Power in love (swaragini) Episode 13 jungle special

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Precap-raglak lost in jungle..

Lets start episode 13…

Sanky-wt ????no ways bade papa.u know na dats zoombara jungle…how cn lucky could go dere..
Dp-i know beta…bt i have a strong feelng dat dey r dere…
Saanky-k bade papa lets go n find dem..
Dp-no beta u wait here i”ll go n find dem,n if i wont come after half an hour den u”ll call others for help okay.
Sanky-no badepapa..how cn i leave u alone..no ways
Dp-sanky ..its nt d time to b emotional…thnk from mind dear…v lost all our powers inside it,n i cnt risk ur lyf dere..plz dnt argue.its ma order …stay here..n i promise i”ll surely found dem..
Sanky nodes..
Dp goes inside d junglee..
Sanky gets a call from swara..
Swara-hii janu…?
Sanky-in broken voice-s..swa..ra…
Swara-sankaaar wt happend
Sanky told hm everythng,she became shocked n suddenly teleported herself towards him..
As sanky saw her.he hugged her immediately,swara also reciprocates
Swa-dnt wry sanskaar..ladoo n lucky will b alright dnt wry..n den she started cryng..
Both consoles eo..

At raglak side..
Rag-laksh since 1hour we r jst romng in dis jungle…wen we will b out of here??
Laksh-o madam…dis is jst coz of u..so stop complaining n start fndng d way to go out of ds scary place..
Rag-bt i cnt walk nymore ..i m very tired as well as hungry..plz get me somethng to eaat..n she poutss
Laksh-yes yes y not… keep on orderng madam.i m here jst to fullfill all ur orders na…(n makes a angry face)
Rag(innocently)-k k sry baba..y r u shoutng ..calm down..
Lsh-y m i shoutng…realllyyy….hufff leave it..u r jst impossible..

Laksh keeps on shoutng at rags n she jst closed her ears with her fingers n ws mimicking hm..laksh is walkng in front n rags is follong him…den rags sees a lake n she went dere without informng laksh..
Laksh is cont..shoutng ,
Laksh-n atlast i jst wanna say dis is all because of u..do u get it..
Laksh-i said do u get it mirchi..
Laksh-mirchi r u listeng or not???
He turned n became shocked,dat rags is missng…

At ragini side..
Shez drnkng water n blabberng about laksh..
Ssomeone tapped her back ,she thought dat hes laksh..
Rag-oh so u found me..now plz dnt start ur lecture..see i ws very thirsty n dats y came here understood..
Rag-n if u want u cn also drnk dis water ,i wont stop u..
Rag-hallow say somethng,y r u soo silent hmm..
She turned n gets horrified seeing a monster dere…
She screamed loudlyyy…aaaaahhhhhhhhh

Laksh n dp both heard it..

Laksh runs towards d sound..

Monster tries to kill rags .he throws her with his giant hands..she falls n gets lill bit injured..she however manages to get up…she sees a wood n start beatng daat monster…bt all goes in vein..d monster grabs her ,she ws cont..shoutng for help…den someone throws stone on mon$ter n his attention ws distracted from rags n he putted her down n moves towards dat person..
Rag-laksh….ahhh thnk god u came(almost cryng)
Monster moves towards laksh ,he cont..throwng stone towards him…monster became more irked…he hold laksh …laksh remembers somethng whch he saw in some movie n starts tingling monster..d monster starts laughng n den rags takes a bark n hit d monster in his legs.monster screamss in pain…n dropped laksh…den laksh comes to rags n hold her hand n both runs from dere..

Dey reached a plce n rests dere…both thanked eo…
Laksh-bt y u came here
Rag-sry…vo i ws really thirsty soo
Laksh-bt u must told me den na
Rag-i tried to..bt u were jst shoutng n shoutng n shoutng at me
Laksh-k sry…
He den sees scraches in her hands .he hold her hand n teared her dupatta a bit n covered over her scratches…rags sees hm loveingly…n says thnx…?
Both den rests dere…

At dp side..
He ws searchng for dem…wen he sawsome marks on d tree(guys it ws created by laksh to remember dat dey have already visited dat place)

Dp follows d signs n reached till lake..he saw monster n hides beside a tree…he den start searchng for raglak n den he atlast found dem..
He goes towads dem n putted hand over laksh shoulder.
Raglak were restng n dere eyes r closed.
Laksh-(scream)aahhhhhhhhh bhooot monster chudaillllll..
Ragini also started screamngg..
Dp-shutttttt upppp u bth….its me…tmhara baap .
Raglak calmed down n rags hugged dp-babumoshia thnk god u r here..
Laksh-bt dad how come u got to know dat v r here??
Dp-beta m ur dad….
Trio hugged eo..
Laksh-bt dad now how”ll go out of here??
Dp-i had left some marks ,by followng dem we”ll soon reach out of here..
Dey started walkng n aftersometime dey came out of d junglee.

Swara sees dem frst n ran towards ragini n hugged her..same happens wid sanlak.
Swara-thnk god u r okay,u dnt know how much i ws worried..
Rag-dnt cry shona..everythng is fine now..?
Sanky-pagal h bina bataye,yaha aagya(r u mad,without informng u came here)??
Rag-sanky ..its all my mistake…he jst saved me…n den she tells everythng..
Dp-pushpa..i ddnt expected ds from u…
Rag-m sry babumoshia ,i wl not repeat it..n she holds her ear..

Den all had a group hug??.
All left for home through car except swara ,who teleported herself into her house.

Precap-rags tells sam truth to laksh.both discuss about it..

With lots of love fairy..

Keep on commetng guys plzzz..

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