POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sartaj recalling the tortures in sleep. He wakes up and shouts. The boy looks on. Harleen talks to Kishor and talks about the harvest. The man tells Bau ji to check godown, he is not a thief and not afraid. Harleen says fine, I will check. She tells Bau ji that she will go college from godown. She stops seeing Sartaj’s poster. She turns and sees Sartaj. She realizes his comeback. She tells Sartaj that she will get hot water for him in 2mins.

Nazneen does not see Imaan and calls Saleem saying he is not at home, I have checked everywhere. Saleem asks where can he go, check garage and terrace. Nazneen looks out and then terrace. She sees Imaan sitting on the railing. She calls him out and he does not respond. She holds him and he turns. He removes ear plugs. She

asks are you fine. She hugs him. They laugh. Shaira and Ayaan look on.

Harleen tells Sartaj that she kept his towel outside, do you want anything else. He cries and says no, I will manage. She gets shocked seeing wound marks in his back. She pouts water on him. He recalls the tortures and holds her neck angrily. She cries. He says sorry and leaves.

Shaira informs Saleem that Imaan was on terrace, hearing song. Imaan checks fridge. She asks do you want something. He says water isn’t there in fridge. He sees media outside the house. She gives him water from dispenser. He smiles. Nazneen says press does not give privacy. She tells someone to cancel shoot, she has to spend time with Imaan.

Ayaan comes and falls. He picks his belongings. Nazneen says she cancelled the shoot. She gives medicines to Imaan. He asks her to go for work. She says no, anyways this is your phone, I saved all your contacts of your friends, I will not leave you alone. He says I was alone, don’t worry, I will be fine, lets make things normal, please. She says fine, we will make it normal.

Nazneen leaves with Shaira and Ayaan. Media tries to stop them. Imaan looks on. Shaira says line was good to make things normal. Nazneen says tell it straight. Shaira says its total confusion, its abnormal, how can we make this normal, Imaan is our father. Ayaan jokes. Shaira says I don’t call him dad, what shall I call him. Nazneen says what’s normal. Shaira says how did life get confusing. Nazneen says everything will get fine, time took him and time got him back, time will make things fine. Shaira says I hope so, more for you, as confusion is bigger for you.

Imaan goes to Ayaan’s room and checks for something. He gets cigarettes hidden and says I m your dad. He smiles. Harleen asks Veera to arrange Lassi, I will come. She sees Sartaj and recalls the incident. Sartaj gets pics clicked with people. Sartaj goes to Harleen. The boy asks Sartaj will he beat anyone.

Sartaj sees Harleen. Harleen teaches the boy. Sartaj’s brother talks to someone and makes him hear Sartaj’s voice. Sartaj asks him to teach him to make a call. Imaan hears music and smokes. He sees the photos on laptop screensaver. He sees Saleem with little Shaira and Ayaan. He gets a call and throws the cigarette. Sartaj says Imaan Sir, its me Sartaj, this can’t happen, we will tell senior authorities. Imaan says no, we are safe, take my number. Sartaj says I m scared to hide this big matter. Imaan asks did you not like homemade food, none will know, nothing will happen to us. Imaan sees Vikram at the door. He says I will call later, don’t do any foolishness.

Imaan greets Vikram. Vikram says I came for routine protocol, and gives a file for briefing. He says I came to take you for interrogation right away. Vikram calls his man who is with Sartaj. Sartaj worries and recalls Imaan’s words. The man says its common routine, its needed, send Sartaj with us. Bau ji asks what is the matter. Sartaj says I have to go. Harleen looks on. Sartaj says I will come soon. Harleen says last time, you said this and came after 17 years, and this time… The man says we are not sending him to border, just a talk. Harleen gets tensed and asks him to write address. He says its normal briefing. She asks what is it. Vikram is on the way with Imaan. Sartaj is on the way.

Imaan says I know about the briefing, I m an officer with the indian airforce. Sartaj recalls tortures. Vikram interrogates Sartaj. Harleen says I will wait for few hours, if I waited for 17 hours. Imaan’s mom tells Nazneen that Imaan is her husband. Nazneen shouts exactly, he is my husband. Vikram asks Sartaj whom are they going to kill, what is he hiding. Sartaj cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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