Power in love (swaragini) Episode 2

Thnku so much guyz for ur support…hope u lyk todays episode…
Recap-MW wins d competition..fght btw sam n maan. N geet n mann sad moment..

So lets start episode 2..

Everyone came on stage…laksh is holding d trophy…n he calls other grp members signalling through hs dark black eyes..

Den all holds d trophy ..except for sam ,geet pleaded him to hold it n he agreed..crowd are hootng..
As usual abhay n priya passes bad comments on each other..

Suddenly laksh sees FUTURE VISION n looses hs ctrl..
Avni holds hm n shouts LAKSHHHhhh….
Laksh-(in lill unconcioussness) Hmmmm…thnx …i m okay..

Then they get down from d stage…
Mayank-wt happened lucky .

Laksh-nthng… i jst saw smthng…it seems as if smthng big is gonna happen here..wch will change our lives…
Nupur-hey babaji! I hope sab theek ho.
Mayank-dnt wry nupur ,i m here wid u na..i wnt let anythng happen to u..eveytng has to cross me b4 gettng towards u..
Mayank den realises wt he said n gets embaress..
Nupur looks at hm n blushes..
Mayank POV-i really lyk u nupur …bt afraid to tell u..as i dnt wanna loose my frndshp wid u..
Nupur POV- mayank u r ma bst frnd…bt i dnt know y i feel as if u r more den dat..
Laksh cracked a joke n avni smiles..
Sam sees her smile n gets mesmorised..n unknowingly a smile comes on hs face too..
Geets notices it ..

Geet POV..-bhai..i dnt know d reason y u broke ur frndshp wid sanky n also divided ds group..our family n sanky bro family r enemy bt u n him r alwayz besties.. i dnt know wt happened btw u n hm …bt i jst pray dat we all soon get united…i also know dere is a feelng in ur heart 4 avni..bt u r hidng it,coz she iz nt in our grp…plz god!help us n let love overcome ds rivelry…

Avni sees sam lkng at her n dey bth share a sweet eyelock(janu na main mujhme tera hissa hai kya par ajnabee apna mujhe tu laga-sng plays)
Sam hears sanky voice callng 4 avni & breaks d eyelock n stopped smiling..
Avni POV..-i dnt know wt is dis feelng cmng for u..bt i jst love it wen u smiles…i alwayz pray to god for ur happiness…

Sam POV..- i know dere iz smthng btw us avni ..u r really an innocent grl…bt nw i afraid to believe in anyone after all dat had happened in my lyf..so i have to stop ma feelng for u,b4 it gets too late..
On other side maan is lkng at geet.

Maan POV -geet i really love u n i know u also loves me a lot bt u will never go against ur bhai nor i can leave sanky coz hes ma bst frnd..plz god snd an angel in our lyf who cn unite us..
Abhay n priya are crossng each other n suddenly collide ..abhay holds priya by her wrist n priya holds his t-shirt..den suddenly abhay drops hr..priya bcame shocked den she gets up fastly…
Priya POV-i jst hate dis monkey.i hve to teach hm a lesson ,so dat nxt tme he”ll nver get guts to stand in front of me..
By thkng so priya smirks..

Abhay notices it
Abhay POV -hmm…i know u r mkng some plans in ur evil mind..bt u r jst underestimatng the power of abhay.jst wait n watch wt i”ll do…
By thnkg so abhay also smirks ..n without utterng a word both goes in opposite dirt..
Swara-sanskaar.. y u dnt stop dis fght btw u n sam .see our team is splited into 2 bcoz of dis..
Sanky-swara plz .i m nt responsible for dis.it is he who told everybody to choose btw me n him.
Swara-i know bt sanky its being a long time now .somebody have to stop it na..
Sanky-swara plz!! It is he who fought wid me for no reason..u know na wt happnd dat day..
Sanky swara geet n abhay r sittng n chttng is canteen..suddenly sam comes dere in anger n said geet lets go..
Sanky-hey sam where were u ,we r jst talkng about u nly
Sam goes to sanky n holds hs collar.n make hm stand from hs seat
Sam-dnt ever dare to come btw me n my sis again

Sanky gets shocked n so everyone..
Sanky-hey bro!wt happened yaar .wts d prob..
Sam-u r d prob… my family said r8 about u n ur family..i shouldnt believed u ..i thought u r diff..from ur father bt no..akheer khoon to vhe h na.
Sanky-in anger-stop it sameer n dnt ever dare to go to my family n wt suddenly happened to u y r u behavng so..
Sam-bcoz nw i nly got to know about ur true face.u betrayed me in name of frndship.so from nw as ur family u r also my enemy. N nver dare to come in front of me orelese i dnt know wt i”ll do to u..
Sanky-(by hearng enemy wrd he bcame numb bt he cnt bear any raised finger on hs family)k so u cld me enemy…wthout even lstng or tellng me d reason..dat means u dnt even trust me..n if dere is no trust den dere is no frndshp..k fine den ..nw u”ll see ma rivelry..as u wished..
Sam(almost get shattered)..hmmm so u atlast showed me ur true face…
Geet-bhai wt r u sayng..

Sam-jst shut up geet..n come wid me..n yes everybody listen choose ur grp coz from nw MW is gonna split into 2 grps.whoever want to b wid me can xome wid me..n whoever wants to b wid hm can stay here..
FF Ends..
Sanky-everyone tried to calm hm bt all goes in vain n so everone choosed dere grp..i thought dat evertng will b fine as tme passes on bt see condition bcame more worse…n nw i m also least intetested in hm..

Swara-i know bt dere mst b some misunderstng na sanky..jst clear it wid hm..he nw also cares for u..
Sanky-ya i also thought dat bt after todays incident it is clear dat he is nt my sam..he had became a stone hearted person..who is never known to me..

Sanky cutt off hr word n says stop it swara ..u know na i tried a lot to talk to hm bt he is nt at all interested…(sanky face is filled wid anger n sadness)
Swara realises dat ..
Swara-ok sorry na..
Sanky(rudely)-its k

Swara-i love u…
Sanky-smiles…i know n i luv u tooo……
Den swara kisses his cheeks n sanky gets shocked by her act..he den turns towards hr n sees her soft lips ..swara backed off n hit d door..sanky puts hs both arms on door to block her way…n den lean towards her lips …swara gets shy n closes hr eyes..sanky sees ds n instead kissed her forhead n says thnku for being in my life swaru..both den smiles n hugged each other..
Laksh is passng through dat room n sees dem huggng n smiles ..

Laksh-god plz always b wid bhai n swara n always gve dem happiness..
Laksh while going from dere thinks about hs future vision..n suddenly wind starts blowng…he closed hs eyes due to sudden weather..n opens it slowly slowly…..while openg hs eyes he sees a grl comng towards hm..herr hair are weavy n r flyng…shez wearng short hot pant n sleeveless green top over her slim n hot frame…nw his eyes are wide open..n he can see her big hazel eyes n pink petal lyk lips..he was mesmerised seeing her..n got lost in her beauty..he never felt such feelng before..(although hez very popular guy.. all grls r crazy 4 hm bt he maintains a dist.. from girls …he never lyked any grl..actually he doesnt belive in love or tym pass) [suddenly dil kyun yeh mera shor kare… song plays…]

D grl is carryng a cool school type white color polka dotted bag around bth her arms …shez busy playng wid d strips of bag n lkng all around d clg…she didnt noticed laksh n laksh is already in her thoughts…suddely she BANGGED wid laksh..n bth falls on ground…grl is holdng laksh t-shrt n he’s holdng her from back …dey r so close dat dey can hear each other heart beats..they gets LOSTTTttttttt in each other….

Precap-whoz dat grl????

With lotz of love fairy..

I hope u all lyked d episode..dont forget to comment guys…plz gve me ur feedbacks..

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  1. more raglak scenes plz

    1. K lovely ..From nw u wl get more raglak scenes dear…

  2. i think ragini is the angel the person who will come in their life’s and changes their life’s! she will make all things right! she will make the 2 groups in one like before! she will unite the lost friendship! she will bring happiness in all of their life! and the girl in the precap is our angel our sweetheart ragini!!!

    1. Hmmm…i hope dat u gussed r8 anamica.. 🙂 bt for dat u hve to wait till tommorrow… n thnx a lotz for such a sweet comment…

  3. its rags right

    1. It will b revealed on nxt epiosde… n thnx 4 commentng…

  4. superb part and that girl maybe ragini

    1. Thnku soooo much ana :)….n for d grl ,u hve to wait till next update…thnx 4 commentng.

    1. Thnku piya…..n keep commentng dear… 🙂

  5. of course our ragini. now my wait is over.
    update soon.

    1. Wooo…loved to see ur confidence dear…..n thnx 4 cmmntng dear… 🙂

  6. The girl is rags ri8 anyway nice episode love its

    1. May b dear …u hve to wait till nxt episode….n thnx a lotz for lykng it n commentng….anshu.. 🙂

  7. Tatz our ragini…

    1. Hope so s priya..Wait till nxt update….n thnx 4 cmmntng dear:)

  8. who is that girl? what is the doubt in it. that is our cute sweet angel who came there to reunite them. my fav Ragini only. nyz going keep it up. hope ragini will join in sameer grp. may be my guess will be wrong bcos u said swaragini is frnds. but is can be ri8 bcos except abhay sam n priya only follow their enimity others all normal so……..i’m ri8 or wrong?

    1. Thnku so much aastha…n hope so our ragini wl unite dem…n all ur queries wl b cleared in upcoming episodessss… i m happy dat u also loved ragini as m a jabra fan of her….

  9. wow farr!!
    superb ..
    u nailed itt???

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