Power in love (swaragini) Episode 3

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Recap-a grl bangged with laksh..

So lets start epi..3…

Girl’s hair falls on laksh n r blowing by d cool breeze…
Grl saw a TATTOO of angel on laksh’s collar bone n gets into a deep thought..

Meanwhile laksh gets disturbed by her flyng hairs n placed dem behind her soft ears through his fingers..

Due to which d grl comes out of her thoughts n realised her position …she hurridely gets up wid a jerk but her locket gets tangled wid laksh’s button..and she again falls on him…bt due to dis sudden fall her lips touched his cheeks….(tum jo aye zindagi mein baat ban gai-sng plays)



den due to certain noises(wch were made by people around dem )both comes out of dere thoughts n laksh tries to entangeled d locket n gets succeed…

Den they both gets up abruptly n composes demselves…
N looks around…laksh sees all hs grp memb.(guys swara n sanky r nt dere)r watchng dem wid shocked faces …

Girl turns to opposide direction n start walkng but suddenly remembers something n turns towards laksh ..

(Shez a kind of grl who never said sry to anyone unless n untill it was smthng massive,so its difficult for hr to say sry to hm..bt she also dsnt know y she said sry to hm??)
After hearng such melodious yet innocent voice …automatically a smile appears at corner of laksh’s lips….
Bt he fastly hided it before anyones notices ..

Laksh-ahhhh..its okay..(he ws a rude kind of boy,so to maintain hs image b4 everyone standng dere ..against his will he says)
Laksh-but watch out nxt tme dat where r u walkng..god has gven u 2 eyes so use it na…n dnt try to get sympathy by makng innocent faces..i knw your type of grls very well…

By hearng it grl became angry n she was a grl who cant bear any raised finger against her.

Grl-hauh…..wt do u mean…do u even know who i m…I M RAGINI ..RAGINI GADODIA..d only heir of gadodia company..d mst powerful n biggest company in d wrld…i nver said sry to anyone bt dnt know y told u n now repayng for it…kyuki tum to mere sar pe he chadhe jare ho…
Laksh-hey who so ever u r…do u even know whom u r talkng wid….LAKSH MAHESHWARI..d son of owner of maheshwari grp of industry..every grl ,all d tme try to impress me n i know u r also one of dem.who jst bangged wid me purposely…
Ragini bcame more angry her face turned redddd…
Ragini-hey mr.bandar .do u even looked at urself in mirror…donkeys r even better lkng den u…jst see ur face once n i m sure all ur confusion will get clear dat grls r beside u…
Laksh-you miss-nakchadi…mind ur words haa…instead of sayng sry u r insultng me…
Ragini-(wid a disgused look)-oh mr.ghajini..i thnk i said it b4 nly bt ur ego had covered ur ears n u cant able to hear it….mr.egoistic..
Laksh-wt did u cld me..
Ragini-seee …i think u r deaf ..plz get it treated…mr.chimpanzi..
Laksh gets furious…
Laksh-stop it miss.irritating..orelse…
Ragini-wt u cld me irritating..u r irritatng nt me…
Rags murmer …nver seen such a sadoo in my life before…
Laksh-haaa…i hve also nver seen a hitler lyk u before..
Rag-its jst waste of time to argue wid such a dumboo lyk u…
Laksh-same here ,u hve already wasted ma precious tym..chipkalii kaheki..
Wish to never see u again
Rag-me to…

By sayng so dey bth turns in opposite dirt… n leaves…


teri meri meri teri prem kahani h mushkil(only music)-plays..
Laksh POV-oh god shez so irritatng…hope never see her face again….bt wen i saw hr ,it feels as if i m connected to hr…aahhhh …laksh wt r u thnkng…shez jst a mental grl…dnt think much about hr orelse u “ll also become mad…

Ragini POV-aaahhh…hes jst disgustng…jst hate hm…dnt know wt he thought of hmself…bt dat TATTOO ..it seems i hve some connection wid him bt wt …ufff…rags dnt thnk much about hm…jst concentrate on ur plan…for wt u came here….jst focus on ur revenge n nt on dat dumboo…

Na Koi Kisi Se Door Hota Hai, Na Koi Kisi Ke Kareeb Hota Hai, Pyar Khud Chal Kar Aata Hai, Jab Koi Kisi Ka Naseeb Hota Hai….

Precap-ragini meets swara..

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Wid lotz of love fairy…

Credit to: Fairy


  1. Dafsi

    Awwww so cute RagLak always look good in fights and yeah it was indeed an awesome update also waiting for more RagLak scene and make the update a bit lengthy

    • Fairy

      Awww….thnku soooooooooooooo much dafsi for ur precious comment….n i”ll surely make it lengthy nxt tme….once again thnx a lotzzz. πŸ™‚

    • Fairy

      Thankx a lotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz anamica dear :)….glad dat u lyked raglak scene… hahahhaa πŸ˜€ n thnx for fndng it funny….

  2. Anayta

    I didn’t actually read it from start. …but I curse myself now…Friday n’t reading. …Awesome epi…good gng…plz upload regularly ??lol

  3. Akshata

    love raglak fight!! Is ragini an angel? and may be laksh is connected with angels.
    oh i am so curious to know. so update soon and make it longer.

    • Fairy

      Thnku soooo much for ur precious cmmnt akshata dear….n dear sry bt rags is nt an angel…shez also a wizard…n hw rag n laksh r cnnected..dat u”ll fnd out in upcoming episodessss…. once again thnku so much for cmmntng .. πŸ™‚ …n i”ll surely try to make it longer nxt tme..

  4. Aastha

    dear superb epi. raglak fight is sooooo cute. but rag came here for revenge. she is revenging whom. im curious. update nxt part soon. rag will marry eho has angel tatoo. nyz.
    dont mistake me this tatoo scene seems like naagin. i told what i felt dont mistake me yaa.

    • Fairy

      Thnku sooo much aastha…n ya shez here for sme revenge n from whom u”ll get to know in upcomng episodess…n no dear dere iz nthng lyk dat she”ll marry a guy who has dat tatto….its smthng else u”ll get to know about it in upcomng episodess..n sry dear as m in hostel so i cnt able to watch any serial n so i dnt know about naagin serial.. i m jst a big fan of tejaswi n so jst read swaragini serial updates dats it…n if u think dat its lyk naagin serial den really sry dear bt i hve no idea about it….n please dnt feel hesitate to say anythng…actually i really felt overwhelmed dat u read my ff wid full of ur imagination n tried to find out dat whts gonna happen nxtt…plz keep readng dear…thnkx once again πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Aastha

        i never hesitate to tell something u bcame a sweet frnd to me after this big reply. u r not watching naagin. thats ok ur imaginating n writing skill is awsm. keep rocking. naagin serial ended yesterday only. from title u can know thats abt snake. i like snake stories. n congrats n all the best for ff n studies. which std u r? basically every1 will chose love jonor but u took mystery n supernatural. i too writyen love story only. keep it up. 1/2 tried to write like this but they stopped in few epi. its a humble request plz dont stop this in middle. in any situation u felt u cant continue it anymore then end this ff with superb ending. keep smiling dear.

      • Aastha

        hey second year give me a hifi. i too sec year but in BA english. thnq soo much for ur hug. hostel…….so sad na or enjoyment? do u miss ur family? when ur sem leave? what is ur native? am tn.

      • Aastha

        tamil nadu. south dear. keep smiling. do u like teju in sanskar serial which aired in colors 2 yrs ago. i become tejuholic after that serial. she is soooooo innocent in dhara character. i like her sooooo much.

    • Fairy

      Awwww…1st of all thnku sooo much for considering me as a sweet frnd… :).. n thnku soo much for appreciating..oh thnx for tellng me about dat serial…seems to b gud …n i m a dental student…m in BDS 2nd yr…thnx a lotz for ur wishes…n i love supernatural thngs n so decided to write smthng on it….for sure i”ll cont… it dear…always keep smilng dear..llotzzz of huggggsss… πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

      • Fairy

        Ohhh woowwww yaaar… πŸ™‚ :D.. YA DEAR hostel is soooooo borng….n sem holiday iz in august bt jst for few days..n ya i misss ma famillllyyy soooooo much…… m basically from jamshedpur bt studyng in bareilly… n u r from?????… πŸ™‚

    • Fairy

      Yaaa i m also a tejaswiholic.. i used to watch dat serial sanskaaar dharohar apno ke…n her 1st serial 26/11 iz also amazng….

  5. S priya

    Loved raglak fight…r tey having t powers u told before…itz luks like tey did nt get r realize their powers yet…no one s using tatz y asked…

    • Fairy

      Thnku for lykng it dear… yes dey r hvng powers….u”ll soon see dem using it….actually till nw dere isnt any situaton occured in wch dey could use dere powers…bt for sure dey will use it soon…n dear eveyone knows about dere powers…..once again thnx for commentng… πŸ™‚

  6. almas khan

    lovely fght… of raglak… seemz 2 be interstng….gettng more curious abt nxt episode.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.