Power in love (swaragini) Episode 8

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Recap_ragini n alekh ‘s fght…rags gets hurt n luksh heals hr wid hs power..

Lets start d episode 8…

Sun rays falls on rags n she slowly slowly opened hr big beautiful yet tired eyes..she remembers yesterdays incidents n sat on d bed yawning.

Jst den swara comes dere…wid a hot cup of coffee..
Swara-good mrng ladoo…hw r u feelng now?
Rag-nw m f9 shona..?
Swara-k dear..u take shower n den v”ll go to clg ..
Rag-shona ..u go to clg nw ,i”ll join u later…coz i have toshift my stuffs to MM orelse dp uncle wl get reallyangry on me..
Swara-U r shftng to MM bt wen ?how?
Rag-oh sry i forgot to tell u about ds..
(N den rags tell about hr meetng wid dp)
Swara-oh k i see…wowww rags dats a gr8 news..now u”ll b safe therethere..n moreover nw i cn meet sanky daily.n u cn spend more time wid laksh… N winks at her..
Rags-wt…..laksh…hw …wt r u sayng?????
Swara-dnt tell me u dnt know dat luksh is dp uncle son n sanky also lives dere..
Rag-wttttt?Rag-wttttt? no ways i jst cnt tolerate dat khadoos everyday .
Swara-oh hallow !! Plz ladoo..hes such a nce person yaar..havent u seen hs care yesterday..
Rags gets lost in hs thoughts…
Swara movng her hands in front of rags.
Swara-oye madam!!where hve u lost hmmm…k k leave all ds ..i m gettng late ,i”ll leave nw..n if u need ny help den jst call me haa..?

Rag shifted to MMMM
Ap,dp,sujata n ram welcomes hr..
(Sanky n laksh rin clg so they ddnt know dat rags is in MM)
Ap takes rags to hr room,hr room is nxt to laksh’s room..

In clg…
Sanky n laksh-swara,is rags okay nw..
Swara monologue-lets nt tell dem dat rags is in dere house…it would b a big surprise cum shock for dem mainly for laksh hahhahahhahhahah?..
Hr thoughts gets disturbed by sanky’s voice-swaraaaa ….tell na is rags okay…
Swa-ya shez f9 nw…
Sanky n lucky den goes to hs frnd’s party …
After sometime rags comes to clg…
Geet-ragini thnku so much for yesterday..
Rag-its k dear,u r jst lyk ma sister..
Sam-(wid tears)-rags thnku so much for savng ma sister..
Rag-its k sam.plzdnt b so formal?
Sam-ragini cn i cll u as my sister..
Rags eyes gets misted by d word sister as she nver had someone bside her lyk a family…
Rags-yes bro y nt…
Dey bth hugged eo..
But by seeing swara dere sam leaves …
Rags-swara is dere nythng wrong btw u guys n sam
Swara den tells her everythng n also about d grp partition…
Rag-hmm…bt wt aboutsam POV ,y he broke frndshp wid hs bstest frnd sanky so mysteriously..
Swar-dat nobody knows,nt even geet..
Den all goes to dere respective classes…

At malhotra mansion…
Alekh tells erythng to ardhan..
Arsaan is standng still wid hs head down..
Ardhan orders everybody to leave except arsaan..
Ardhan-son!!y u did dat i wont ask u or wanna know anythng about it..jst remember dat,dis shouldnt happen again understand…
Arsaan-bt dad ,its nt her fault…
Ardhaan-(pointing hs hand towards hm to stop)-i said i dnt wanna listen anythng …do u get it…nw leave..
Arsaan-yes dad…n leaves from dere fuming …
ArdhaN monolouge-its d frst tme wen he dared to raise hs voice in front of me,dat so for a grl..i have to do smthng b4 it gets too late..?

9:00 p.m. at MM…
Sanky n laksh reaches dere from party..n goes to dere room..
Laksh-thnk god!!papa dsnt seen us orelsev would have been deadd..okay nw lucky boy lets have a shower…
Laksh goes to washroom bt water isnt comg dere..
Laksh-ahhhh nt again yaar..i dnt know y always my bathroom’s water supply ddnt wrk properly..its d 4th time dis thng is happeng…huff koi ni lucky lets use d nxt room’s washroom vaise bhi vo room khali he rahta h(moreover dat room is vacant nly).
Laksh goes to dat room unknowngly dat nw d room belongs to rags..

As he was going to open d washroom’s door,rags comes out of dat washroom wearng a bathng gown till knee length n wet open hair…water droplets r all over hr neck n faceshez lkng very temptng..
Laksh sees hr n widens hs eyes in shock n both shouts aaaahhhh…..
Bt stopped after sometime n started fghtng..
Listeng to all dese sounds ap,sujata,sankysanky comes dere…
Meantime rags locked herself in bathroom..
Ap-wt happened beta y r u shoutng..
Laksh-maa wt ragini is dng here???
Ap-beta from nw onwards she wl leave here nly…n do u know hr..
Sanky-ya maaa shez our classmate n swara’s bst frnd..
Laksh-bt u ddnt informed us..
Sujat-we forgot to tell u beta..
Till nw rags changed into hr nght dress n comes out..
Rag-aunty tell ur son to knock n den comes to others room..
Laksh-hallow miss mirchi .ds is my house .i cn come to ny room okay.u should have locked d door..
Rag-oh mr.tevar ..ds is nt urs ..its my Babumoshia
‘S house..
Laksh-Babumoshia??ye kaun h..
A voice came from behind- main hooooon….(its me)
All turned n saw dp standng dere..
Laksh gulped n said-d…d…da..dad … U..
Dp-yes me n nver dare to talk to my pushpa lyk dis..
Laksh-arey yaar…ab ye pushpaaaa kon h….(oh god nw who is ds pushpa??)
Rag-main hoooon…(its me) n winks at hm
N den both rags n dp gves a hi-fi…
Erybody smiles seeing dere bonding..
Sanky greets rags n all goes to dere room wshng her good n8 ..
Laksh to hmself-beta laksh do smthng orelse hitler(dp) n miss. Mirchi(rags) will sooon kick u out of dis house….
N he goes to hs room glarng ragini…
Rags also glares hm…

Her phone rings n she picked it up..
Rag-hii shona
Swara-ladoo …v found hm…v found dat person…
Rag-wt… Really…whoz he ..tell me fast..
Swara-hez ardhaan…
Rags shocked n wid shieverrng voice-he killed ma parents..nw jst seeshona wt i”ll do to hm..
Swara-hmm…ladoo n remember i m always dere wid u ..nw dnt wry k ..good n8..
Rag-hmmm…shona ..gud n8..

Rags hold hs mom n dad photo frame n sleeps wid cryng n revengeful face.

Precap-raglak scenes…

Wid lots of love fairy..

Hope u hv lyked it….n dea frndz plz do comment..☺

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  1. awesome part………..exited for the precap…………

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  3. nice,waiting for alekh,raglak scenes

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    nice dear………..continue soon………

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    nice dear………..continue soon…………..

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  6. Megha123

    Awsm part loved raglak rom com very much. I love fairy tale type of stories really very much like hell. & my sister she studies MBBS she always tells me that at least medico / doctors doesn’t believe in mysterical facts € we always have a fight over it now I can give ur example & defeat her ????

    1. Frst of all thnku sooo much megha123 dear….n i 2 loved fairy tailes… N m happy dat nw u cn defeat her hahhahahaha 😀 ….thnxthnx a lot for commentng.. 🙂

  7. Loved it dear and waiting for Raglak scenes

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  9. Akshata

    awesome….. loved ragini and dp’s bonding…. babumoshai and pushpa…. loved it.

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