POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sartaj and Imaan’s news coming on tv. Everyone welcome Sartaj at home. Sartaj recalls the tortures. Harleen holds him and says they are all ours. Bau ji takes him. Sartaj goes to pray. Everyone sing and dance on dhol. Bau ji makes Sartaj sit and dances with everyone. Harleen looks on and cries. He blesses Harleen and says you asked me what is your status, I will tell you, you are luckiest bahu of the world, you are my bahu. She hugs him and cries.

Reporter covers the news at Sartaj’s house and their Diwali. Vikram is on air on the news. The council guy says who permitted Vikram to go on air. He calls to shut the program. He asks the man to call channel head. The reporter asks Vikram to say what will be their next step. Council guy says he can say anything

against govt. Vikram says rehabilitation, they have bear a lot for 17 years, we have to think about them, help them in fulfilling their dreams, to lessen their pain. Council guy says his behavior changed, he was doubting yesterday and today he has sympathy, what game is Vikram playing.

Reporters reach Imaan’s house and flash lights to click pics. Imaan recalls the torture. The reporter ask Imaan what did he miss. Imaan says my house, country, family, homemade food. Nanzeen takes him home. Imaan gets scared by the cracker. Everyone honor him and welcome him back home. Nazneen and Saleem look on.

Nazneen says what was the need for all this, if anyone tells anything. Saleem says mom did this. His mom asks Nazneen to pretend to be happy if she is not. She asks Saleem not to take her side. Nazneen goes to Imaan. Imaan talks to his friends. They make plans. She says he just came home, give him some time. He goes away. He sees his kids. Nazneen and Saleem see each other. Shaira looks at them.

Imaan talks to Sinha. Sinha tells him of changes, online shopping and internet. Imaan gets hurt. Nazneen holds him. He shouts stop it, I m fine. Saleem manages the situation and says its 17 years of love. Sinha says we will celebrate tomorrow.

Council guy asks Vikram why did he not say anything about Imaan and Sartaj, he can interrogate them if he has doubt. Vikram says its pointless. The man asks him to check files and then get convinced.

Harleen is made ready by her Devrani. The lady asks her to resume the pic where it paused. Harleen recalls her marriage. Bau ji tells Sartaj that many things stopped at same point since 17 years, you are back and now things will go ahead, your Bebe wanted you to make Harleen wear these bangles, that day came after 17 years.

Harleen talks and Devar and Devrani Veera and laughs. Veera asks her to make a new start. Bau ji tells Sartaj that he has to make a new start today. Veera leaves Harleen to her room. Bau ji says Harleen, you did not wear your precious ornament today, your sweet smile. Nazneen goes to her room. She sees her and Saleem’s pic and hides. Imaan comes and says Ayaan’s clothes are loose. She says yes, we will shop tomorrow. They both apologize to each other. Harleen starts the conversation. She gets the bangles. She asks him to sleep. He takes the pillow and goes. She looks on. Nazneen and Imaan also get distant. Sartaj sits outside and recalls Imaan’s words. Vikram checks their files. He calls council guy and says I read transcripts, they both deserve honor, they have bear a lot. He says news channels are after me, I know they will interview Imaan and Sartaj, if media knows how we saved them, you know. Council guy asks him to handle media. Vikram says fine and ends call. He says thanks Sir, you gave me what I wanted, Imaan and Sartaj will be interrogated.

Sartaj calls Imaan. Imaan asks him not to worry, and talks secretive. Nazneen worries on not finding Imaan in room and says don’t know, he was fine at night, where is he. She goes out and finds him in the lawn sitting alone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dont know …are they trying to show them as -ve .how .??confused .why do they ..why are they showing like that ..khudahfis n all …


    Tooo much pain in show… but show is nice but at wrong tym slot…

    1. definitely wrong time slot ..

  3. i think they will be showing the positive side nd not the negative side becoz EVERY INDIAN knows to respect the army…… hopse so….. plse guys dont bring in some illogical pointless twists nd turns…… RESPECT ND SALUTE TO THE INDIAN ARMY…..

    1. same here .hope they don’t show them -ve .. INDIAN DEFENSE SERVICES are working hard to keep india safe and …

  4. Really loved it…

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