POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imaan asking Nazneen to get down the flight, I m coming airport to pick you. She says I have decided this, I m getting security. He says its very dangerous, you know what happened with us and Salim. She says exactly, I m doing this for Salim, I m helping NSA, I supported you in doing everything for country, now its my turn, take care of children. She ends call.

She sees Salim’s pic and recalls Salim. Naina mere…..plays…….. She thinks of all the old times. She hugs his pic. Imaan and Sartaj come to meet Vikram. Vikram says you want to know why I have sent Nazneen. Imaan asks who are you, are you sick to use Salim to convince Nazneen, Ayaan told me you came to meet her. Vikram says I just told her truth and gave her reason to choose right path.

Imaan says who are you to show her right path, this is my family, my life, you are doing this for Siddhant, you can’t sacrifice my family for your family. Vikram says did I do so, you got Siddhant’s news, you came to accept you killed Siddhant, was he not my relative that time, Siddhant is a soldier for me, don’t tell me that I sacrificed your family for my family. Sartaj stops Imaan.

He says Vikram is right, but sending Nazneen to Karachi alone is very risky, think being in Imaan’s place. Vikram says there is 100% security cover for Nazneen, which even she does not know, our agent will inform us. Imaan says I want to become part of this team, I want her news. Vikram says sorry, I will try, she will just pass message. Sartaj says to Siddhant. Shobha comes and hears this. She asks what about Siddhant…..

Imaan says nothing, we are helping Vikram in opening a trust by Siddhant’s name. She says its good, why did you not tell me. Vikram says I wanted to tell on right time, I have to meet and go to Imaan’s house. The lady says its Nazneen, she looks beautiful, she makes such good food on tv. The man says I don’t watch tv. The lady meets Nazneen and says I m your big fan, I watch your show. Nazneen sees the man. She talks to the lady. He sends the air hostess to stop the lady. The air hostess asks the lady to go back to her seat. Vikram’s team does all the setup in Imaan’s house. He says just Imaan and Sartaj can stay here and get control room updates, no info can go out. Imaan asks Harleen and Sartaj to take rest. Nazneen thinks of Vikram’s words.

Afreen sees Lala fallen on ground and calls out her mum. Doctor checks Lala. He says his state is getting bad. Lala says I won’t go hospital. Doctor says try to understand, you need to be in big hospital, Afreen do anything fast, Lahore and Karachi have two big hospitals. Siddhant says Karachi is far, we will go Lahore. Yusuf asks which one is better. Doctor says Karachi. Yusuf says then we will go Karachi. Siddhant says but its far. Afreen says we will go Karachi. Siddhant goes.

Nazneen lands in Karachi. Vikram gets the satellite images. He gets agent’s call. Agent informs him that they landed. Vikram says Nazneen is fine. Imaan gets relieved. Reporters stop celebrities and also Nazneen. Vikram, Imaan and Sartaj see Nazneen on tv. Nazneen gives her interview. Siddhant also sees her interview. She says I came to take something from here, hatred is big word, I don’t hate anything. Shaira and Ayaan also see her on tv. Vikram says well done. Nazneen says I want to take Zaika, music and other things from here. She says I remember a song lyrics, Aave mere naal…… Siddhant hears this and gets her sign. Nazneen says I have come here and will take something along me for sure.

Siddhant is leaving with Lala and Afreen. Yusuf says all arrangements are done in Karachi, I will stay back here. The agent tells Vikram that he is going. The lady asks him did he see photo or video. She says there is something stuck and applies something to his neck. She gets someone’s call and says work is done. She goes. Agent sees blood on his neck and worries. Nazneen goes ahead. She leaves in the car. Vikram says our agent is with Nazneen like shadow, nothing to worry.

Nazneen is welcomed. The lady says I m following you. Nazneen checks the room. She talks to Ayaan and Shaira. Lala is taken to hospital. Yusuf walks to Nazneen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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