Power Of Love (Episode 4)

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Episode 4
The episode start with Basyat (Bashar & Hayat)… they were in car and Hayat was crying continuously… she was trying to get out of the car but Bashar’s hold on her hand was firm… soon they stop in front of a big villa… Hayat was sitting in silence now… she was tired of crying and she knew it’s of no use… Bashar came out of the car along with Hayat… Hayat was feeling low and weak to fight now… people around them greet them with Salam and Bashar replied them in the most polite manners… they came in and just then Hayat’s eyes fall on Noor… Ahad was also there… as soon as Bashar’s grip loosen on Hayat’s hand she run to Noor and hug her tightly crying hard…. Hayat said

Hayat:Noor please save me please
Noor hug Hayat tightly and said
Noor:I’m sorry Hayat but
Hayat looked at Noor and then at Ahad… Hayat said
Hayat: Ahad bhai
Ahad: Bhai jaan we’ll take your leave now saying this Ahad hold Noor’s hand and drag her away from Hayat… Hayat cried and asked for help but all in vain… at last Hayat faint being tired and weak from crying so much… Bashar run to Hayat and took her in his arms… Bashar came in his room and lie Hayat down on bed… he called Dr and sit beside her… Bashar keep staring Hayat and said
Bashar: I’m sorry Hayat but I didn’t had any choice other than this I didn’t want anyone to harm u
Bashar close his eyes and lay back on chair…

(Flashback Start
after a day when Bashar threaten Hayat’s Abu and Bhai… he saw Hayat’s Abu and Ami talking to some well dressed young man… Bashar was curious… when Hayat’s Ami and Abu left Bashar call the man near him… Bashar said
Bashar:with whom u were talking
man:excuse me none of your business Mr
Bashar:it is my business because with whom u were talking is my would be wife’s parents
Bashar: yes
man:no that can’t happened

man: because they had sale their daughter to me in 1 crore
Bashar was beyond shocked… Bashar hold his collar and said
Bashar:what the hell r u saying
man get afraid and said
man:I’m saying true they want to sale their daughter and they ask for 1 crore
Bashar:and u give them
man:yeah I did
Bashar: listen to me and listen good Hayat is mine and dare u even lay your finger on her

man:but I had bought her
Bashar hold man’s neck and shout
Bashar:Hayat is not a thing that u bought her did u get it she’s mine Bashar Momin’s and if u even dare to look at her I’ll shoot you right there and will play with ur eyes saying his Bashar throw bundle of money on his face and said
Bashar:2 crore take it and don’t ever turn back to see my Hayat
Bashar left from there and since then he kept eyes on Hayat’s parents… Bashar was shocked when he actually saw them doing it in front of him… he got all the information and get to know that they are greedy and want money… since that day Bashar is determined to get Hayat and keep her safe with him… he knew that if she get to know about her parents she’ll be shattered so he didn’t told her…

Flashback End)

door bell rang and a servant came in room with Dr… Bashar get up and said
Bashar:please check her she fainted suddenly
Dr:sir u wait outside please
Bashar nod and left from there… Bashar was walking here and there waiting for Dr… just then Dr came out and Bashar said
Bashar:how’s she
Dr:she’s fine but weak
Bashar:what I need to do then
Dr smile and said
Dr:just let her take rest and give this vitamin medicines after every meal and she’ll be fine in few days
Bashar nod and said
Bashar: thank you Dr

Dr:it’s OK sir it’s my duty
Bashar nod nod ask driver to drop Dr at her hospital… Bashar came down and made soup for Hayat… he came upstairs and in room… Hayat was still unconscious… Bashar sat beside her and put the tray on table.. just then Hayat woke up.. she slowly slowly open her eyes… Bashar keep staring her… Hayat was looking around seeing the unfamiliar place when her eyes fall on Bashar who was sitting on sofa staring her without blinking… just then all the happening came back in mind like a memory and Hayat’s eyes welled up with fresh tears… Bashar get up and came toward Hayat… she get scared and moved back holding the blanket tightly against her body… Bashar stop seeing her scared and said

Bashar:I won’t harm u
Hayat:I want to go home
Bashar:this is ur home now
Hayat:no I want to go my home to my Ami and Abu
Bashar’s blood boil hearing it and he said
Bashar:there is no one of u now except me did u get it
Hayat cried and get even more scared… Bashar sign in frustration… he came toward the intercom and call a servant in… after a min a girl same as Hayat’s age came in… she smile at Hayat and said
girl: ji (yes) Bhai jaan

Bashar:nikat please take this and heat it up
nikat:Bhai Jaan u won’t have dinner
Bashar:no I won’t and did everyone else had dinner
nikat:no Bhai jaan we r going to have
Bashar: OK u go have dinner and give this to me
nikat:no Bhai Jaan I’ll do it
Bashar:no go have dinner I’ll do it don’t leave food have it first
nikat nod smilingly and left… Bashar left a confused Hayat behind and came after a while with hot soup… Bashar sat beside Hayat but she moved back as much as she could… Bashar looked at her and said
Bashar:don’t worry I won’t eat u came sit and have dinner then u need to eat medicines to
Hayat:I don’t want anything please let me go

Bashar get angry and said
Bashar: enough is enough Hayat I’m tell u last time u r going to stay here from now and we r going to get married next week I don’t want any problem from your side otherwise I won’t hesitate before killing ur parents
Hayat get scared and said
Hayat:no no please don’t I’ll listen to u please don’t harm them
Bashar’s eyes soften and he sat beside Hayat… he took soup bowl and made Hayat eat with his hands… after dinner he give her medicine and ask her sleep… he left from there and came in study… he sat on floor and took out a photo from his drawer… it was Hayat’s pic… he kiss it and sleep hugging it…

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