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Power in love (swaragini) Episode 11


Hey everyone….hope all of u r f9…
Thnks to those who commented on ma previous episodes.😊😊

Lets start episode 11…

All group members r chit-chattng in college canteen..
Den mayank n nupur comes dere happily holdng eo hands..
Laksh-hey guyz look d love birds r comng..
All smiles😊😊
Mayank-guyzzz v r here to invite u all.
Sameer who is sittng on d nxt table wid hs group members asked..
Sam-invitition for wt??
Nupur-smiling-vo actually we talked about our relationshp wid our parents n dey agreed…😊😊
Everyone became veryy happy n congrats demπŸ˜€
Nupur-so guys tommorrow is our engagement so plz all of u do come.
Rags-ofcourse we all will surelyyy come..
Sanskaar-pointng towards sameer-ya if somebody doesnt hve any objection..
Sameer-its a Democratic country,everybody has d right to do whtever dey want.nobody is dere to stop dem.
N he leaves from dere..
Mayank tries to stop him bt all goes in vein…
Rags-dnt wry guyz i”ll talk to hm..
N den she goes behind sameer.

Sam goes n sits on a bench.
Rags comes dere..n sits besides hm..
Rag-sam r u okay..
Sam sees her n couldnt able to ctrl himself n starts cryng..
Rags also gets emotional n tells hm nt to cry..
Sam-ragini u know wt i n sanky used to b d bstest buddies bt after dat incident i broke ma frndshp wid hm but today wen he adressed me as somebody i dnt know y bt i couldnt able to take it..
Rag-dats becoz u still cares for hm..he has a special place in ur heart sameer..plz stop maskng ur face wid anger coz u r nt dis …n plz tell me about dat incident.
Sam -it ws a black day for us,.i ws very happy dat day bt unawre of d fact dat soon my happiness r going to end.since childhood mine n snky families r enemy bt v always Used to b bestest buddies..i considered him as ma everythng bt wt did he do ,he jst betrayed me..
I ws passing by corridor of our college,wen someone handed a letter to me.wen i read it,i became it ws written dat sanskaar ws just betraying me.n he wants to kill me n geet..n if i dnt believe ,i cn go n check on terrace…i became really furious after readng dat ..i ws confident dat sanky would never do dat wid my mind told me to jst check it once..den i reached terrace jst to confirm dat ma sanskkar would nver do dis to wt i saw dere ,i nver can forget..πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘i saw sanky ws giving money to sme goons to kill me n geet ..
Goon1-bt sir hes ur bst frnd na
Sanskaar-hahaha bst frnd no ways hez jst my enemy…i ws jst doing actng in front of him to b good dat one day i would take alll my revenge from hs family by killng him n his sister n make ma family proud on go n do d work as soon as possible.

Sam cont…-i totally get shattered dere n even couldnt get courage to face him..i cried n jst criedd…den i came down n took geet with me n broke all ma relation wid sanskaar.

Rag-almost cryng-wt….u have gone through all dese..i couldnt believe dat sanky could do y havent u said dis to nyone till yet??
Sam-dats becoz i dnt want everyone to hate sanskkaar…so i thought not to disclose it to nyone.n i jst keep always protectng geet.
Rag-bt sameer u should once cleared it wid sanky na…i jst couldnt able to believe dat he can do dat.
Sam-sarcatically-even i wsnt able to believe dis is nly d truth.
Rags thinking-i really cant believe dat sanky could do dis,..dnt know y bt i feel dat dere is somethng fishy..i need to find it out..i have to unite sam n sanky soon..
Rag-k sameer now dnt wry..n lets goo common..
Den bth leaves to dere classes.

Engagement day of nupur n mayank..
All r really happy n enjoyng demselves..den rags n swara comes down holding nupur.
Mayank gets mesmerised seeing nupur.
Sankaar n lucky were spell bounded by seeing swara n ragini respectively..
Den nupur makes mayank to wear ring n mayank does d same to nupur.all clapped n congrates dem.😊..

Den a small kid comes n says swara di someone is calling u outside n gives a rose to her.
She takes it n thought wts going on??
She goes outside ,someone comes from back n blind folded her n whispers in her ears-lookng beautifull
She said-sankaar…😊..
Sanky-yes janu,sirf tmhara sanskaar..☺
Swara-bt wts all dese,n y hve u blindfolded me??
Sanky-have patience ma darling..
Swara-darling n all haaa…seems dat somebody is in a romantic mood hmm..
Sanky-jst wait n watch dear.k nw common come wid me.
He den picks her up in bridal style n makes her sit in d car n den drove to a beautifull place.he takes her out n unfolded her.swara opens her eyes slowlyy n sees a beautiful decorated place.she turns n looks at sanky n hugged him..snow starts falling😊😊(guys whenever dey touch eo snow falls ).he takes her to d table n makes her sit dere .dey bth chit chatted a bit den dey dance on d song “hum tere bin ab rah nahi sakte”.swara puts her head on hs shoulder n closed her eyes.fter sometime sanky holds her hand n bends down on hs knees n said..
Sanky-everybody trys to find a frnd in hs lyf partner bt i want to make my bst frnd ma miss swara will u accepet dis snow man as ur lyf partner n will u spend ur whole lyf wid ur buddhu sa snky😊
Swara is in tears,she also sits down n cups hs face -yes i”ll..i”ll ,,,i surely will…
Dey bth looks at eo n den sanky comes close to her looks into her eyes for permission ,she signalled yes through her big beautiful eyes..den he putted hs lips over her..dey kissed passionately n lost in eo..😊😊

Precap-ragini n laksh lost in jungle.alekh n rags conversation.rags tries to find out truth about sanskaar n sameer fight.

Wid lots of love fairy..

Sry guys no raglak scenes bt dis is specially for deeksh as she wnted some swasan i want to clearify dat dis story is mainly about ragini so i wl mostly concentatrate on her.sry if i hurted nyone.keep smilng n rockng frnds,

If u lyk it den surely comment😊..

Credit to: Fairy

  1. Deeksha

    Well thanks fairy for fulfilling my request……. And I truly loved swasan scenes……… Thanks dear…… And dear whenever u write pls try to include swasan also………and if you u could add some magical scenes also…….. And if you could add them then only make it…. Otherwise no need dear….. And lots of love…… 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. 😊😊oh thnk god u lyked it deesha dear….n thnks a lotzz for ur comment..n i”ll surly try to fullfill ur request dear😊keep rockngπŸ˜€

  2. Megha123

    Awsm part bt no raglak πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
    I hope that I’ll find them in nxt part 😊😊😊
    Keep smiling 😁😁😁

    1. Frst of all thnku so much megha yaar😊😊..heheheπŸ˜€ sry for no raglak scenes,n yap nxt episode is full of raglak nly…😊..keep rockng dear☺

  3. Hmmm surely it won’t b any fault in sansky…gud one dr

    1. Missed u yaar😊 n yap snky is innocent,u”ll get to know about it soon😊thnku so much priya dear…n keep rockngπŸ˜‡

  4. Akshata

    awesome update, waiting for raglak part

    1. Thnku sooo much akshata dear…ur comments always motivates me yaar…thnx a lotz for commentng. dear☺ keep rockng😊😊

  5. Superb episode dear and waiting for precap

  6. Awww…ammu😊😊thnx a lotzzz dear..u alwayz supported me,thnku so very muchπŸ˜€…keep rockng☺

  7. no raglak scenes😞

    1. Fairy

      Awwww…cho chorryyyy lovely dear..πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ nxt episode is full of raglakkk….☺..still tnnx for commentng dear..ur comments r really precious for me ..😊.keep rockng..😁

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