POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Salim saying I got that letter which you left for Nazneen. FB shows Salim asking Nazneen to go, mum is calling. He reads Imaan’s letter and worries. He tears a paper and writes another letter to keep there. FB ends. Salim says I have hidden it, thinking when you return, I will explain you not to break Nazneen’s heart, I could not see your perfect family breaking, you want to do this today. Imaan says its relation on lie. Salim says I m not asking you to lie, I m asking you to hide truth, why do you want to snatch their smile. Imaan sees the family pics. Salim says forget the past, think of present.

Nazneen comes to them. Salim says Imaan got emotional. She says you were saying of letter. Salim says yes, Imaan left it under photo frame for you. She smiles and

says I will show it. She shows his letter laminated. She reads the love message. Imaan goes. Salim says Imaan got emotional. Nazneen asks him are you fine. He says yes. She says you always think for our happiness. He says yes, family comes first. She thanks him. He asks for dinner and goes.

Satpal comes home. He praises Indira. Veera argues and asks how will you praise her, she is getting close to Sartaj. He asks her to stop it, what is she taking from us, she got petrol pump sanctioned for us. She says nothing comes free, think, she can take a big price. He calls her mad. Vikram tells Indira that petrol pump license will be got today. She says then Sartaj will be away from family. He says don’t make him completely away. She says trigger is pulled completely to shoot, not half. He says I know, go ahead.

Harleen sees nightie. Sartaj comes. She shuts cupboard and her hair get stuck. He smiles and frees her hair. He says I have to meet licence officers, will you give Shagun to Veera’s nephew. She says sure. She tells Satpal that she is sending id and details. She wishes best of luck to Indira. Veera sees Indira cleaning Sartaj’s shirt. Sartaj holds Indira’s hand. He cleans his shirt himself.

Imaan offers namaz. Nazneen greets him. She gets breakfast and says I m thinking to leave work. He asks why, are you bored of celebrity status. She says no, I want to stay as housewife and be with you and kids.

He asks are you joking. She says no, you say about family, its just we, family. He recalls Salim’s words. Veera’s sister comes with her son. Harleen gives shagun to Manjot. Harleen takes the boy in lap. Manjot says you should also have a child. Harleen smiles. Indira is with Sartaj. Sodi says congrats, you became owner of petrol pump. Satpal thanks him. Sartaj stops Indira and gives her sweets. She asks just sweets. He asks her to ask what she wants. He says whats the use, you don’t give what I want. They leave. Satpal calls Veera and says Indira got petrol pump for us, I got sweets, we are coming home.

Veera gives good news to Harleen. Harlee prays and tells Bau ji about petrol pump final work by Indira’s help. Bau ji says when I saw Manjot’s child in your lap. I felt you should become mum, Sartaj should become dad. Harleen says if its daughter. Bau ji says it will be more great.

Satpal, Sartaj and Indira come home. Indira asks Satpal to check the cooler in her room. Satpal agrees. Sartaj looks on. Harleen takes the nightie and goes to change. Sartaj hears Indira crying. He goes and sees her. Indira acts. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks why are you crying. Indira tells the problem. He says tell them that my interview will happen tomorrow. She holds his hand. Harleen waits for Sartaj in room. Harleen wears the nightie to surprise Sartaj. Indira gets close and kisses Sartaj.

Nazneen says I will try everything is perfect. Imaan thinks of his mistake. Satpal asks Sartaj to forget Indira, think of Harleen, she loves you a lot. Sartaj says I don’t love Harleen. Satpal gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shameless indira. Don’t make this serial bakwas pls writer.

    1. I agree a bit with you. Indira is trying to emotionally detach sartaj from his family, but yaar!!! We must appreciate the cast and crew of the serial for breaking boundaries… Removing taboos… Hats off to them!????

      By the way… Only we two are regular commenters and readers this serial????

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