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The Episode starts with Vikram coming to a school. He sees his son coming out of the school. His son says I m deaf, nit idiot, my mumma is coming to pick me today. Vikram’s wife comes and picks their son. She sees Vikram and leaves with their son. Vikram sees their pic.

Imaan and Nazneen’s interview is going to happen for the magazine. Shaira collides with Abhi and scolds him. She asks why are you staring. He says I was not staring. He calls Payal. Ayaan collides with him and goes to Imaan. He asks where is Nazneen. He asks do I have to wear this. She says no, its fine. He says thank God and leaves. Imaan asks Abhi to wait and shuts the door. He tries talking to Nazneen. Shaira comes and says everyone is waiting. Nazneen says shall we talk later, come. Imaan recalls Nazneen’s

words and is disturbed. He thinks of Nandini.

They all pose for family pics. Nazneen and everyone smile. Imaan sits worried. Harleen thinks of Veera’s words and Indira. Sartaj comes to room and sees Harleen. She says Veera’s sister is coming, they will visit us. He says fine. She ,says I have to show something, Bau ji says we should gift shagun, shall I give this silver coin. He says fine, why are you asking me. She says you are family, you should know this, you can gift mango crate to Indira, but you should have said once, its fine.

Sartaj holds her and gives her chits which he wrote for her. He says I know I wanted to tell you, I do mistakes and hurt your heart, I agree, but we gave mangoes from our side. She says sorry. He says one more thing, I could not tell you, I give gift to anyone, it will be from both of us, Sartaj and his wife Harleen…. She cries. He kisses her and gets close. Harleen’s imagination ends when Sartaj comes inside the room. He says I had to say something, I gave mango crates to Indira as gift. She smiles and says its fine. Vikram is at cafe. Shobha calls him. He says yes I reached.

Shobha comes to meet him. An old man sees them. Shobha greets the man. He says you are Shobha, I m glad you both came, what will you have. She says same. He says fine. Vikram says same for me. The man goes. She asks why did you come school. He says to meet Rohan. She says I raised Rohan with love and tried that he does not miss his father. I will always do this. He says what wrong did I do for Rohan, he is my son, maybe I m wrong for you. She says maybe, I lost my brother. He says Sid was my regiment officer too. She says Rohan is young and he has own war to fight. He says I have seen, normal school, normal friends, he feels bad when sign language is used, he does lip sync. She says I request you don’t come close to Rohan. He stops her and gives a gift for Rohan’s birthday. He says sorry, it got late. She says don’t make it more difficult and leaves. He recalls Imaan, Ayaan and Indira.

Indira takes Sartaj’s interview and asks what is most important for him, for what can he give his life. He says I gave my life, Lord gave me life again, I love my country. She says I have more questions. She thinks to get all info Sartaj is hiding. Harleen says Sartaj gave you mangoes to say thanks, and you returned it, but I found a way to make it your gift, mango lassi. Veera smiles and asks do you want ice. Indira says no.

Abhi says I had fun, everything went well. Abhi shares the cake to Shaira, when Nazneen does not give her. Shaira says Abhi is offering me his cake. Nazneen asks don’t you want. He says I want it. Salim sees Imaan talking to Nazneen and stops him, saying sorry, its urgent. Imaan says I want to talk to Nazneen, why are you stopping me. Salim asks why do you want to say about Nandini. Imaan says I wrote letter for Nazneen and wrote about Nandini, now I feel she did not read that letter. Salim asks how would she read it, I had that letter. Imaan gets shocked.

Indira tells Sartaj will get away from his family now. Vikram says don’t make him completely away. Nazneen asks Imaan what was he saying about letter. Indira tries getting close to Sartaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dont want imaan to be a bad husband and nazneen left her by knowing nandinis truth….let imaan tell naaz about nandini by himself…..and naaz will forgive him…..please dnt make imaan like sartaz ….he is a ungrateful man…he is not loyal to harleen……so harleen should deserve better…..but imaan ko yaar accha husbandhi rahne do….ar nazneen usse maaf kr ke srf usse hi pyar kare salim se nhi ….ar if possible to ye bhi ho jaye k imaan ar nandini ke bich kch hua hi na ho…..nhi to fir unka koi baccha na ho…..

    1. Fiction fan Anu

      I want the same! Sarah se toh kchh achha nai expect kr skte par please Imaan ki life mein koi problem na aae kyunki vo toh jaise aaya hai tabse family ke lie hi kuchh na kuchh Kar Raha hai!

      1. Fiction fan Anu

        Not Sarah… Sorry *Sartaj

  2. Imaan will not tell the truth, Naaz will show her love towards imaan, he feels guilty of what he did. And, This nandini yu lost respect. She lure sartaj I pity for harleen. Shez so good.
    Pls dear writer don’t make this story as bakwas like other serials.
    I hate nandini, shameless lady.

  3. The show is going great…especiqlly that of imaan’s family.But nandini’s entry makes it complicated hope she doesn’t create problems for imaan…and also RITA it imaan too was a in yhe scene so if rita is shameless then imaan too is.Also bring some love and romance in heart of sartaj for harleen yaar.plllllz…

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