Power in love (swaragini) Episode 5


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Today i wanna say something to d bashers..guyz plz stop bashng to any actor/actress.i see many harsh comments for tejaswi on her brthday…jst stop it guyz ..u r noone to bash anyone..who r u to bash any of d celebrity..it litterely made me cry wen i read bad about tejas..i mean wt she had done dat u r bashng her..
I SPECIALLY wanna thanx n salute NAMISH cz he HAD stand for teja n supported her n even taught bashers a good lessson.. 🙂 :D…
SRY GUYZ for dis lecture bt plz think about dis once.

Thnx for d comments in previous episode..keep supportng me guys..n u cn check i have replied to all d comments personally..

Recap-rag meets all d grp. Members…rag n swara talk about revenge n dere snow fun..

Lets start d epi..5..

All grp. Memb. Comes to dere respective seats in audience.
Den suddenly an announcement SHOCKSSS dem.
SASHREE on stage..
Sashree-ladies n gentleman,n ma frnds.i m here to call upon d stage a very talented grl,shez new here so i m introducing her.so cl upon d stage.our new comer miss.RAGINI .
Everyone starts clappng..
Grp. Members became hell shocked..
Swara sees ragini n ragini too stares her in confusing look..
Geet-dis sashree is jst soo irritatng ,y cant she leave us alone.
Maan-i know dat she must saw rags wid us n so purposely dng dis.
Sam-wt d hell l,i wl teach her a lesson nw only.
Sanky-no wait,its about our clg reputation,v hve to thnk smthng.
Just den sashree cmes holdng hand of arsaan(guyz sashree loves him bt arsaan dsnt love her)
Arsaan looks at rags n rags stares hm too bt wid weird expression.
Sashree-so new comer go n perform n haa plz do well orelse it would effect our clg n dis band’s name too..
All d bst dea..n smirked evilly..
Rags(wid an attitude)-thnku so much for ur precious description about me.i didnt know dat u admire me soo much miss.whoever u r..
Sashree-wt ever ,go d stage is waitng for u.
Sashree leaves wid arsaan..
Swara-rags wt we will do nw.
Rags looks around n found everyone is tensed..
Rag-dnt wry shona,now leave it upon me.i”ll show her who m i..

Rag go on stage..
shez is jst lookng lyk an angel.
Everyone is lkng at her.
She holds a guitar,sighs out her nervousness n starts playng it..
(By d way on d way-aaisha movie song)she sings it wid full confidence n dances as well..
Everyone starts cheerng her MW grp. Becomes super happy n starts hootng.
Laksh gets mesmerised.arsaan is cont.. watchng her n smiles.
Sashree gets irked n goes from dere..
Everyone enjoyed her performance.
1st boy-shez hot ..
2nd boy-yar i jst want her anyhow.
Laksh n arsaan r listng dis.
Laksh gets angry …
Laksh monologue-y am i feelng so much anger on dem.who is she of me.

Arsaan glares those boys in full anger.
Boys sees arsaan n goes from there.

Ragini at last created some fire crackers thr. Her power n ended her performance wid a blast…
All mbers of MW appreciate her..
Laksh-cnt believe dat miss. Mirchi cn sing even sweet songs..
Rag-wtever mr.sadoo..
All get busy in complementng rags..

Den someone calls ragini n she turned to see his face..evryone become shocked to see arsaan dere.

Abhay gets angry n starts going towards arsaan wen priya holds his hand n stops hm signallng no..
Mayank-whispers-wt hes doing here
Nupur-i dnt know..y he comes to ragini.
Arsaan-i jst wanna say dat u really sang well.n sry in behalf of sashree..really sry for wt she had done.
Rag-smiles n says its k n thnx
Arsaan-smiles n says i m ARSAAN.
Rag-hallow arsaan nce to meet u …n m ragini as u already know …
Dey bth laugh a bit..
Arsaan-k den see u tommorrow.
Den dey bids bye to each other.

Aftr dat rags turn n see evryone in state of shock.she shook swara n says
Rag-r u all okay..
Sanky-hmm…bt hw cn??
Swara-hmm..hw cn??
Rag-wt…how cn..tel me clearly..
Nupur-hw cn dis evil cn complement someone.
Mayank-hw cn he smile..
Avni-yaaa…hw cn he talk soo polietly.
Rag-wt r u all sayng n about whom..
Laksh-dey r talkng about arsaan.actually he is son of ardhya.whos d head of evil wizads..n arsaan never talks to someone lyk us,who doesnt belong to hs community.he jst follows hs father’s word.n hs bst frnd iz sashree..whos also evil as u hve already seen..bt we r surprised y he talked n even complemented u.
Swara-ya its really weird.
Rag-ohh…nw i get it..okay sry guyz,nw i wll nt talk to hm.sry if i hurt u all.i really doesnt know dat hes evil.
Avni-no rags he’s not bad from heart its jst dat he dsnt disobey hs father,who is evil…
Priya-hmm…u cn talk to hm,v hve no problem n hes too handsome also..
Abhay-handsome my foot.
Priya-somebodys gettng jealous.
Abhay ignores n goes from dere.

Everyone says bye to eo n leaves for dere home.

Rags ask swara about d man.swara says tommorrow we will get to know hs name.rags hugs her n bth leaves.

Rags is stayng in hostel.so she goes dere.
She changes into nght dress n takes a photo frame n start talkng wid it.
Rag-nw i m here n tommorrow i”ll b knowng whoz he.i swear to u mom n dad i”ll not spare hm.i”ll surely get hm by hook or by crook.
she cried a lot n dozes off holdng d frame..

a person is pleadng in front of a man werng long black dress, for his life..d man is surrounded by many guards..
One guard comes wid a red knife n handed it over to d man.
D person is still begging to spare his lyf.
The man den laughs evilly n say i”ll kill all d 7 people who hve dis ANGEL TATTOO ..n killed d person..
A white spark of light comes out of dat person n goes inside d man ..
Man says 5 are gone jst 2 more to go…n den i”ll b d mst powerful wizard….n laughssss…
One guard comes from behind n says-yourmajesty ardhan…ur son arsaan is waitng for u …
(Yes guys dat evil man is ardhan .)
Ardhan-say him to wait ,i m cmng.
He handed d knife to d guards n leaves..
At dining table.
Arsaan-hi..dad .howz u.
Ardhaan-i m good beta.u seems to b v happy today..good to see u lyk dis.u know na u r everthng to me.
Arsaan-smiles n says- n u r everythng to me.
(He den remember rags n smiles..)
Den goes to hs room n doses off…

Precap-party n8 n d person is revealed ..

Wid lots of love fairy..

Hope u all lyked it …plz do comment…especially silent readers …

Credit to: Fairy

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