POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sartaj guarding Harleen and family. Harleen sees the door blocked and moves furniture. Sartaj wakes up and aims gun. Bau ji asks what happened. They see Harleen. Someone knocks the door. Sartaj opens the door and sees police. Imaan and Nazneen visit Salim’s grave. Nazneen says some relations don’t have any name till the end. She keeps their pic and cries. Imaan keeps his badge there. Akshko ka…..plays…………..Imaan consoles Nazneen. They leave.

Inspector asks Satpal why did you not file report, anyone can trouble for petrol pump land, none can harm Sartaj, constable will stay here. Sartaj says no, I can manage to save my family, we don’t need police. Inspector says Satpal called us. Satpal says I thought to take police help. Sartaj

says no need. Bau ji asks do you want us to get confined in house, police will see goons, all the village knows us, why do we need to get scared. Harleen says if elder son has come back, we should give him respect and support him in taking decisions, till now just we decided. Veera agrees with Harleen. Harleen apologizes to inspector. Inspector says police is with you, its fine if you don’t want to take our service. Police leaves. Harleen says I don’t feel anything right, can you take me to Gurudwara. He agrees.

Indira comes to meet him. Imaan says I asked your lifelong support at this place, today I m going to ask something, your trust. Nazneen says broken threads join by knots, its not like before. Imaan says I know its not like before, but maybe trust is the knot, tell me can you trust me again. He hugs her and says I will make everything fine, whatever the result.

Veera asks Arjun to come to her. Arjun asks what happened. Veera keeps chocolates away, which Indira gave him. Satpal says don’t know what she wants now. Bau ji asks where is Harleen. Harleen gets tea for Indira. Indira says this was not needed. Harleen says our house runs on manners, not needs. Sartaj says Indira ji, I think you should have not come here. She says I was worried for you, your phone was off. He says all phones…. some local goons were troubling so, I disconnects all phones, you leave from here, I will explain everything. She asks why.

He says I will manage, don’t worry, you leave from here. She asks him to share what happened, how can he show her the door. He asks her to leave. He says I don’t need you, I request you, leave from here. Indira leaves. Rohan plays football match. Vikram and Shobha look on. Indira calls Vikram and says Sartaj said its all over, I knew he wanted to make me leave from his house and made excuse, there is some reason. Rohan hits the goal and turns to see Vikram. Vikram is busy on call and says I think Imaan’s threat shifted to Sartaj. Indira says right, I think we should talk to Duggal and stop function. He says Duggal will not agree, we have no evidence. Indira leaves. Sartaj sees her. He gets a call.

Shobha says I will send match cd, you did not see the match. Rohan comes and hugs her. Nazneen comes home. She sees nameboard and fixes Khans name back in it. Shaira asks what does this mean. Nazneen says I m rectify wrong step taking in anger. Shaira says it means Imaan and you will never unite. Nazneen says I m not wrong there. Ayaan says but Salim wanted this. Nazneen says I know, but heart does not agree, let me take some time. She hugs Shaira and Ayaan.

Rohan tells Vikram about the goal. Vikram says it was perfect hit. Rohan says liar, you and mom are liars. Vikram says I can be liar, your mum can’t be liar. Rohan says you both are liars, you lied about goal, mum lies many times about you and imaginary friend. Vikram asks imaginary friend, did you see. Rohan says many times, when I ask with whom was she talking, she says no one. Vikram ties his shoe lace. Rohan asks will you see second half. Vikram says yes. Rohan says liar. Vikram says I had work. Rohan asks him to go, I also have work on fields. Vikram wishes him good luck. Rohan goes.

Shobha comes to Vikram. He says I have work. She says nothing changed, family comes after work. He says its not like that. She says don’t lie. He asks her to stop lying. She asks what do you mean. He goes.

Vikram goes to his room. Imaan comes to meet Vikram. Sartaj reaches there and stops Imaan. Imaan asks what are you doing. Sartaj says you can’t meet Vikram. Imaan says you told me to say truth to Vikram, so that Lala’s threatenings stop. Sartaj says it will be disaster. Sartaj takes Imaan to basement. The man says there is work going on in basement. Imaan says Lala is threatening me. Sartaj says you don’t know it, I have fixed the bomb, Lala called me, now matter ends. Imaan gets shocked.

Imaan and Sartaj have a fight. Sartaj injures Imaan and leaves. He keeps a bag in car dickey.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Eager to watch the upcoming episodes…the suspense is getting higher everyday.. What are they actually hiding??

  2. I think they killed co Indian prisoners in Pakistan.. but still eagerly waiting…

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