power of love (os)


power of love……
hi frnds i am shruti i am back frnds think u like my story of soliders
sanlak swaragini is childhood friends ………….
raglak realize their love during schooling but swasan didnt as they started studying in clg sanskar was always seen with parineeta and swara misunderstand them as couple during this tym swasan realize their love for each other but swara controlled her emotion
one day some boys misbehaved with parineeta so our heros come and beat them ragini console pari laksh say bhabhi dont fear when your two dewars are here sanky say for any before reaching you it has to face me and this statement was heared by swara she was heart broken
swara didnt come to clg many days sanlak ask about her to ragini
ragini-dont know guys what happen to hear
lucky-she is behaving strangely
sanskar -i have decided to propose her on valentine party
raglak-what we are happy
ragini-finally my sis and jiju going to be couple

on valentine party
all were enjoying raglak dance then sanpari then swasan after their dance sanskar proposed swara firstly swara became happy then remember sanskar conversation and then insult sanskar saying womenizer and taunt by pari name
swara leaves from their followed by raglak rag hold swara’s hand and turn toward her and give a tight slap and laksh tell that pari is their would be wife of their bro he insisted usd to take care about her
swara feal guilt and try to apologies to 4 of them but they completely avoid her and know sanky is spending tym with kavita which make swara jealous
on prom night
kavita is getting close to sanky and he is not saying anything which make swara angry and she drink one complete bottle of wine and break the bottle so everybody see her
swara takes out broken bottle and comes to raglak and say i aplogies many tym but u didnt accepted but know she placed broken bottle near laksh neck
swara- know laksh say u forgiven me
laksh-what way u are asking apology or asking ramsom
swara-laksh say otherwise u also rag
raglak-we forgiven u
sanky -whats going on
swara-i am coming to u
and knee down in front of sanskar and apologies to him and show her shoulder were sanskar is written sanky accept her apology swara takes him somewhere and knee down in proposing style and say to sanskar
sanskar i love you i want to make u mother of our child
sanky-what mother
swara-no mummy no maa no i mean amma
sanky-are u serious
swara-yes our children symbol of our love call u mamma me papa i mean
sanky-you mean u want to rape me so that i became pregnent oh my god
swara -yes and they share a passionate kiss
all became normal after exam sanlakragswara were creck the nda exam sanlak were selected for soldiers ragini as a doctor in mellitary and swara at airforce hunter pillot all were doing training but they meet each other after week and after an year sanlak became major and ragini doctor and swara captain
after that they meet share many thing go back to clg school their frnds and spent many time memorable time later they get information that war is fought among enemy territory all were preparing for war
in camp
ragini comes and hugs sanlak then swara comes and hug them inform that she is also coming and helping then but throw air in hunterjet laksh say in jet we face them straight and hug each other
laksh-if any thing happen to me plz move in life and marry
sanskar-same to u swara
swara-same apply to you also
sanlak-laugh in air who attack you
swara-really let see
laksh-if anything happen to any of us ragini u have to live and frndship wil be alive through you
ragini-shut up nothing happen to u all okay
they depart to war
war place
indian soldiers has overpower the enimy arm but their commander comes with alpha tanks but indian soldiers didnt loss hope their fighting then hunterjet arrive they blast many tanks but except the enemy commander tank..because he commander is smart to escape
hunterjet’s were going back because of bombs were finished and evening in going to night
laksh-know what we do jets where going back
sanskar-if that enemy commonder tank is blast we will win our neuclear is going to finish
laksh-we cant win but doesnt loose hope we have to fight till last breath
sanskar-we will see them in next birth and they hug each other one of the soldier say look toward sky one hunterjet is taking round as it isd increasing speed
laksh-what is going to happen
sanskar-jet is going to hit that tank
as sanskar say the jet hit with enemy tank and blast which created spirit of win in every soldier they fought and win the war

at camp
sanlakrag hugs each other
ragini-i told u na you all will come back
laksh-because of that brave soldier given his life because of that soldier the enemy became weak and we overpower them
sanskar explain everything about the war to ragini because of over unity we win then ask about swara
ragini-look some more jets were coming she would be in it
this was heard by soldiers of air force and comes toward them his name is jai and frnd of swara
jai-congrats soldiers for winning war
sanky-same too you
jai-u know a jet hit the enemy tank
laksh-yes the soldier is a pride for us
jai -do you know who was in it
ragini-no do you no
jai-capt swara gadodiya
sanlakrag shocked tears comes from their eyes and remember their moment with swara later a jet come with her body which is burned half three compose themself
brigediors and all give salute to dead soldiers after salute sanlakrag comes to swara body and cry sanky hold her and hugs and rag hold her one hand and other by laksh
suddenly laksh see momemt in swara hand shows to sanrag rag checks her nurves and say she is breathing they takes her to ot
because of blast nuclear entered in swara body series of operation taken place but they cant make her face fair and back as previous
after an year
swara didnt talk or meet with this three so one day sanskar comes to meet her and ask the reason for her behaviour she firstly try to avoid then say because of her face and it is not the one which he loved and she didnt want anyone sympthy
sanskar slap her and say what you think i loved your beauty your face know i loved your heart idiot which is same as previous swara understood her mistake and hug him sanskar after sometime sanskar break the hug and say when you are going to make mother of your kids swara blush and hide her face in his chest then raglak comes and say swaru made frndship with you not your face
ragini-i am proud to be your sister
after a month they four married and lived happly

Credit to: shruti

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