POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nazneen getting welcomed by organizers. The man says I will not let you go back to India. Nazneen asks sorry. The lady Ishita also books room on Nazneen’s floor, and says Nazneen and I are good friends. Nazneen says we are emotional about our country. Vikram calls agent and worries. Imaan and Sartaj wait. Lala is brought to Karachi General hospital.

Doctor says Lala has finally come. The lady says Afreen has sent us reports, but we have to check all reports and then start treatment. Siddhant asks about hospital security. The man assures him that we will secure Lala, so Malik has come here. Malik says even medicines will be checked first. Siddhant signs his men. Siddhant goes with council men. Siddhant says Lala, they came to greet you. Lala says no, they came

to bid me bye, they want to rule here. Siddhant shuts the door. He looks out of window.

Nazneen gets a local sim. The man says if you need anything, you can inform me, the team will be there for your security, is that okay. She says yes. The lady comes and says I m following you, I m in opposite room, we will meet again. Nazneen goes to her room. The lady gets a gun and loads it. Nazneen checks the room with frequency detector for any hidden camera or anything else. She does not find anything. She sits to talk to Shaira and Ayaan. Vikram tries finding agent’s location. He tells Imaan about Nazneen contacting them. Nazneen says I did not get anything here. Vikram says none can trace our talk. She asks can I speak to my kids now. Imaan calls Ayaan and Shaira. Nazneen smiles seeing them. She apologizes to them.

Ayaan asks when are you coming back. She says soon. She talks to Harleen and asks her to take care of Ayaan and Shaira. Vikram asks did anything contact you. She says no, just reporters. He says be alert, like you smartly sent message to him, he will also try to send you message, remember you can be tracked, don’t leave any proof, are you giving security. She says yes. He says maybe they are given to keep an eye on you, don’t trust anyone. He asks what’s the use to go in fest. She says I did not come to sit in room, I will be room, don’t worry.

Sartaj asks what now. Vikram says wait for Siddhant. Afreen is with Lala. She says aunty wants to come, I asked her to come later, but you have to meet her, everyone is waiting about you, do you have any work. He nods and says I have to make a phone call. She asks him to go. She says we will visit the mosque, I want to pray for dad’s welfare and your support. He looks at her. She says I will be together as of now, you be together after coming back. He kisses her and leaves.

The lady sees Nazneen. She prays and waits for the incense stick smoke to ring the alarm. The fire alarm rings. The lady shouts fire and runs out to call for help. She asks the man to get the card from reception. She goes inside Nazneen’s room. Nazneen leaves. The lady checks the room. She gets a call and says there is nothing to doubt on her, maybe she came to attend Lit fest. Yusuf says wait, check well, I will do some work. He says I think Nazneen’s death is written in my hand. The man gets her room’s card. She gets inside her room. He asks what will happen if you blow incense stick. She says sorry.

Siddhant reaches the hotel for the Lit fest. He gets checked and proceeds. The man begins the fest and introduces Nazneen. Everyone watch the interview. The man welcomes Nazneen. She thanks everyone. She says I m getting recipes and love from here. Yusuf also comes to attend thee fest and sees the lady he hired. Siddhant looks on.

Vikram says no, I could not contact agent, maybe there is something wrong. Duggal says wait for some time. Vikram says I think we should drop this mission, danger will get high, trust me. Duggal says don’t be stupid, Nazneen went ahead, did you tell this to Imaan. Vikram says no.

The man asks Nazneen why did she write this book. She says in memory of someone special. He asks about Imaan, we know he was captive for 17 years here, so maybe you did not wish to come here, how did you come then. She sees Siddhant in the crowd and says I want to change inner hatred, I will take zaika/taste from here. Everyone clap for her. Siddhant hides from Yusuf.

Nazneen gives autographs. The man says you can call me if you need anything, we will meet tomorrow. Yusuf comes there and greets Nazneen. She goes with the security guard. Yusuf follows her. She gets bit tensed. She rushes inside her room. Yusuf gets a gun and sees the guards. He turns and gets shocked seeing Siddhant there.

Yusuf says I heard Siddhant red handed, he went to meet Imaan’s wife. Lala and Afreen see Siddhant. Shaira says none should know about Avi. Imaan asks Nazneen not to open the door. The lady comes with the gun. Nazneen checks the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. The serial is going in jet speed now. Very thrilling episode. All actors are playing their part excellently.Hope Lala changes his mind and helps Sid to escape from Pakistan along with Afreen (She looks cute as well as innocent) and Naaz.

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