Power Of Love (Episode 6)


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Episode 6
The episode start with Hayat… she was sitting in car waiting to reach where Bashar has called her… soon the car stop and the driver said
driver:mam we reached

Hayat nod and get down from car after adjusting her abaya… it was a huge old building… Hayat thought where to go and just then her eyes fall on her parents who were entering the building… Hayat get happy thinking Bashar is letting them meet her… she didn’t call them because she wanted to surprise but she didn’t had any idea what was waiting for her… she came behind them and enter the building… Hayat look around and saw a room it’s door was open slightly… she hear some noises from there and said

Hayat:maybe Abu Ami is there saying this she came toward the door and open it…. her parents back was facing her while Bashar was in front but before she could call them… Hayat’s abu said
Abu:10 crore
Abu:give us 10 crore and u can keep that Hayat with u we won’t complain to police
Bashar:how can I trust u because u betrayed me before too I told u I’ll be marrying Hayat but u fix her marriage
Ami: because they were giving us a good amount of Hayat we have kept her for years and wasted money on her so we wanted that money which we wasted after all she was a waste only blo*dy garbage
Hayat was shocked…. tears were continuously flowing from her eyes… Bashar saw it and was hurt seeing her like this but this was necessary… Hayat’s parents confess all the things which was heard by Hayat… how they kept her for years so that they could sale her and get money… Hayat was numb… the parents who were so precious for her whom she loved more than anything think like this about her… she felt disgusting but still a part of her heart didn’t believe it… she came to them and stand in front… they were shocked seeing Hayat… Hayat said
Hayat:Abu Ami please tell me u were lying u didn’t meant whatever u said please saying this she broke down… Bashar immediately hold her to support but everything was useless…. she was shattered… they didn’t broke her trust they broke her… Hayat Abu
Abu:Hayat no I mean it was lie he he fooled us
Ami:yes ur Abu is right

Hayat looked at them and then at Bashar who was holding her… Bashar said
Bashar:how much will u lie now
just then police came to take Hayat’s parents… they saw police and get shocked… Hayat’s Abu fumble…
Abu:lie we didn’t lie Hayat please save us
Ami:yes this Bashar Momin is lying we didn’t did anything Hayat he ask us to say all this because he wanted to get u
Hayat’s Ami came forward to hold her but Hayat jerk her away and said
Hayat:stay away u r not my Ami u r not my Ami saying this Hayat fainted… Bashar was shocked… he asked police to take Hayat’s parents away… the police took them and Bashar lift Hayat in his arms… he took Hayat to hospital… Bashar came in hospital and everyone stand up seeing the Bashar Momin in hospital that to carrying a girl in his arms…. Bashar said

Bashar: Doctor
Dr came running to Bashar and Bashar said
Bashar:Dr please check her she fainted and now she’s not coming in conscious
Dr:please come in cabin air
Bashar follow Dr and came in cabin… he lie down Hayat and said
Bashar:I want a lady Dr to check her
Dr: yes sir saying this the Dr left and came after a while with lady Dr… the male Dr left and the lady ask Bashar to wait outside… he left nodding to Dr unwillingly… Bashar call Ahad and ask him to come with Noor in hospital as when Hayat will be conscious she’ll want someone who’s close to her…

After 15 Minutes
Dr came out and ask Bashar to come in.. Bashar came inside and saw Hayat sitting on chair… he sat on other chair and said
Bashar:she’s fine na what happened anything serious
Dr smile and said
Dr:relax Mr Momin she’s your wife I think
Bashar looked at Hayat but she was looking down… Bashar said
Bashar:yes would be wife
Hayat immediately looked at Bashar but as soon as Bashar’s eyes met hers she looked away…. Dr said
Dr: nothing serious just weakness and stress she just need rest and proper food I’ve prescribed some medicines
Bashar: medicines
Dr: relax it’s just some vitamins medicine
Bashar took a breath of relief… Bashar nod and said
Bashar: thank you
both Basyat came out of cabin and Hayat was immediately embrace in tight hug by Noor who was waiting outside of cabin…. Bashar came to Ahad and was talking… Noor broke the hug and Hayat said
Hayat:u here
Noor:Ahad told me that Bashar Bhai called and ask to come here as you’ll need someone who’s close to u
Hayat looked at Bashar who was busy talking to Ahad about something seriously… Hayat look back at Noor and she said
Noor:Hayat I know that u got to know everything about uncle and aunty
Hayat was shocked and she said
Hayat:u knew everything
Noor:no I didn’t knew but yesterday when Bashar Bhai was talking to Ahad I heard it and then Bashar Bhai told me everything because he thought that there should be someone to handle u because you’ll be shattered to know all this
Hayat get teary eye and hug Noor tightly…. hearing her sobbing Bashar looked at her… Bashar came toward them and said
Bashar:Noor come let take Hayat in her
Noor nod while Hayat looked down… Bashar was ahead while Noor and Hayat was behind… Bashar unlock his BMW and open the backseat door for Hayat and Noor… Noor sat inside and Hayat was about to sit when suddenly she slipped… Bashar hold Hayat immediately before she fall down… Hayat open her eyes and looked at Bashar… he immediately look away and made Hayat sit in car… Bashar sat in driver seat and wait for Ahad… after a while Ahad came with medicines… he sat inside and said
Ahad: sorry I got late an important call came
Bashar:it’s OK let’s leave now
Ahad nod… and Bashar start the car…

After 30 Mins…
Bashar drop Ahad and Noor at their home… Hayat was sitting in backseat alone… Bashar said
Bashar:come in front seat
Hayat: what
Bashar: I’m not driver come and sit on front seat
Hayat get scared and immediately came out of car… she sit on front seat and Bashar said
Bashar:seat belt
Hayat struggle to put belt… Bashar came closer and Hayat get away being scared… Bashar took the seat belt and make her wear it while staring her lovingly… Hayat slowly slowly open her eyes hearing horn sound… Hayat looked at Bashar who was looking at her lovingly… she immediately looked away and Bashar came in sense… he sat straight and they left from there…

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