Cd out and called Bulbul.”

Bulbul, I have brought something for you. You will love it.” “What it is?” she said excitedly. I showed her the Cd and she just jumped in the excitement. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Di. I just love him and his songs.” “But he loves himself Bulbul. Noww. go and get ready you have to go to ur friends house.” “Ya I know. I am leaving.” she said and left. Mama mami soon came. They enjoyed the food and all the things. They asked for Mom. So I just said She is coming in few minutes. and excused me from them. I went to the marriage hall and called her. Mama mami so

Credit to: anandi

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