Power in love (swaragini) Episode 10


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Recap-raglak scenes…

Lets start episode 10….

MM house….

Everybody had their dinner n leaves for dere room..

Rags ws sittng on bed thinkng how to confront ardhya n how to know dat y he killed ma family??(she got teary eyes)..she ws lost in her deep thoughts wen she heard some sounds coming from outside.
She comes out of her room,n sees someone is standng in front of dp’s room..
Rag-who ws dere n wt he’s doing in front of babumoshia’s room??i need to find it out…
Rag-hellow…who r u???
Rag-excuse me…
She started walkng towards d man..
Man gets shocked after hearng her voice n immediately turned..
Before rags could see hs face ,she found herself in store room,pinned towards a walll n someones hand over her mouth.
Rags sees d person n jerked him.he takes hs hands off her.
Rag-laksh wt r u doing??
(Yes guys hes none other den our devil laksh?)
Rag-n how i came here???
Laksh-ssshhhh…calm down calm down..i”ll answer all ur queston,bt plz say slowly..
Laksh ws standng at d door of dp’s room..hes very tensed ,suddenly he heard rags voice n doesnt know wt to do..so he used hs power n speedly dragged her in store room..
Flashbck ends..

Rag-ahhhh….i see..bt wt r u doing dere??
Laksh-dats none of ur business. I already told u to stay away from me.so now go n sleep okay..
He started leavng,wen rags holds hs hand n made hm turn towards her,den she hold hs collar n pulled him towards herself..
Rag-mister.dont show me such attitude okay…n if u dnt tell me den i”ll call babumoshia here..n tell hm everythng(she makes a evil face n smirks n leaves his collar)
Laksh-no…no…plz dnt call hitler..a..a…i..mean dad here plz..
Rag-hmm…dats lyk a good boy.
Laksh-I was going to d underground fightng zone.actually dere v means good wizards n evil wizards every saturday had a bike racing.so for dat nly i ws going but u caught me..
Rag-okay so go now
Laksh-bt how ,dad wl nevr allow me..
Rag-u cn go through windows..
Laksh-huhh….my dad is very cleaver,he knows dat i”ll surely do dat n so he had already chanted some spells on d house.so dat nobody could go or come from window or anywhere except for d main door.n d keeys of main door is below his pillow..
Rag-oh so now i get it,u r tryng to steal those keys..
Laksh-hmmm…miss.mirchi bt u came dere n rest u already know..

Rags POV..
Hmm…i have heard about dis racing ground.here many evil member comes..so might b i”ll get some way to reach ardhya…whatever,i thnk i should go n check dere once…
POV ends
Rag-okay lucky,so common lets get those keys..
Laksh-no need,u go to ur room,i”ll get d keys..
Rag-but i also wants to go dere..
Laksh-wt….no ways..
Rag-okay den..i”ll tell everythng to babumoshia
laks-.wt d hell..y u always blackmail’s me wid his name..
Rag-common dude now dnt waste time n lets go,otherwise d race wl start.
Dey bth goes to dp’s room n some how manages to steal d keys..
Dey sit on d bike n drove till d racing ground..

Wen dey reach d main entrance bth r checked by d guards,den dey proceed inside..dere ws stairs,dey climb d stairs which takes dem to underground .den dey saw a door dere n nly a wizard cn go through dat door.so bth crosses it n den proceeds further.
As dey reached inside .dey saw one side evil n other side good wizards r standng.all r cheerng n supportng dere respective groups.

Lucky also takes hs place n sits on one black colored bike.but he needs someone to sit d beside hm(becoZ its a rule dat dere must b 2 person in d bike orelse he/she cannot take part in race)so he started lookng for ragini bt doesnt found her..

On d other side rags ws searchng for ardhya n sees hm talkng wid alekh.by seeing ardhya her eyes started becomng red n she cant able to ctrl her anger.she started going towards hm in full range ,bt before she could reach their ,ardhya goes from dere.
Rags hit her hand in nearby table in anger..
Just den alekh comes dere.
Alekh-ohhh seee whom i am seeing here.d so called saviour of dese loosers wizard.hmm…. N started laughng..
Rag-hey dont laugh so much orelse mosquitoes wl go inside ur mouth n have u forgotten or what,d way i have beatten u hmm…
Alekh-in anger-how dare u…u r nthng in front of me understand..
Rag-hahahha…really,if so den lets have a race ,whoever loose wl have to fulfill a wish of d winner.
Alekh-okay done..b ready to loose..n one more thng dis is nt a simple racng ground.here u can even loose ur lyf.so beavare .
He smirks n den leve from dere.
She goes n sees laksh n asks him to sit beside n handover d bike to her.
Laksh-wt…. No way.. U sit at d back..
Rag-hey dnt act smart jst do wt i say
Laksh -never ever..
Rag-k den i m callng babumoshia..
Laksh-takng her phone..ahhhhh,,u r jst impossible…
He den gives bike to her n sits at d bck.
Just den alekh comes dere wid hs red color bike n sashree is sitting at d back seat.
Dey started d race.
Rags started her bike n moves very speedly.due to sudden start laksh looses hs balance n jerked upon her ,his front touched her back.dey felt a spark by d sudden touch.den bth composes demselves.
D one who r sittng at back of bikes r using dere powers to make dere opponents loose.
Laksh is savng rags s well as throwng fire to d others..
Rags is leadng.
After a while…
Alekh n rags are only left.bth r gvng strong competition to eo.sashree throws spikes at front of rags bike,bt rags manages to escape it.den laksh throws fire on alekh bt he also escaped.den he throws fire on sashree n she gets a bit burnt.den she throws spikes on rags bt laksh putted hs shoulder in between to sve rags n he got injured.
Rags sees dis n sked if hes f9?
Laksh-dnt wry miss.mirchi.i m okay ..jst focus on racing.v have to win dis race.
Rags nodes her hed.
She den drove d bike more speedly n reached d finishng line n won d race…
Alekh throws d bike in anger n leves from dere.
Good wizards comes n praises rags n laksh n started hootng..
Den bth rags n laksh proceeds towards mm.dey bth sneaked from d main door.
Rags sees laksh shoulder bleedng n gets teary eyes.laksh sees it n said-its a minor cut n he”ll heal it .n ask her to go to her room as it is already very late.

In laksh room..
Laksh opens hs shirt n stands near mirror.hes tryng hard to touch hs wound n heal it,bt couldnt able to reach dere.
Suddenly he heard a knock on d door.he immediately wears hs shirt n said come-in .he sees rags coming in hs room.
Laksh-i told u to sleep na so y r u here??
Rag-i jst came to check whether u r k or nt..n have u healed d wound or nt???
Laksh-vo actually,i ws tryng to heal it bt my hands r nt reachng dere..soooo..,bt its k i”ll do it.
Rags dsnt listened n comes towards him n make him sit on d bed.laksh try to resist bt rags eyed him.n he sits quietly..

Song plays…
(Main to tere rang main rang chuka hoon)
Rags removes his shirt
(Bas tera ban chuka hoon)
Lsh ws jst staring her lovingly.she holds hs hand n grabbed hs healng power n touched his wounds carefully.
(Mera mujhme kuch nahi)
Rags feel relieved after curing hs wounds n looks towards him.
(Sab tera ..sab tera…sab tera..)
Bth have a sweet eyelock..
Rags den blinked her eyes n said-lucky take care of urself ,gud n8…n leaves to her room.

Laksh smiles rembering d happeng n brushes hs hair n doses off wid a smile on hs face sayng miss.mirchii?

Otherside rags ws thinkng y always her heart beat gets increased wen she ws wid lucky n y she cared so much for him??she brushes off her chain of thoughts n sleeps sayng sadoo?.an unknown smile appeared on her face.?

Precap-nupur n mayank’s engagemnt .alekh to fullfill rags demand.sameer truth.

With lots of love fairy..

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Credit to: Fairy

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