Power in love (swaragini) Episode 6

Hi everyone…hope all of u r f9…a very very very big sry for late update bt wt to do yaar ma xamz r gong on n so i cnt able to upload it..so enought of ma bakwaas ..lets start d episode..

Recap-ardhya(evil)killng a man who had an angel tatoo n sayng dat nly 2 more people r left to b killed.sashree plan to insult rags bt failed ..rags awesome performance.arsaan feelngs towards rags..laksh tellng hr about arsaan n hs evil dad ardhya.

So lets start episode 6:-

a big mansion named MAHESHWARI MANSION is shown..
Inside it in a big room sunrays r fallng on face of a boy ,d boy is sleepng in his bed full wet wid sweat.Tremblng in his dream,fightng for somethng…
Suddenly he jerked up by a voiceee..
(Yes d boy is laksh)
Laksh-yes maaa…comng.
He takes a deep breath moves hs hand over his face n den cares hs hair n jumped out of bed.

At dinning table..
Sanky-bade maa today clg council had organised a party for us ..so cn v go..
Annapurna-ofcourse beta,bt confirmed it from ur bade papa.
Jst den Dp comes..
Sanky-bade papa we wnt to goto a party so cn v..
Dp-hmm…k bt dnt b late..
Sanky-ya sure bade papa n thnku so muchh…
Laksh is lost in hs thoughts.
Dp-laksh wt happened
Laksh-nthng dad.
Den dey leave..

In laksh room..
Sanky comes n ask-wt happened lucky.
Laksh-nthng bhai..jst same dream..same grl…same fear…same man…dnt know wt is it…
Sanky-chill bro..its jst a dream..n bade papa is tryng to fnd about it na so common dnt spoil ur mode,v hve to go to party na n u hve to make it rockng k..
Laksh( flushng off hs thoughts)-yo bro..as u say..
Sanky monologue-dnt know wen we willĀ  find about hs dreamzz…god plz help us n keep lucky safe .
Sanky(to divert laksh thoughts)-k den lets go for shoppng..
Laksh-k bhai…

At hostel…

Ragini wakes n freshen up..n calls swara..
Rag-hey,any information..
Swara-ya ma informer wl tell me today..
Rag-hope so,he”ll tell soon..
Swara-ya dear dnt wry..acha tell me wt you”ll wear today..
Rag-today??wts so special about today..
Swara-dnt tell me u forget about d party…
Rag-ohhh party..sry shona i hve really forgotten about dat.n yaar i dnt hve anythng to wear for d party..
Swara-same here yaar..
Rag n swara-IDEA..shoppnngg…
Swara-k meet me after 1 hr. at XYZ mall.
Rag-k done..

At mall…(all 4 reached d same mall)

Swaragini side-
Rag-hey lets go shona to dat section
Swara-rag go dere n try dis one(she handed her a peach color dress)
Rag-k n u go n try dis (she handed her a red color gown)

Sanlak side-
Sanky-k lucky go n try dis
Laksh-n u try dis one
Sanky-k ..

At changng room..
Lucky go to changng room bt forgot to lock it.
Rags also goes in d same room n locks it n den turns n sees laksh SHIRTLESS ,he also sees her.both widens dere eyess.. rags is jst about to shouttt wen lucky moves speedly n putted hs hand on hr mouth n pinned hr to d door..

Meanwhile sanky n swara is coming from opp. Directon..bth bangged wid eo n swara ws about to fall wen sanky held hr in his arms n sved hr.. snow started fallng around dem(as dey hve snow power)dey gets lost in eo..den sanky phone rings..
Sanky n swara realised dere position n ctrled d snow,(for dere luck dere ws no human present at dat time) n dey composes demselves ..

Raglak side..
Laksh is lost in rags eyes n rags cnt able to move hr eyes from him..(tere naina plays at bg)
Dey get disturbed bt d sudden knock on d door..
Laksh moved hs hand from her mouth.
Rags turned n said-lock d door b4 changng understood mr.nangu pangu(she said dis very slowly bt laksh heard it)
N den she teleported herself outside.
Lucky smiles at hr words n wears hs t-shrt n opens d door..
Sanky-hw much tme will u take yaar lucky.come lets go.n u know swara n rags r also here ..

Rag sees swara n goes to hr.
Swara-do u liked dat dress.
Rag-ya i even purchased it n wt about yours.
Swara-ya i hve also purchased dat red one.
Den sanky n lucky comes dere..
Rags avoided eye contact wid lucky n lucky too does d same.
Sanky-hey rags
Rag-hey sanky..hi.. lak..sh..
Laksh-hi rag..in..i..
Den all 4 chit chatted a bit n den leaves from dere.
Sanky n laksh goes in dere car.
Rags n swara goes in rags car.
Rags dropped swara..n started gong to hostel..
Den suddenly at road a man from
No-where comes in front of rags car.she hurriedly applied d break n comes out n asks r u okay..
Man-ya beta n sry i hvnt seen d signal..
Rags became extremely happy after seeing hm n says.
Rag-Dp uncle mere BABU MOSHAI..
(yes dat man is dp)
Dp-rago meri PUSHPA..
both hugged eo.
(Dp n rags parents r bestest frnds)
Dp-rago u see hw much u hve grown up..last tme i hve seen u wen(he stops remembrng somethng n to divert d topic he says)..pushpa wen u came back here.
Rag-(trowng away hr thoughts) yesterday
Dp-n u ddnt even bother to informe me.i m really v angry wid u.
Rag-sorry babu moshai n holds her ears n makes a puppy face..
Dp-ahh.. pushpa..u know na i cnt see ur sad face ..k i forgvre u badmash..bt on one condition .u hve to stay wid us.
Rag-no babu moshai,i m k in hostel.its jst..(dp cuted hr words)
Dp-k den bye,i m nt gonna talk to u..
Rag-k k no body cn win from u…k i”ll come bt tommorrow
Dp-k dear..
Dey both chit chat a bit n leaves from dere..

At party night..
Everyone is njoyng n dancng.
Jst den All grp. Members arrives dere
Sanky-yaar party is so boring.
Lucky-k den lets hit it bro..
Sanky smiles n touches d floor n whole floor get converted into ice.
Avni-spreads flowers all over d hall
Nupur-makes a big water fountain in middle of d dance floor.
Swara-started d snow fall
Everyone looks at eo smiles n started njoyng d party..
Jst den lghts goes off n a spot lght falls on d grl enterng d party.her eyes r sparklng hr smile is mesmerising shez lkng as pure as fireee..d peach color dress with pearl work is enhancng hr beauty.her long curly hair r tied in a messy bun n some hair strands
R out..shez lkng lyk a goddnesss.
Everyone is lost in hr beauty..
Sanky(whisperng in laksh ears)-ya ragini…nw close ur mouth chote..n laughs ..
She goes towardd hr n hugs hr
Swara-woww u r lkng killer yaar.
Nupur-voo u r lkng awesomr
Rags-thnx n u too r lkng gorgious.somebody is gonna loose hs ctrl today.. n winks at mayank den laughs..
Everyone appreciates hr.
Sanky- k k everyone come lets dance nw.
(Lets talk about love baby song plays)
Everyone dances on d sng.
Sam-goes to drnk crner n starts drnkng.
Sanky n swara r dancng n r lost in eo.
Abhay n priya r also dancng bt fghtng more.
Avni geet r talkng to nupur n ragini
Mayank is playng games wid mann n laksh

Geet excused herself n moves towards washroom.

Jst den principal comes n announces dat ragini is nw a member of MW grp.
Everyone congrats hr. Den she gets bsy wid principal.

Some evil boys starts misbehavng wid geet.she resists bt dey forcefully take hr towards terrace.
Maan sees it n runs behind hr.
Den all grp. Members runs besides hm(except 4 rags coz she is bsy wid prici)
Rags sees dat no one is dere n finds somethng fishy.

At terrace..
Boy1-oh my darling..stop screamng sweetheart.
Geet-leave me u..
Boy2-oh my god ..so much anger.it”ll b fun playng wid u..
Boy 3-ALEKH..jst tear hr dress dude..
Suddenly maan comes dere n goes to hit dem wen abhay holds hm n stoped hm n says -dey r from evil community n he is nephew of ardhya..so thnk b4 dng anythng..
Sam-leave my sister..
Maan-leave hr rght nw.
Boy1- hahhaa…jst go from here u wizards orelse u know na wt majisty(ardhya) will do to u.
Alekh-jst gooo nw.
Sanky-hey listen..lets sort it out,plz leave hr.v dnt wanna fght.
Boy3-hahahhaa..fght ….n u with us…hahhahaa oye hero jst go v wnt leave hr…
Swara-hey jst let hr go..
Alekh-ooo phuljhari(craker)ur also nt less den her haa…
Laksh to everyone-wt we”ll do nw..we cnt even harm dem it would create a prob..
Jst den geet tries to get her freed bt alekh held hr n slapped hr ..
Maan looses hs ctrl n goes n holds alekh neck n started taking hs breath..bt alekh get out of hs hold..
Meanwhile all grp. Member starts fightng…
Swara hit d boys wid ice bergs
Sanky touched d boy n make him of ice.
Alekh sees ds n closed hs eyes n called many of hs evil members through telepathy n said-now u all have to pay for wt u hve done…

Episode ends wid confused face of rags..scared face of all grp members.evil face of alekh.

Precap-someone hits rags n she falls unconcious..

Wid lots of love fairy..

Hope u all lyked it…n plz comment guyz if u really liked it…silent readers plz break ur silence,n comment.

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