Power Of Love (Episode 7)

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thanks for all the comments and yeah I’m thinking to end this FF as not many people like it and I don’t get much comments so he 10th episode would be the last episode of this story… please tell me how it… ENJOY ?

Episode 7
The episode start with Basyat reach home… Hayat who was tired like hell slept in car… Bashar look toward Hayat and smile seeing her… he kept staring her lovingly…
After 2 Hours
Hayat woke up and saw that she was sitting in car still… it was night… she look around and saw Bashar looking at her lovingly… she lower her head and said
Hayat:when we reach home
Bashar came in sense and said
Bashar:2 hour ago
Hayat:why didn’t u wake me up
Bashar:u were sleeping so peacefully that my heart didn’t allow me to wake u up but now u r so let’s go inside saying this he get down and open Hayat’s side door… she came out but because of weakness stumble… before Hayat could fall Bashar hold her and lift her up in his arms… Hayat looked at Bashar shocked and said
Hayat:I..I’m fine please put me down
Bashar:ssshh u r weak Jaan don’t lie
Hayat was shocked as well as surprised… BasYat came inside and Bashar took Hayat in her room… he lie her down and said
Bashar:take rest I’ll come with dinner saying this he left from there… after a while he came and make her eat dinner… he also had dinner… after dinner he give medicine to Hayat and said
Bashar:it’s late sleep now
Hayat nod and lie down properly…. Bashar sat beside her caressing her hair… Hayat close her eyes…soon sleep took over and Hayat slept peacefully…

Next Morning
Hayat woke up and saw Bashar staring her lovingly… she turn her face and left to fresh up… Bashar smile and left from there… soon they were out of room on dinning table having bf.. Hayat for the first time was having bf out of her room… soon Ahad and Noor also join them for bf… after bf Hayat and Noor were in room while Bashar and Ahad was in study… Noor said
Noor: Hayat
Noor:I..I want to say something
Noor:actually tomorrow is
Hayat: tomorrow what
Noor: tomorrow is your and Bashar Bhai’s nikha
Hayat: WHAT
Noor:Bashar Bhai ask me to tell u and he don’t want any problem from your side
Hayat get teary eyes and Noor said
Noor:Hayat please don’t cry
Hayat:what else I can do
Noor:Hayat Bashar Bhai is not bad please trust me he loves u alot he’ll keep u happy
Hayat:what kind of a love is this Noor I don’t want to marry him
Noor:Hayat he loves u that why he save u from your parents if he wouldn’t have been in love with u why would he saved u from that person who bought u before
Hayat:please Noor do… don’t talk about them
Noor: trust me Hayat Bashar Bhai is very good man he loves ahad as his brother but still he supported me when Ahad wanted to marry me forcefully he saved me and ask Ahad to wait for sometime as I wanted to do my course before marriage because Ahad don’t want me to study at least for ana year after marriage because he want to spend time with me only
Hayat get lost in thought and nod at Noor… the day passed in wedding preparations…

Next Morning
as causal BasYat woke up and had bf… Ahad make Bashar ready while Noor help Hayat… after sometime they reach at masjid… Bashar and Ahad was in male side while Hayat and Noor were in female… the molvi came and ask Bashar if he accept Hayat as his wife… Bashar said 3 times…
Bashar:Qubool Hai (Accepted)
the molvi came to and ask Hayat if she accept Bashar as her husband…. Hayat was silent for sometime then she close her eyes and said 3 times…
Hayat:Qubool Hai (Accepted)
tears roll down Hayat’s cheek… Noor wipe her tears and Hayat open her eyes… Noor nod in no and Hayat nod… they came out of masjit and had lunch in Ahad and Noor house… after lunch BasYat came home when they saw Haidar standing out of their house… Hayat looked at Haidar and said
Hayat:Bhai Jaan
Bashar looked at Haidar and then at Hayat… Bashar said
Bashar:wait here I’ll come
Hayat nod and Bashar walk toward Haidar…. Hayat looked at them and get happy thinking Bashar is going to let her meet her brother but soon her happiness turn in sadness when she hear Haidar asking for money… Hayat felt as if someone is continuously stabbing her heart… Bashar looked at Hayat and his blood boil seeing Hayat’s tear… he slap Haidar hardly and he fall on ground… Hayat run to him and said
Hayat:Bhai Jaan
Haidar push her away and said
Haidar:give me money in return of this blo*dy useless thing otherwise I’ll kill her saying this Haidar move toward Hayat but before he could touch her Bashar came in between and throw a bundle of money at his face and said
Bashar:get lost and don’t come here again today I got married that’s why u r save otherwise u wouldn’t have been standing here till now
Haidar:I’ll come again if I want money saying so Haidar left and Hayat stood there emotionless…. Bashar said
she turn to Bashar and then run inside the house crying… Bashar also get teary eyes seeing her… he came inside and thought to leave Hayat alone for sometime…

In Night
Hayat was sitting in her room… she was wearing a bridal dress indicating ‚Äčthat shes married… she start crying thinking about her parents… just then Bashar came in room with food… he was also dressed up as groom… he saw Hayat sitting like a lifeless body… he came and sat beside her… Bashar said
he said so lovingly that she broke down right there in Bashar’s arms… she cried hard and said while sobbing
Hayat:I…I thought only Abu Ami don’t love me but Bhai Jaan also hate me he sale me to u he took money from u saying this she cried even harder… Bashar hug her protectively and said
Bashar:I haven’t bought u Hayat u r my wife I married u because I…I love u and I promise you’ll be save with me you’ll stay where u belong and that’s in my arms saying this Bashar softly kiss Hayat’s hair and make her eat dinner… Hayat ate silently… for the first time she saw this side of Bashar… so loving so caring… the whole night Hayat cried in Bashar’s arm and then slept being tired… Bashar put Hayat on bed and lie down beside her… he took her in his arms and hug her tightly… after a while he also slept… days passes like that and now it’s been 2 weeks since BasYat got married…

One Day In Morning
Hayat woke up and saw Bashar sleeping peacefully hugging her tightly… since they got married Bashar always stay by her side… Hayat keep staring Bashar remembering everything happened til now… Bashar’s love, care, support and the way he respect her… she don’t understand what is happening to her… she is liking all the things Bashar is doing… she don’t like when he’s not with her… Hayat smile unknowingly seeing Bashar and thinking about him… Hayat carefully get up and went to get fresh… after getting fresh she came down and made bf… since a week Hayat was making food as Bashar love her handmade food alot… when bf was ready she at the dinning table and came to call Bashar… she came in and saw Bashar wasn’t there… she came toward bathroom and hear water sound… she came in room and saw Bashar’s clothes on bed… as it wasn’t press she took it and start pressing… just then Bashar came out wearing only towel around his waist and saw Hayat pressing his clothes… he was mesmerized seeing Hayat in red saree… he remember when he ask Hayat for the first time to wear saree….

Flashback Start
BasYat were in mall shopping for Hayat as Bashar wanted to buy his choice clothes for her… he took different type of clothes and accessories… just then his eyes fall on saree he smile and took Hayat their… Bashar said
Bashar:u know how to wear saree
Hayat nod and Bashar said
Bashar:great I love sarees from now you’ll wear saree when we r alone at home OK
Hayat: OK
since that day Hayat wear saree mostly
Flashback End

Bashar slowly walk toward Hayat and just as Hayat turn off the iron Bashar put his hand on Hayat’s bare belly which was visible… Hayat widen her eyes and then close them immediately feeling Bashar’s lips in her neck… she felt her heartbeat so fast that she thought it’ll come out… Bashar kept kissing Hayat’s neck giving her soft and wet kisses… suddenly Bashar bite her neck and Hayat moan unknowingly… Bashar lick the mark and suck it to soothe her pain… Hayat fist her saree to control herself… soon both get disturb because of Bashar’s phone which was ringing… Bashar took the call and Hayat left from there unable to see Bashar…. Bashar end the call and turn to see Hayat but she wasn’t there…. Bashar smile and said
Bashar:she’s accepting me
Bashar change and came down for bf… Hayat was already sitting there waiting for him… she looked at him but as soon as Bashar looked at her she lower her eyes feeling shy thinking about what happened in room… Bashar sat down and they had bf….
how’s it frds?

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