Power in love (swaragini) Episode 16


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Recap-raglak dance n arsaan proposed rags.

Lets start episode 16..

rags became numb,her smile dissappears n eyes gets widens..
Dere is a fight started between her heart n mind..
Rags mind-say yes rags,its d bst opportunity to seek revenge from his dad!!
Rags heart-no ragini!its nt good to breaks nyone’s heart in revenge.. u dnt even love him,n wt ws his fault?..
Mind-hes fault is dat hes ardhan’s son..so he have to pay for it..n v wont get such good chance to get entry into ardhan house..
Heart-but taking revenge by breaking someones heart is nt at all good!
Mind-v r nt breakng nyones heart ,v r jst using dis oppertunity to seek our revenge..
All dese thoughts r disturbed by arsaan’s voice..
Arsaan-ragini i know u consider me as a frnd nly..bt i jst cant able to ctrl my feelng for u n so told about it ..wtever wl b urs decision, i”ll accept it happily..n v would always b a good frnd!!so tell me ur answer..
Rags ws going to say No.. wen swara called her …she leaves from dere without replyng him…

Swara-where were u ?v all r searchng for u since so long!!
Rags is lost in herself..n dosnt reply to swara..
Swara hits her playfully n said-oh miss.dreamgrl..come out of ur dream n go sanky n laksh r waitng for u..
Rags gives a faint smile n leaves bidng bye to her..

@sanlak side..
Dey r waitng for rags in car..
She comes n says sry for makng dem wait..n sits in d back seat,whereas sanky is drivng n laksh is sitng nxt to sanky …
Laksh ws cont… seeing her through mirror,sanky notices it n a wide smile appers on his face…
Soon dey reached mm .n goes to dere rooms..

@ragini’s room..
She ws cont.. walkng here n dere.
Den she called someone..
Caller-hallow rags beta,everythngz f9 na!!n r u enjoyng in india??
Rags-masi maa…m gud?n wt about u
Masi maa-ragini beta ..wt happened y r u soundng low??
Rag-nthng masi..jst a lill bit tired!!
Masi maa-rago say na beta ..wt happened..u know na i cn catch ur lies from ur voice nly..now tell me wts botherng u
Rag-k if i”ll tell u den promise me u wont scold me..
Masi maa-rago nw wt hve u done..k tell me fast..
Rags-i want to tell u dat,i jst came back to india,for taking revenge for my mom n dad’s death from ardhan.
Masi maa-what!!n how u got to know about ardhan??
Rags-shona found about him for me..(den she told her everythng n also told about arsaan proposal n her delimma)
Masi maa-(anger)-ragini ..dis all thngs had happened n u r tellng me nw!!jst wait m coming dere..den we wl talk about it…
Rags-bt derez no need for u to come here ..
Masi maa-jst shut up ragini…u have grown up dat doesnt mean dat u cn take ny decision by urself…u r my responsibility..so jst look after urself ,i”ll b comng dere soon..till den take care of urself baccha ..
Rag-hmmmm masi..bye..love u..
Masi maa-bye baccha .love u too..

As she ended d call ,laksh knocked d door n said -may i come in madam!!
Rags looks at him n
Said-come in ..
Rags monologue-till nw i ws sooo tensed bt after seeing laksh all my worries goes away.dnt know wt magic does he have?? i feel happy being around him.hes such a nyc person πŸ™‚ .
Her monologue gets break by laksh’s voice-oye !!r u listeng to me??
Rag fumbles a bit n says-hm.ha…ya ..ya..m listeng..
Laksh-okay so call swara n we will discuss about bhai n sam’s matter wid her.okay
Rag-okay…m callng her!!
Rags told swara to come at “hangout cafe”..

@hangout cafe..
Raglak n swara meet up dere..
Raglak told her about d truth..
Swara -so ardhan is behind all dese things.he wl have to pay for it.
Rags-hey”ll have to pay for everythng shona!!bt now v hve to focus on “mission unite samsan”(sameer n sanky).
All 3 shakes hand together …
Laksh-okay so swara u”ll bring bhai n rags u”ll bring sameer dere n i”ll call rest of d grp. Members dere okay.
Both nodes dere head in agreement!.

@xyz place..
Rags brings sameer dere n laksh ws already present dere wid all grp. Members..jst den swara comes wid sanky.
Sam gets annoyed by seeing him..looks at rags..
Laksh-everyone listen..(bt before he could complete hs sentence priya says)
Priya-hey wts going on here ??y u gathered us all !!
Abhay-let him say na..y r u interruptng in between
Priya shots him wid annoyed looks..
Laksh-okay so listen(he tells everythng about sameer n sanky’s confusion,misunderstandng n whoz behind dis)so guyz dis is d truth..
Sam clapps wid disgustng looks n says-wahh!!wt a storyy…really u have superb imaginary power..bt i wont get into ur trap understand..
Rags-no sameer its nt lyk dat,believe me..i myself
(Before she could say nythng sam says)
Sam-basss!!!stop it rags…i trusted u bt !!!
He shooks hs head in disbelieff..
Rags eyes gets moisted ..
Sam turned to leave bt a voice said-SHE IS SAYING TRUTH!!
All turned towards d voice n found arsaan standng dere ,holdng sashree’s hand…
Sam-wt r u doing here??n u r no-one to say in between our matter..
Arsaan- i know dat bt i jst wanna clarify u..
He looks at sashree n tells her to say d truth..
Sahree looks down n den says-yesss!!i ws d one who had done it..bt i ws forced by mygisty ardhan..n she runs out from dere..

Sameer breaksdown n falls on floor..

Precap-masi maa’s entry n sameer’s apology..n maybe laksh kisses ragini πŸ˜‰

Wid lotzzz of love fairy..

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  4. Awesome episode and Interesting precap. Waiting for Raglak scenes. Plz plz plz update next part soon

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    wow epic epi dear. frnds unite….. loved it. i cant cmnt big bcos i’m getting late to clg. but cool epi. y ardan told the truth…dont know what is going to happen? waiting for next..tc dear

    1. Thnkuuu soooooooooo wala much doll!!!dear its nt ardhan its arsaan who told d truth..n u”ll get to know about it in nxt episode… keep rockng dear… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ …n m veryyy happpy dat u started “our salt n sweet love story season 2”..
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