Power in love (swaragini) Episode 12 jungle special

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Precap-sam truth revealed..swasan moments.

Lets start episode 12…

At nupur n mayank engagement..
Rag-congrates guys.alwys b happy ?
Mayur(mayank+nupur)-thnku so much ragz.?v hope soon u”ll also fnd ur solemate.
Rags blushed ..
Rag-okay guyz its already late .i thnk i should leave now.
She bids bye ..
Rag ws searchng for swara bt couldnt able to find her.she ws lookng here n dere n get tangeled in her lehenga n ws about to fall wen our hero laksh?saved her at d right time.laksh ws cont.. Watching her.ssooon rags opened her beautiful eyes n found herself in lksh arms..she abruptly composes herself..
Laksh(in a playfull manner)-oh my my…mirchi thanku bhi boti h..?
Rag-how mean..?…m sayng thanks to u bt still u r makng fun of me..huhhh i hate u..
Laksh(-slowly)-bt i love u.
Laksh monolouge-oh my god wt i jst said.no no no i cnt love dis mirchi…no wayssss..nevr…oh god bt y i jst said dat??oh beta laksh dis grl is makng u crazyyyy…(hes monologue ws disturbed by rags voice)
Rag(in shockng tone).-wtttt….wt did u said??
Laksh-k..kkkkuch nahi..kuch nahi.(nothng)
Rag-ohh i thought dat..
Laksh-u thought dat???wt???
Rag-nthng..jst leave dis..k have u seen swara nywhere.
Laksh-vo actually sanky has planned a date for swara,so she must b wid hm nly.
Rag-really?awwww…how sweet..
Laksh-hmmm so lets go,dey will come afterwards.
Rag-k come lets goo.☺

In car..
Ragini(forwardng her hand towards him)laksh lets b frndz☺
Laksh-?ya y not..frnds..??
Rag-laksh i wanna ask u somethng.so can i?
Laksh-mirchi nw v r frnds ,u cn ask me wtever u want hmm?
Rag-k den,aahhh i hve seen a tattoo of angel in ur body..so from where u have made it ??
Laksh-aahhh actually its a sort of birthmark..its already dere in my body wen i ws borned soo..
Laksh-bt y u asked dt queation??
Rag-no jst aveye..actually i too have dat tattoo since ma birth soo dats y..
Laksh-ohh ..its kindda wierd..

Suddenly rags shouted-stoppppp d car..
Laksh applies d break n it stopped with a jerk.
Laksh-have u lost it..y u shouted lyk dis..
Rag comes out of d car n starts lookng here n dere
Laksh also comes out-wt happened??
Rag-laks i heard my moms voice..shez callng me laksh..
(Guys all know dat rags mom n dad r dead bt dnt know d reason behind it)
Laksh-ragini dere no one.plz come n sit in d car plz..its very dangerous place yaar.
Rag-no laksh shez callng me..shez callng me from dat junglee
Laksh-no ragini nobody is dere,n dat junglee is very dangerous..evn our powers dnt work dere plz common lets move from here.
Rags acts lyk a mad n runs towards d jungle.

Laksh shouts at her not to go bt all goes in vein n she already went inside d jungle.den he also follows her…its a very scary n dark jungle..(guys in dat jungle ,dere power dsnt work)
Rags ws cont.. Running n laksh is jst tryng to stop her ..
Laksh-if i had my powers here i would have caught her in seconds ,bt now wt to do..
Den at a point rags stopped running as she ws out of breath ,she ws sweatng heavily.laksh comes to her n holds her hand.
Laksh-r u mad or wt..u dnt even have idea dat where r v..dis is “zoombara” jungle.here w cant even have powers.dis is killer jungle,it kills whoevr comes inside it….?
Rag comes to her senses-oh my godd…nw wt we wil doo..
Laksh-oh atleast u came back to ur senses..
Rag-i m really sry laksh…it ws jst..i cnt ctrl myself after hearng mom’s voice.(she became upset ,laksh notices dat n to litten d situation,he said playfully)
Laksh-wtever ragini..nw jst coz of u i also have to die…yaar mere to shadi bhi nahi hui abhi tak.(i havnt married till yet)
Rags stares him a bit n den starts laughng -hahahhaha so mr.laksh is sooo keen to marry..??…k lets goo we”ll surely find one chudail in dis jungle,who wl perfectly suit u..n den u bth can marry..?..
Laksh-makes faces n sarcastically-ha ha ha very funny..bt y do u need to go nywhere…d leader of chudail is already standng in front of me..n winks at her.
Rag-u….i wl not leave u..
She starts hitting him playfully..
Laksh holds her hand n pulled her towards himself.dey have a sweet eyelock wch ws disturbed by some horrifyng screams..
Bth composes demselves.
Rag-laksh…wt was daaat?
Laksh-i..i…dnt know mirchi…come lets go from here ,m already feelng scary here.
Rag-fatto kaheka?
Den thunderstorms occurs,rags get scared n hugged laksh..
Laksh-now whose fattu…
N he started laughing loudlyy..??
Rag jerked hm n starts walkng..
Laksh ws laugng n followng her…

In MM..

Sanky dropped swara n reached home..he searches for lucky ,bt doesnt find hm…den he asked ap dat where is lucky..
Ap-beta laksh n ragini bth r wid u nly na.
Sanky-dat means bth arent here ..
Ap-no,bt what happened,n where r dey??
Sanky-i dnt know bade maa…mayank told me dat dey bth left from d party before i reached dere to pick dem…n till nw also dey havnt reached home..i thnk somethng is wrong..
Dp-wts going on here??
Sanky told hm everythng..
Den sanky n dp decided to go n fnd dem..ap said dat she also wanna come,bt dp told her nt to wry n b here nly..n inform dem if laksh comes to home.
Sanky n dp teleported demselves to laksh place..
Dey reached to d road,where dey found laksh car..bt doesnt able to find bth of dem..
Dp sees d jungle n said dey must b dere,pointng towards junglee.

Scene freezes on shocked face of sanky n dp.

Precap-monster tries to kill ragini

With lots of love fairy…

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