Power in love (swaragini) Episode 9


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So lets start episode 9…


Ap n suji are preparng breakfast…
Rags comes dere…
Rag-good mrng aunty☺
Ap n suji-good mrng beta
Ap-hope u sleeped well yesterday n plz feel comfortable beta ,its lyk ur house nly hmmm?…
Rag(with moist eyes)-after loosng my parents,i never got d feelng of a family but with u people i cn feel dat…?..thnku sooo much aunty..
Ap-beta u r lyk ma daughter n v r ur family nly.n call me maaaa k not aunty☺
By listeng to ds rags immediately hugged ap n suji,dey too reciprocate..
Rag-aunt… Oooppsss …sry,…maa ☺ where is babumoshai,rp uncle,sanky n ?laksh..???
Suji-voo bhaisa n rp ji had left for office,sanskaar is gone for some special classes n laksh …he is as usual sleepng?..
Rag thinking-sanky n special class ..ohoo….hmm….special class wid swara…hahhhaaahaa..?..
Ap-ragini beta..plz call laksh for breakfast na orelse he”ll get late for clg…
Rag-but…k maaa nly if u r sayng…
Ap smiles…

Rag goes to hs room,knocked it bt it ws already opened..she goes inside n found a lazy lad sleepng shirtless over hs stomach on a big royal bed half covered wid velvet black colored blanket..

Rag frst gets shocked n turned to leave but den stopped n turned back..
Rag- yaaar 1st tme ap maa had told me somethng to do,how cn i deny her…but how to wake him upp???oh god…wt should i do…

Den without realising she started admiring him…
Rag monolouge-well hes nt dat bad,n awww how cute he looks while sleepng..n omg hes soo hott…no wonder y all grls r beside him.?
Den she realised dat wt shes thnkng,n hits her head..
Rag-oh no rags wt r u thnkng,hes d same sadoo nly..k so lets wake him up..

No response
Rag-shaking him -lakshhh….
No response
Rag loudly-laksh…uthoooooo(wake up)
Again no response..
Rags became irritated n again is going to shake him up,but one muscular hand grabs her waist n pulled her towards himself on bed n rolled upon her.(yes it ws laksh who pulled her?)

Now rags is down n laksh is upon her n bth r covered wid blnket..
Laksh holding her one hand from hs n from other hand hes holding her waist…
Both r really close to eo.dey have an intense eyelock..
Laksh-i told u na to stay away from me,den y r u disturbng my sleep?
Rag(in shocked state)-m…mmm…m….vo…voo…main…
Laksh-wt m…m….say it clearly..
Rag-maa told me to wake u up,so…
Laksh-oh..so u came to wake me up,den y u r starng at me cont.. Since wen u entered ma room..hmm…as if u loved me???n winks at her..
Rag(now became angry n jerked him n stands up)-wt…loving u,,,haaaah…joke of d year..n i m nt starng at u.i ws jst thnkng how to wake u up understand n now come downstair everyone is waitng for u..
Rag turned n sighs…
rags monologue-oh god dat means he ws already awaken wen i entered d room…shit…thnk god nw i escaped orelse he had surely insulted me…
She started going out of d room bt laksh holds her hand n pulled towards hmself.
Laksh-oh really miss.mirchi…do u thnk i cn believe in ur lies hmmm…
Rags becames very nervous n sees a glass of water n poured it on him.laksh looses her hand n looked at her wid anger.
She moved towards door but laksh uses hs power n moved speedly n closed d door..
Rags became hell shocked..
Den he started movng slowly -slowly towards her,she ws movng back n hes coming more close to her..dey are hvng a continous eyelock..
Rags heart started beatng fasttt..dey reached inside d bathroom..
Rags touched d wall n stopped.laksh comes towards her n pinned her to d wall.
The water drops r falling from his hair..
He moves very close to rags.
One of d droplet from laksh hair falls upon rags lips…
He moves more close to her,she closed her eyes n thightened her fist.
Laksh goes near her ear lobes n whispers-now bear ur punishment..
Den he moves hs hand to shower n opened it.rags felt water n opens her eyes immediately n found laksh laughing lyk hell….
She jerked hm n created little fire n throw it upon hs hair.whch shocked laksh n he suddenly blow it off…due to dis laksh’s hair burnt a little..
He became hell angry n points finger on her but before he could say anything.
Rag-hey u mister.dnt do ds again orelse nxt tme i wont spare u understand…u better understand…
Laksh-u hve to pay for it mirchi.jst wait n watch…n stay away from my house.i”ll soon throw u out of it…
Rag-do wtever u cn do…n i”ll also show u dat whom u hve messed wid dis tym..
Both looks at eo angrily..

Den rags leaves to her room n gets changed n comes down..
Meanwwhile laksh also comes down..
They bth gve a deadly look to eo n had dere breakfast..
Ap said laksh to drop rags to d clg as hes also gng dere nly..
Rag n lucky both denyed bt ap forces n emotionally blackmailed dem. So unwillingly dey bth agreed to go together..but dey fighted all d way to clg n den moved towards dere classes…

Arsaan helped rags to learn n enhances her power.they started sharing a great bonding …
Rag monologue-i know arsaan is a good guy,bt i hve to take revenge from hs dad(ardhan).n by being wid hm i cn get some information about dat ardhan…

Rags sees sameer n goes to hm n asked about hs n sanky misunderstndng..
Sam-plz rag ,i respect u a lot bt i dnt want to talk about dat incident plz..
Rag-sam i wnt force u bt if u really consider me as ur sister den tell me…
Sam-k i”ll tell u bt some other day plzzz..
Rag smiles-thnku for valueing ma words .n whenever u feel comfortable, u cn share it wid me..☺
Dey bth bid bye to eo..

Precap-rags caught laksh .rags n laksh in some underground fightng area.bike racng n fightng wid powers…

Wid loads of love fairy☺

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Credit to: Fairy

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