Power in love (swaragini) Episode 7

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Recap-rags became a member of MW grp.,fght btw good n evil wizards.

Lets start episode 7..

Many evil comes dere..
All d grp. Members become tensed..
Den all looks at eo n started fghtng ..

Laksh moves fast n attacked many evil members n killed dem..
Avni flyes in air n produces storm n wid full power moved it towards d evil members.
Nupur created water waves n pushed it towards dem.
Priya fghts wid many evil n teared dem into pieces.
Geet releses thorns n killed dem
Sameer burns dem from hs eyes.
Mayank shouts a loud n many get harmed.
Abhay converted into wolf n killed d evils.

But to dere surprise d no. Of evil is increasing rather den to decrease…

Everyone gets tired n all r injured badly..
Den suddenly more evil member comes n trapped dem..

Alekh-chh..ch..ch…u all r tired so soon..n laughs…now u”ll see wt i”ll do to u all…khel to abhi shuru hua h..(d game is jst began)…

He den goes to geet n grabs hr neck n said-ds is d punishment of messng wid me..
N throws her down from d terrace….
Everyone shoutss-NOOOO…

Suddenly terrace door banged n RAGS comes from dere,she sees ds n touched laksh n grabs hs power n runs speedly n jumped….
Everyone became numb..

In party…
Sashree-wheres alekh?
Arsaan-dnt know..
Sashree-den come lets fnd hm..
Arsaan-hmm….k lets go..

They asks alekhs frnd n he told dem about d matter..
Dey rushed to terrace..

Dey sees alekh is laughng n all d grp. Members r cryng..

Suddenly eveyone looked in front..dey cnt able to believe on wt dey r seeng..a smile appeared on all grp. Members face..
Alekh sees ds n turned to see wts d matter..
He gets shocked to see geet alive n rags is holdng her n flyng..
She putted her down n eyed alekh angryly..
Alekh-how dare u to cme in btw my fght..now i”ll nt leave u..
He moves towards hr bt arsaan comes in btw.
Alekh-arsaan move away ..
Arsaan-plz bro,calm down .she new here..she dsnt even know us.plz jst leave hr.
Alekh-u know na its Mygistys rule n u wanna break it.remember dat no one cn fght wid us or come btw our fghts orelse he/she wl hve to die.
Arsaan-yes,bt shez unknown of these thngs.
Alekh-y u r supportng ds grl n by d way do u wanna go against ur dad..
Arsaan bends hs head n moves aside.
Alekh sees ragini n grabs hr hair.
Laksh(strugglng)-hey leave hr..
Alekh-oh majnu..nw u vl see consiquences to stand in front of me.
All grp. Members tries to entrapped demselves from guards bt all goes in vain..
Rag-hey u!!if u r a real man den y r u takng support of dese guards..
Alekh in range slaps her n says-k come lets fght..
Rags gets up n sees hr lips r bleedng..she cleans d blood from her left hand n goes in front of alekh..
Rain starts…..
Alekh hits her shoulder n she cries in pain.den he punched in hr stomach n again is going to hit on her head when she gets hold of hm n hit hs legs n puches hm everywhere..
He bends down.den she starts throwng fire balls on hm bt he escaped from dem n den he throws spikes bt she also rescued hrself.
Den she goes in range towards hm n clutches hs throat n pulled hm upward..he started tremblng n loosng hs breath..
Suddenly d evil guards comes in btw dem n start beatng rags…
Rags losses her grip n alekh falls down n starts coghng..
She moves n sees all guards r encirclng her .she starts fghtng wid all of dem ..meanwhile alekh comes from behind n hits her head from a rod..
All grp memb. Shout-ragini…
Arsaan shouts-stop it….
All guards stopped..
Laksh n all other memb. Runs towards ragini..
Laksh picks hr up n takes hr in hs embrace..
Arsaan-(orders all d guards)-everyone come lets go..
Alekh-wt r u sayng..
Arsaan-(cuts off hs words n says)i”l see dad.nw lets go..
Alekh-(eyeng towards all grp. Members)i”ll nt leave u all..jst wait n watch..
Arsaan,alekh,sashree n all guards leaves…
Laksh putted hs hand on rags head n heals hr wound…
After sometime she gets conciouss..
A drop of tear falls from laksh eyes bt he wiped it b4 anyone cn notice it,bt rags noticed it..
Everyone sighs n became happy seeng hr alright..
Sameer cries n thanked rags for savng her sister..
Raags assures hm..
Swara stays wid rags in hr hostel..
N other goes to dere home…

Precap-rags in MM n raglak bonding..

With lots of love fairy..

If u lyked it den plz comment.

Sashree-tanu(from kumkum bhagya)
Arsaan-kunj(from tashn-e-ishq)
Alekh-shourya(ek hasina thi)

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  1. arsaan care towards ragini is awesome

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    superb!! arsaan is in love with ragini….. ragini is so brave.

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    Awsm one just loved arsaan laksh & ragini

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  7. Loved it…I’m visualizing their usuage of power…nice

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