Power in love (swaragini) Episode 22 [LAST EPISODE♡]

Hey guyzz!!!!yippeee..today is my brthdayy??n d last episode of dis ff…
hope everyone is rockng? thnku so much for ur support n love throughout dis ff…N for such lovely comments on previous episode …love u all a lotzzz..?

Happy brthday
anjaliii(anji) n rafeee’s sister(sry bt i dnt know her name)??god bless u sweetiess..

Recap-ragini n her parents scene..raglak confession..n fight btween good n evil..

So lets start episode 22(last episode)…

Laksh is holdng him..
Rags ran towards him n holds his hands…
Rags(tears r cont.. coming out from her eyes) she dnt get words ,wt to say..
Rag-arsaan…i…wt….u…its…r…(den she again starts cryng)
Arsaan(gives a faint smile)-shhh…..dont cry ragini….plz dont cry…dont u know dat wen a person is going,u should bid him bye wid smile n nt wid tears…hmmm…?
Rag-NOOO..u r nt going nywhere…plz arsaan plz dnt leave me…u promised me na dat u”ll alwayd b dere wid me…den how cn u break d promise of ur bst frnd hmm…i swear arsaan if u dont fullfill ur promise na den i”ll nver talk to u..(she makes a fake angry face wid pout)
Arsaan(says wid a lotz of pain)-i m sry ragz..plz forgive ur frnd dis tym…bt i promise in nxt birth i”ll nver break my promise..(he hisses in pain n his eyes gets little closed)n promisee me rags dat u”ll always b happy n wl nver cry haa..
He den looks at laksh n says-take care of her..n gve her all happiness coz she deserves it…i m leavng her in assurance of u plz always b wid her n always protect her hmm…
Laksh jst nodes wid tears in his eyes..
Arsaan closed his eyes with little smile on his face
Rag sees dis n starts shiverng n gets hyper-arsaan arsaan do…dont close ur eyes …v r doing smthng wait…
She sees laksh n says-y dont u do somethng…haaan….heal him fast…commmon…heal…him…dont u hear me…i said…heal him..
Laksh holds her shoulder n says wid moisted eyes-v cnt heal him…
she steps back n
goes to ardhan n jerks him’-wt kind of father r u…common do smthng…save himm!!!do smthng god dammmed!!!
A tear escaped from ardhan’s eyes(coz he knows dat no one cn save his son now…as d spell whch he had thrown ws very powerful n nobody cn overcome through it)
Rags behaves lyk a mad n shouts..
Rags – wt u all r doing…someone plz save him…have u all lost it or wt???!!..okay if u all cnt na…den i”ll do it..
She grabs laksh’s hand n takes his power n tries to heal arsaan…

Bt till den he had already died….

Rags sees dis n says-ar…ars..arssaaan..arsaannnn…n den scream
(i really cried writtng it ?)den his body gets converted into ashes…

Ardhan gets shocked seeing his son death..

Ardhan gets angry-ahhh!!!its all bcoz of u all..i wont leave nyone of u…n frstly i”ll kill u dp…
He goes towards dp bt before he could throw his spell on him,someone stabbed him on his heart…
He looks at his left n found ragini standng wid knife inside his heart n tears escaping from both of her red n revengeful eyes…

She den takes knife out from dere n says-dis one is for my mom..
Den she again stab him-dis one is for my dad..
She again stabbed him-dis one for arsaan..
Again-dis one for making me orphan..
Lyk dis she stabbed him 7 timess…
N den left d knife dere itself..
Arsaan sees all around himself before lying on floor n meeting his death…..
His body also gets converted into ashes …

Den laksh holds rags hand n she cried her heart out…n falls on floor…

She remembered her parents words n hugged laksh…

Everyone looks at eo…

After 7 years……

A lady is running beside a 5 yr old boy..
Boy-no mamma never ever i”ll drink dat milk..
Lady-arsaan…beta plzzz drink it …n stop running…
She is about to catch her wen he says-FREEZE.
n she gets stopped dere itself(d kid arsaan has power to freeze or stop nyone nywhere)
Lady-lakshhh lakshhh help me…see ur son again freezed me….lakshhh..
Laksh comes from his room n laughed seeing d scene
N says-ragini u r lookng funny(yes guys d lady is rags…raglak gets married after 1 yr. of dat incident)
Rags gets angry n says-stop laughng n get me out of it..
Laksh to little arsaan-champ again u did it..hmmm…i told u na not to misuse ur power now release ur mom..
Arsaan says-okay papa!! N releases rags..
Laksh-now drink ur milk….u wanna b d most powerful na den common gulp it at once..
Arsaan-really papa i cn become most powerful after drinkng it..okay den i”ll surely drnk it..
N he takes d milk glass from rags hand n drunk it n leaves from dere wavng bye to dem…
rags shouts at him to run slow bt its of no use..she den sighs n goes towards laksh.
Rags(frustrated)-bth father n son r lyk same…badmash!!!(n she twisted laksh’s nose)
He smirks n says-beta kiska hai(hes my son)…n by d way wt u called me badmashh hmm.(naughtyly)…now wait i”ll show u wt badmashh guysss do…
he runs to catch her…bt rags grabed his power n runs even more faster n goes inside her room…bt accidently falls on bed..laksh comes in n unable to ctrl his power ,he also falls on bed.
Laksh is above rags..dey bth have lovely eyelock..den rags tries to get up bt laksh pinned her to bed n moves towards her n whispers in her ears-now i”ll show u how bad boys actually are..den he bites her ear lobes n she moans his name n blushes…he kissed her neck passionately n den kissed her lips…he breaks d kiss n moves to remove her saree wen dp called-pushpaaa!!!lakshh..swara…sanskaaarrr.. where r u alll come down..
Laksh-ahh!!wt a gr8 tymng…
Rags laughed n pecked his lips n runs outside…
Laksh smiles at her n he also follows her..

(After dat incident dp had become head of all wizards n now dere is no evil wizards or good wizards grp…..n all lives peacefully n dont harm nyone)
Swasan comes dere wid dere twins(shreya(6yrs) n jean(6 yrs))
Den ap suji ram n sumi wid raglak comes dere…(guys sumi lives wid dem nly)

Dp-m here wid 3 forms …
Ap-forms??for wt..!!
Dp ?-for d admission of our grandchildrens in “magical school of wizards”
Everyone becomes happy..

After some days..
@”magical school of wizards”
Raglak n swasan along wid arsaan,shreya n jean goes inside d school n found abhay priya nupur mayank maan geet sameer n avni dere wid their kids..
(*Mayank n nupur -got married 7 yrs back n have 1 daughter.
*Maan n geet got married 5 yrs back n have 2 sons along wid dem *sameer n avni also got married 5 yrs back n have 1 little priencess{sam proposed avni after d incident n she accepted it n dere love story started}
*abhay priya got married 4 yrs back n have a boy n priya is pregnant r8 now{but dey still fight lyk tom n jerry ?}

Raglakswasan meets dem n remembered all dere moments…rags remembered arsaan(kunj) n gets emotional…laksh wiped her tears before it falls down n says-mrs.mirchi wt is dis!!dont forgot d promise of ur frnd(as arsaan said rags to promise him dat she”ll nver cry) rags looks at him n passes a weak smile….laksh side hugged her…den little arsaan(their son)comes n peck rags cheeks n hi-fied wid laksh n goes inside his classroom..
ragini sees him n smiles widely & says-arsaan is always dere wid us?
She looks up in d sky n smiles to her parents n arsaan…

All d frndz den hugged eo n goes to some cafe n continues tellng n rememberng dere golden moments together……

Raglak swasan mayur abhya meet n savni..lived lyf happily ever after….

Laksh always stands besides ragini n ragini always solved all her hurdles smilingly n courageously…


Wid lotzzz of love fairy…

So guyz dis is d end of my storyy….thanks a lotzzz for always supportng lovng n bearing dis bakwaas & boring story…hehehehe?..

Thnku so much guyz ,u”ll always remain in my heart n i m gonna misss u all lotzzzz vala!!!!…..keep lovng me n tejaswii ..??

I started dis ff in june 2016 n endng it now on 15th sept.2016 …i m nt at all a writer ,i jst started it for my tejaswi ..
I love n respect her sooo much dat i cnt even tell u…

Well guyz enough of my bak-bak…keep rockng n always keep smiling my sweet frndzzz…u all r wonderfull people…
hope u all get lotz of happinesss ..keep in touch wid me guyz through “pm”…i”ll always remember u all..

N lastly if u lyk d episode den surely comment n silent readers plz do comment as its d last episode ….stay blessed guyzzz…

NOTE: i had a story in my mind on ragsan…i want to start it…bt i m really very busy wid my studiesss….still i”ll try to write it if i get tym..bt i cnt promise …so lets see if i cn…

Till den bye bye guyzzz….take care of urself… 😉 😉 😉

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  1. Shana98

    awesome superb xx

    1. Fairy

      Thnku sooo much shana….☺?
      Note:u r reallly veryyy sweet dr…u always commented n supported my ff…thnx a lotz…i loved ur stories,u write really well..!!!!
      Always keep smiling n stay blessed ….take care of urself 😉 😉 😉

  2. Ragz_teju

    Happy birthday… .
    awesome part will miss it…. even I am a dieheart fan of tejasswi??…… all the best for ur studies… . if do write when your are free dear…

    1. Fairy

      Aww!!!thnku soooooo wala much dear..
      Note:thnku sooo much for always appreciating n encouraging me wid ur precious comments…..n same pinch tejaswiholic…hehehehe?….thnx a ton for ur wishessss!!!!n m in love wid ur ff dear…waitng eagerly for nxt part ….keeep on writting sweetypie….n for sure i”ll start my new ff wenever i get free….
      Till den keep rockng n stay blessed 😉 😉

  3. Awesome fairy dear .
    Superb ending ?.

    1. Fairy

      Thnku sooo much ash dear 😉 😉
      Note:ash u know wt u r my personal fav. Reader….☺???u r reallly veryyyy sweeet….thnku soooo much for readng my ff…..love u a lotzzz dear 😉
      Always keep smiling n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉

      1. ?? I forget to say?. HAPPY?BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN. Thanks for telling me sweety. your gift? start your new ff on raglak ????. The punishment for telling me sweet . I am little devil ??.

      2. Fairy

        Hahahaha thnkuuu sooooo much ashh!!!!??? k i”ll try to fullfill my punishment hehehehe? n take care of urself my sweet oh sry sry i mean little devil ??…

  4. Crystal089

    Plsz write ragsan ff

    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooo much crystal dear 🙂
      Note:m vvvvvvvveryyy happpy to seee ur comment …i reallly lyk ur ff…keep on writng sweety…n i”ll surely try to start my ragsan ff soon…..(jst pray dat my ortho postng gets end fast ?)….
      Till den keep smiling n stay blessed dear 😉 😉

  5. Teja

    Happy birthday fairy sorry for not commenting I do t k ow that this is ur ff sorry once again happy birthday to you?????????✨ may God fulfill all ur wishes

    1. Fairy

      Thnku sooooo much teja….☺
      Note: oh god m sooooo happpy dat u commented on my fff…..n no prob. Dear it happens sometimesss…☺☺☺…thnx a ton for d wishesss!!! U r an amazng writer dear n a true raglakian…..as i already said dat v r realllly lucky to have u on” TU”…????keep writtng ur creativity n spreadng positivity…love all ur ff n ss….
      Keep rockng n stay blessed n again thnku so much for such sweet wishessss….???

    2. Teja

      Ooo how sweet you r

      1. Fairy

        Coz i have frndz lyk u ,who r more sweeter den me??????????

  6. Teja

    Happy buddday to anjali and rafeee sister also and episode was superb amazing

    1. Fairy

      Happy brthday to dem once again!!!! ????…n thnx a lotzzzzzzzz teja…keep smiling n take care 😉 😉

  7. Happiee b’dy, nice story

    Raglak scenes are rocking, start another ff for raglak

    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooo much lovely dear….
      Note:i have soooo much to tell u,bt nt gettng from where to start…
      Huff!!!okay….so frst of alll thnx a ton for d wishes…☺ n always commentng n encouraging me …….i truely love u dear….u always suppport all raglak n ragsan ff writers…..i think u r also a ragini fan…n m soooo glad to have u wid us…keep on supportng us lyk dis only dear…n lyk ur name u r alsooo reallly veryyy lovelyyy???…..
      Keep smiling n stay blessed… 😉 😉

      1. Yup I’m ragini aka tejaswi fan like u, I’m really happy, you observe my comments

        Love you dear, I’m expecting one more beautiful ff from you

      2. Fairy

        For sure dear i”ll try to write another ff as soon as possible???…love u sooo muchhh????take care of urself ???

  8. Astha

    Wish ? u a very very very happy ? birthday ? dear. This year will be most successful year for u. This year will be more precious for u. I’ll pray to god to keep u happy ever after. U’ll achieve ur aim. Stay blessed n keep smiling ? n rocking.
    Coming to epi…… Its just awsm…… I cant explain in just by words…. I felt sad while death of arsaan but cried when rag cried remembering him n saw him in sky….. That scene was really touching. Ending is very happy married ? life n memory of frnds…… Loved it.
    Omg…… ff end ho gayi….. I’ll really miss you ? but be in touch through pm. I cant forget u. Bcoz u r my free dentist …….. How can I forget u…..?? this ff never bored me. I enjoyed it very much….. U know this is the first ff I read completely (swasan). I really love ❤ u dear. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ love u soooooooo much. Keep smiling n stay blessed. I’m not able to stop my cmnt….. Ok dear what special today? Did u enjoyed the day?
    ???????????????????? 20 cakes r here….. Just taste it sure it will be tasty ? bcoz I sent u na…..? this is my gift what is in it? Guess n tell me……. Love u dear umma………

    1. Fairy

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      Though we havent met ever ,though v dont know eo through face…bt stilll i feel connected to u through our heart…….
      U r reallly a unique piece in dis world n m realllllllllly veryyyyyy luckyyyyy to have u sanky ke deewani…!!!! Hehehehe….
      N dats a reallly big compliment dat u read swasan scenes…coz i know…..(top secret hehehehe?)

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        Bcoz u know how much money they spent for u n ur study….. So study well. But still I’m waiting for ur my sweet ragsan ff. Once u became free then u write it. Till then we all will wait for u. Love u lots dear. Take this bone crushing hug from me with lots of kisses ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      2. Fairy

        Astha u r younger den me bt stilll u r soooooooo understanding n mature….ur parents realllly must b veryyyyyy proud of u dear!!!!!n dnt wry i”ll concentrate on my studies☺☺
        N d gft ws fabuloussss..????truellly loved it!!!!

        N m a baby hahahha …dats awesomeee …n i”ll surely fullfill ur wish dear i wl take good care of my parents n surely make dem proud dear ??

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      Always keep smiling n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 😉

      1. Deeksha

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      2. Fairy

        A big teddy hug to u dear???… n yap u r absolutely r8!!!!all writers r marvellousss☺☺????…thnx again for ur wishes…..take care of urself dear ????

  13. first of all a happy wala birthday to the birthdaygirl and me tooo a bigggg tejaswwi fan and i started readings ff to read ragini stories and i liked that raglak named their child arsaan soooo sweeeet and whenever u get time u write ragsan story i just love them and i’ll definitely read if not busy ??? and now i have decided to comment also on every ff so i’ll comment also and once again happy bday…

    1. Fairy

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    1. Fairy

      Mica thnku sooooooòoooooooooooooooo very much dear!!!!!its really veryy sweet of u…
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      N i alwayssss wants to thnku for supportng tejaswi …i know u r a swasan fan bt still u always stands n reply from our side to d bashersss of her…sooo thnku sooo much for disss….
      U r reallly an inspiration for alll….n i always loved to read ur comments in “SR serial update”coz dey were really very interestngg..???…n sometimes helarious too????
      Keep smiling n stay blessed dear..

  15. First of all Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAIRY. Wish you the most blessing, beautiful and blissful life ahead with a lots of Warm Smiles on the way.

    Perfect Ending. It was emotional, it was adequate, it was a completely awesome conclusion but I can’t believe you’ve put it to an end. This is so unfortunate for me to know that you’ve wrapped up this story in a short time. I’m really sad, but leave it.

    Hey Fairy, please save some moments to give your beautiful stories in this page. Well, give a strong thought to your thought and come again. Love you and take care and keep smiling…

    1. Fairy

      Oh my goddddddddddddddd!!!!! I cnt believe ittt!!! I reallly wanna scream-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
      Rsr u have commented on my ff……omg its lyk a dream come trueeeee………????thnx a lotzzzzzzz dearrr….

      Note-u know na u r my fav…. writtterrrr….i have no words to describe how much i adore u….!!!!now coming to ur comment….frst of alll thnxxxx a tonnnnn for suchhhhh beautifullllll wishesssss…..????….n i m on cloud 9 by thinking dat u lyked my ff…huff!!!!thnku soooooo ..verryyyyyy muchhhhh…..n i”ll surely try to come back dear..its jst dat m lill busy dis tym…
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      N ur comment is a reallly precious gft for me????

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      Keep rockng n stay blessed akshata 😉 😉 😉

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAIRY. Superb ending dear and I loved it a lot. This is one of my favorite Raglak ff. Plz come back with another Raglak ff. Miss u dear and love u

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      Thnku sooooooo much ammu dear..??☺
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      Oh wowww….even i love rati a lotzzz???bt tejaswiiii is really very special for me?????????take care of urself dear☺

  22. Wish u a very happy wala b.day…!!!my roomie?
    Welll dis z so awsmmm dat u r finishng dis so calld f.f.?
    As m feeling so relxd dat i will not hear again ur chikk chikkk….
    Eeeeeeeeee u cnt evn imagine kitna jhela h mne is ff k wjh s?
    Da previous words r not joke…dats oll true.l!!
    But in a funny way to teas uhhh!!
    Lvv uh my dear
    Stay blssd…
    Hope uh write again new ff…
    After leavng dis collg ..so dat i cnt hear ur chik chik?

    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooooooooooo veryyyyy muchhhhh minnu(thirkan ??)….for d brthday wishesss…..????
      Hahahahahaha…..i knew it dat u r gonna comment smthng lyk dis nly…..
      Well babes m nt gonna leave u n zou soo sooon……n sweety get ready to bear more torcher n chik chik….coz m gonna start my new ff sooon????????????.

      Love u baby…..keep rockng n stay blessed sweetypie??????

  23. Impressive … :*

    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooo very much rash dear??????????love u a lotzz…keep rockng n stay blessed?

  24. hpy b’day Dr.farheen
    lve u alot my best frnd keep wrtting
    ya minl u r r8 start a new ff bt aftr gng frm here hahahahaha…….keep smlg tedy.

    1. Fairy

      Hahahahaha i”ll kill u both…..????zou ke bacchi…..???n thnxxx a lotzzzzz dr.zoya…love u more sweetypieeee????????keep rockng n stay blessed baby????

  25. mind blowng raglk scene yr … with a superb endng.
    waitng fr ur nxt story..
    and once again happy bday to my dear fairy

    1. Fairy

      Awww thnku sooooo very much my sweett reader….thnx a ton for such lovely wishesss……i”ll try to b back sooon dear…keep rockng n stay blessed beautifull… ??????????????????????

  26. Very different n interesting story….had great time reading it

    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooo very much tani dear for such a lovely comment…..keep rockng n stay blessed??????????

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