Power Of Love (Episode 1)

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM frds h r u all?
before starting this I would like to tell u all few things about the story…

1st:Hayat don’t know anything about Bashar and Ahad but her family know

2nd:Noor is Hayat’s frd her family consider Noor as their daughter

3rd:Danish Taimoor As Ahad

4th:Ayeza Khan As Noor

5th:Fawad Khan As Haidar

6th:there are more characters but you’ll know about them as the story will proceed…

The Story Will Be Posted On Tellyupdates And Wattpad…

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Episode 1
The episode start with morning… sun ray were falling in one of the lavish mansion’s room… a man in his mid 20s is seen sleeping on his king size round bed… suddenly his sleep get disturb because of his phone which was ringing continuously… he took phone and attend it without looking at caller id… he said
OP (other person): Bashar Bhai
Bashar:yes ahad
(ahad is Bashar’s Frd less brother)
ahad:Bashar Bhai a family has came at Hayat bhabhi’s home and seeing them it’s looking like they r here for to ask bhabhi’s hand in marriage

Ahad:I’m sorry Bhai Jaan but it’s true
Bashar:u know it can’t happened Hayat is mine only mine and how can her family do this I told them already Hayat will become my wife only my wife she’ll become Mrs Bashar Momin only
Ahad:yes Bhai Jaan bhabhi will become Mrs Bashar Momin only
Bashar:shut up I know do arrangements I’ll see how they’ll get my Hayat married to someone else
Ahad: OK Bhai Jaan
Bashar cut the call and throw his phone on floor… he sat on bed holding his head in his hands… Bashar whisper
Bashar: Hayat u r mine only mine no one can separate u from me u r mine my Hayat only
Bashar looked at his phone and get up… he came in washroom and stand under shower… he open it and water flow down… he close his eyes and remember the day he saw Hayat…

(Flashback Start)
1 Month Ago
Bashar was sitting in his limo waiting for signal to get open… he slide down his window and look around.. just then his eyes fall on girl who was cover in abaya… she was in her mid 20s she was looking breathtakingly beautiful… she was buying ice cream for kids who were selling roses… Bashar get down from car and without thinking walk toward her… as the distance between them lessen he get better view of her face… her eyes were shining with happiness seeing the kids happy… when Bashar saw her face clearly from closer… he was mesmerised seeing her… she was laughing seeing a kid who mistakenly drop his ice cream… she took another ice cream and give it to the kid… Bashar smile seeing the kid smiling… after that she brought the roses from them and give money to them… Bashar was about to go but stop seeing the girl returning the roses to kids… the girl said
girl: please take it
kid: baji (sister) u don’t want it
girl:beta (son or kid) I’m giving this back as a gift for u please
the kid smile and took the roses back… Bashar was looking the girl in amazement… just then another girl came and said to the 1st girl
2nd girl: Hayat come aunty is asking for u
Hayat:Noor Ami Jaan done with shopping
Noor:yes come
Hayat turn to kids and said
Hayat:kidos will meet tomorrow OK
kids: OK baji
Bashar hearing this immediately took out his phone and click Hayat’s pic… Hayat being innocent didn’t even realise it and left from there with Noor… Bashar stare Hayat as she sat in taxi with her Frd and Ami… Bashar keep staring Hayat until she disappeared from his sight… Bashar looked toward ice cream vendor and saw an anklet… he came toward the vendor and kneel down… he took the anklet in his hand and said
he close his eyes and whisper
Bashar:mine Hayat
just then ahad came and said
ahad:Bhai Jaan what r u doing here
Bashar:ahad u wanted me to get married right

ahad:Bhai Jaan where this came from
Bashar:I found ur bhabhi
ahad:Bhai Jaan really
ahad:who’s she
Bashar:Hayat my Hayat
ahad:Hayat who Hayat Bhai Jaan
Bashar took out his phone and give it to ahad… Bashar said
Bashar:she is Hayat my Hayat
ahad looked at the photo and said
ahad:Bhai Jaan she’s noor’s Frd more like a sister
Bashar:u know her
ahad:yeah I know her Bhai Jaan i call her Haya u didn’t met her because u didn’t came in my engagement na

Bashar:u mean she’s ur wife’s sister
ahad:yes kind of Bashar bhai she call me Bhai Jaan u know she’s really innocent she never make me feel like she’s not my real sister
ahad wipe his tears and Bashar said
Bashar:then it’s really easy for me to make her mine
ahad:but Bhai Jaan do u think her family will agree
Bashar:don’t they know who I’m
ahad:they know u Bhai Jaan and also know that I work for u that’s why they don’t really like me but Haya is really innocent she didn’t know and no one told her
Bashar:not even Noor
ahad:I ask her not to snatch my sister as she is my fiance and she should listen to me
Bashar:and she did
ahad:do she have a choice other then listening to me and she don’t have anyone except me now her family died in car accident 6 months ago
Bashar:I hope u didn’t tell her anything about our work
ahad:no Bhai Jaan she know us as everyone else know us Mafia Kings
Bashar: good let’s go I want to know everything about my Hayat
ahad nod and both left from there…
Hayat came home and as soon as they get down from taxi she took shopping bags from Ami… she smile and said
Ami:may ALLAH bless u beta
Hayat:let’s go inside Ami Abu and Bhai Jaan must be coming from office I’ll make tea and snacks for everyone
Ami: OK let’s go Noor u also come
Noor:ok aunty
they came inside and Hayat put bags in kitchen… she came in her room and took off her abaya… she was wearing white salwar kameez with multicolour dupatta… she took her dupatta which was on bed and put it on her head… she came out and came in kitchen… she saw her Ami working and said
Hayat:Ami u again started I told u not to work
Ami:beta how much will u work
Hayat:Ami go and sit in hall I’ll make tea and will prepare dinner
Ami:beta but
Ami:OK OK I’m going
Hayat smile and said
Hayat:thank you Ami my lovely Ami saying this Hayat kiss on her Ami’s cheek and Ami left giving her blessings… Hayat took off her dupatta and tied it on her waist.. she make evening snacks and put milk on stove for tea… while the milk was boiling she prepare dinner… Noor also came and helped her… just then door bell ring and Hayat said
Hayat:Noor please see this I’ll open door Abu and Bhai Jaan came
Noor nod and Hayat came to open door… Ami was about to get up but Hayat said
Hayat:Ami I’m seeing u sit
Ami:ok beta
Hayat open the door and saw Abu and Bhai Jaan… she smile and said

Hayat:ASSALAM O ALAIKUM Haidar Bhai (name of Hayat’s Bhai)
Hayat took bags of her Abu and Bhai Jaan… she put their bags in their room and came out… she took two glass of water and came to them… Hayat said
Hayat:Abu Bhai Jaan get fresh I’ll get tea saying this she give water to them and Abu said…
Abu:ok beta
Bhai jaan: Hayat please press my clothes for jumma also
Hayat smile and said
Hayat:Bhai Jaan i already did in morning after zuhar
Haidar: thank you Hayat
Hayat smile and said
Hayat:go get fresh now
Haidar nod and left…

Next Episode: Flashback Continued
hey frds hows the episode?

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