POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Afreen going to donate blood. She talks to doctor. Yusuf talks to Lala and asks is Siddhant loyal, he went to meet Nazneen at hotel. Siddhant says its not true. Yusuf says what’s truth then, Siddhant went to give message asking for their help, as he is tired of this drama. Siddhant says this is reality. Yusuf says you should have been in bollywood. Lala asks Siddhant is this true that you met Nazneen. Siddhant says wrong.

Yusuf says I have seen him at hotel, he was going to Nazneen. Siddhant says I went to hotel, but not to meet Nazneen, if I had to meet Nazneen, I would have sent Lala to Lahore, not Karachi. Lala says yes, Yusuf got me here. Siddhant says why did Yusuf come here, why did he meet Nazneen. Yusuf says I wanted to kill her, why did you come. Siddhant

says I went to find Nisha, Lala has to decide now. Lala says Yusuf, your hatred has to wait, if Nazneen gets hurt, then diplomatic channels will be activated, that will be our loss.

Yusuf promises Lala and says but Nazneen will also not return to India alive. Afreen comes and says Lala has to go for tests, shall we leave for mosque. Siddhant goes with her. Shaira is on call and says none should know about Avi. Harleen hears her. Shaira says you….. Harleen says I forgot to ask about food. Shaira says I will have sandwich, not aloo paratha.

Vikram gets a call and attends. Harleen gives food to Sartaj. She sees Imaan and says Imaan and Nazneen are like magnet. Sartaj says you are right, their relation is strange. She says his problems are not ending, what do you think, Nazneen went there to take Salim’s death’s revenge, no, she went as she knows POW’s pain, she went to end Shobha’s pain, Salim’s death is not a reason, its her strength, don’t worry, she can manage this. He laughs and says you are my total hope.

Harleen asks Sartaj who is Avi. Sartaj says that cheater, don’t take her name, he was spying at Imaan’s house for Lala, he went close to Shaira, mean guy, why are you asking. She says I heard Shaira talking, nothing.

Siddhant and Afreen are on the way. She says Imaan and Sartaj were with you, don’t you think to know about them, Nazneen is Imaan’s wife. He says I have just one family, I don’t want to know about anyone, its just you in my heart. She smiles. They visit the mosque. Dilon ke darmiyaan…..plays……..Afreen ties the thread to the wall and prays. Siddhant asks her to come. She says I tied two threads, one to free Lala’s pain, other for your togetherness, both prayers will be fulfilled right. He takes her.

They come hospital. The man says doctor called Afreen. Afreen says maybe to tell about Lala. She goes. Siddhant talks to his man. He asks him to get the guards out. Yusuf asks why, its for Lala’s security. Siddhant says I know that better, stop interfering in my work. Yusuf holds his collar. Afreen looks on. Yusuf asks guards to take their position. He asks what’s your plan, tell us the truth.

He asks Afreen to think of this, she will believe him some day. He goes. Siddhant gets angry and asks do you have any questions. She says no, I had to say something. He sees a nurse with medicines. He asks her to go to Lala’s room and goes.

Nazneen talks to Imaan on video chat. Someone rings bell. Imaan asks her not to open door. Nazneen says let me check. Imaan says don’t. Nazneen asks who. The lady says Ishita, your fan. Ishita has the gun with her. She sees room service guy and hides gun in purse. Nazneen opens the door. Ishita says I came to talk to you. Room service guy gets medicines for Nazneen. Guard comes and says sorry, I went to washroom. He checks medicines. Nazneen says I had headache, so…. She says sorry Ishita, we shall talk later. Ishita goes. Nazneen says juice and medicines came, I did not ask for it. Vikram says get it here. Vikram asks her to empty the juice in tray.

Nazneen empties the jug. Vikram asks her to carefully see is there something inside. She says nothing. He asks her to pick the pill. She opens the pill and gets a chit. Vikram says Siddhant Thakur, once a soldier, always a soldier. Imaan asks what’s written in it. Nazneen checks the chit. She says art gallery tomorrow evening. Vikram says Siddhant made this contact, well done Nazneen, now wait till tomorrow. Nazneen smiles.

Nazneen comes to art gallery. Yusuf makes Ishita keep an eye on Nazneen. Vikram says I have to tell Imaan that agent is missing. Yusuf goes to Nazneen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved every bit of this serial

  2. Awesome series, loving each episode of it..
    Please tell what’s happening to the show after 13th Feb heard new serial is starting at 10:30 pm. When will this program is going to be aired??

    1. No . Actually there is a change in time plot [email protected] 11.00PM

  3. Wanna c imaan n nazneen together again….

  4. Please dont end d serial.. this is d only series which i watch on star plus.. and it is 100fold bettr then any saas bahu stupid serials of star plus… plzzz their r some people who dont watch d blo*dy sas bahu drama, punr jnm hmshakal etc etc.. we neen these type of real situation and awsm series.

    1. Truly agree with you!! We need such serials even if it’s a finite series…

  5. Amazing show
    My fav.anazing acting by all actors
    Filled with reality

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