Power Of Love (Episode 3)

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Episode 3
The episode start with Hayat… after the guest left which came to see Hayat she was praying her Asar prayer… everyone was at home… Abu and Haidar was telling Ami about Bashar and his wish to marry Hayat… Ami was shocked as well as afraid… Abu ask Ami to tell Hayat to think about faiz (the boy who came to see Hayat) while Hayat came down to make tea… she was kitchen when suddenly door bell start ringing… Haidar said
Haidar:I’ll go and see
he get up and open the door… as soon as he saw Bashar he was shocked… he looked at Abu and abu get up… abu came and was also shocked seeing Bashar… Ami saw Bashar and said
Ami:who’s he]
Abu: Bashar Momin what are you doing here
Ami: Bashar Momin
Hayat who was in kitchen came out hearing voices… Hayat said
Hayat:Bhai Jaan Abu Ami what happened
Haidar:Ami go and stop Hayat
Bashar’s face lit up hearing Hayat’s voice…. before Ami could go to Hayat Bashar push Haidar and came in… time stopped there for Bashar… he was glued to his place seeing Hayat… she was wearing black salwar kameez matching Bashar’s clothes… Hayat’s eyes widen seeing Bashar and she said
Hayat: you
Ami came toward Hayat and said

Ami:Hayat beta u know him
Hayat:Ami remember I told u that day when I was coming from college and was about to have an accident but someone saved me
Ami nod and Hayat said
Hayat:he’s that someone only
Ami, Abu and Haidar was shocked while Bashar was just admiring Hayat…. she looked at Bashar and said
Hayat:but what he’s doing here
Hayat looked at Haidar and then Abu… Bashar’s blood boil remembering why he was here… he looked at Haidar and said
Bashar:would u tell her or shall I tell my Hayat why I’m here
Hayat looked at Bashar shocked on his words… Hayat looked at Ami and said
Hayat:Ami what is happening
abu:Hayat beta go inside with Ami]
Hayat nod and was going inside with Ami but Bashar hold her hand and pull Hayat behind him… everyone was shocked but before they could do anything Bashar’s man came and hold them pointing gun on their heads… Hayat was shocked and tears made their way from her eyes… Hayat said
Hayat:Ami Abu saying this she tried to go to them but Bashar tighten his grip on her and said
Bashar:don’t struggle otherwise your family will pay
Hayat was shocked… she looked at Haidar and saw him struggle to get out of the man’s grip… Bashar said
Bashar:I told u before that Hayat is mine and I’ll take her after her college will be finished but no u guys didn’t listen and was getting her married to someone else
Haidar: Bashar Momin get your hands off of my sister otherwise I’ll kill u
Bashar smirk and said

Bashar:kill me don’t forget u r on my gun point Mr Haidar ur life is in my hands
Haidar:u want to kill me then do it because I won’t let u take my sister u have to face me before taking her
Bashar laugh and said
Bashar:Mr Haidar u r forgetting Hayat is in my hands saying this he looked at her and she turn her face being scared… Bashar cup her face to make her look at him but she closed her eyes… Haidar get angry and said
Haidar:leave my sister Bashar
Bashar:ssshh let me talk to my would be wife Mr Haidar don’t interfere
Hayat was scared as well as shocked not knowing what to do… Bashar said
Bashar:Hayat open your eyes and look at me
Hayat didn’t open her eyes in fact shut it more tightly… Bashar said
Bashar:I said look at me Hayat u don’t want ur family to suffer do u
Hayat immediately open her eyes and looked at him in fear… Hayat whisper
Hayat: please don’t please don’t hurt anyone
Bashar smile and said
Bashar:I won’t as long as u listen to me
Hayat:please let me go

Bashar:I can’t OK i can’t leave u
Hayat: please what wrong have I ever done to u please let me go
Bashar:u didn’t did anything wrong that the reason I want u Hayat I want to marry u saying this Bashar looked at Haidar and said
Bashar:tell me now r u still refusing my proposal
Haidar:leave my sister Bashar I’ll never let u marry her
Hayat was crying while Abu and Ami was looking at her helplessly…. Bashar said
Bashar:uff so much attitude so I get it
he turn to Hayat and said
Bashar: it’s a no I give them chance but now they said no so I have to take u my way
Hayat was terrified… she start struggling to get out of his grip even more… Bashar said
Bashar:struggle one more time and I’m gonna shoot ur brother
Hayat get settled and looked at Bashar… he looked at Hayat and said
Bashar:let’s go
he was about to go but Haidar push his man and took gun from him… Haidar point the gun to Bashar and said
Haidar:Bashar Momin stop right there and leave my sister or else I’ll shoot
Bashar turn to him and in a friction of second and took out his gun… he shoot on the gun which was in Haidar’s hand and it fall on ground… Hayat shout being scared and closed her eyes… after a while she open her eyes and saw the gun on floor… she looked at Haidar and then Bashar… hayat tried to go to Haidar but Bashar held her tightly and said
Bashar:this time he’s safe because he’s your brother but next time if anyone tried to take away my Hayat i won’t think twice
Haidar who was still standing in the middle of the hall run toward them and hold Bashar collar… Bashar’s man came and hold Haidar… they separate him from Bashar and start to beat him… Abu and Ami who was held by Bashar’s man shout to stop but they didn’t Hayat cried falling on her knees and said
Hayat: please stop please don’t beat Bhai jaan

Haidar:I’ll kill u Bashar before u take my sister
Bashar took out his gun and was about to shoot but Hayat stop him… Hayat said
Hayat: please stop them please saying this Hayat held Bashar’s hand in which he was holding gun… Hayat said
Hayat: please don’t kill my Bhai Jaan please leave him I’ll listen to u but please leave him
Bashar looked at Hayat and said
Bashar:you’ll come with me
Bashar:and you’ll marry me
Bashar: till then u r staying with me in my house
Hayat:what no please

Hayat tried to go to Haidar but Bashar held her hand and said
Bashar:either u listen to me or see u brother dying
Hayat looked at Haidar helplessly who was on floor beaten up badly… Hayat looked at Ami and Abu who were already looking at Hayat cryingly.. Hayat look down and said
Hayat:I’ll go with u but please let me see my Bhai Jaan please
Bashar nod and let go of Hayat’s hand… Hayat run and took Haidar’s head in her lap… Hayat cried and said
Hayat:Bhai Jaan
Haidar:Hayat do… don’t go
Hayat:Bhai Jaan please don’t talk you’ll be fine
Haidar:Hayat do…don’t le…leave for me saying this he went unconscious and Hayat shout
Hayat:Bhai Jaan
Bashar:took him to hospital
Bashar hold Hayat’s hand and drag her out… Hayat tried to go back and said
Hayat:leave me Bhai Jaan need me Abu Ami need me there please
Hayat cried hard but Bashar didn’t pay any attention… Bashar make Hayat sit in car forcefully and drove away…

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      He’s Mafia King

  3. Wht wrk Bashar do?????y is he mercilessor say cruel???

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      He’s a Mafia King as u can see in intro ☺

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