POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Salim telling Shaira that Imaan saved her, Imaan would have given her much love if he was with her before. Imaan cries and stands outside. Salim says you can test him, he will not fail, as you are fighting with a truth, none can fail truth, Imaan is your dad. Abhi and Imaan hear Salim. Salim says don’t think Imaan was away for 17 years, he wants to give you and Ayaan that happiness, stop worrying for me and Nazneen, we can find out happiness, our happiness is in keeping family united. He makes Shaira smile. Salim and Mrs. Khan leave. Nazneen hugs Shaira and says Imaan loves you very much, remember this. Shaira nods.

Mrs. Khan praises Salim and says I m so proud of you. Nazneen thanks Salim. Ayaan tells Shaira that Imaan slapped Vineet. Shaira says he is solid,

he has beaten up Vikram in morning and Vineet in evening. Indira comes downstairs and asks everyone why are you all staring like this, will you make me leave. Bau ji says no, you did big favor on us. She asks what did I do. Harleen asks why are you hiding, Sodhi said you complaint for petrol pump. Indira says oh, it was not a favor, its Sartaj’s favor. Satpal happily thanks her. Indira asks Sartaj to say anything. Sartaj asks how, your camera is not on. They laugh. Indira smiles seeing Sartaj.

Nazneen asks can’t Shaira get discharged today, its her birthday tomorrow. The man says you can talk to hospital incharge. Salim says it means birthday will be in hospital. Ayaan says Shaira is calling Imaan. Imaan gets surprised and goes to her. Nazneen and Salim wait outside. Shaira says everyone is trying to explain me that you are great, but what shall I do, I don’t like you, I feel my life has got a problem, and that problem is you, tell me what shall I do. Imaan asks her to just relax, if I can’t give you happiness, I will not snatch it, chill. He goes and sees Salim and Nazneen at the door. Shaira calls Imaan as Abbu and thanks him. Imaan cries. Nazneen smiles and hugs Shaira.

Sartaj and family come to the petrol pump foundation function. Indira comes in traditional clothes. Sartaj smiles seeing her. They all sit and pray. Sartaj goes and breaks the coconut as per rituals to start the petrol pump.

Everyone celebrate Shaia’s birthday in the hospital and sing birthday song. Nazneen and Imaan get the cake. Shaira cuts the cake. They all have cake and party. Imaan records them. Shaira calls him and feeds the cake. Bau ji feeds sweets to Sartaj. They all take a family pic.

Indira tries to pluck a mango from the tree. Sartaj sees her and smiles. Shaira likes Payal’s gift. Imaan gifts an photo album to Shaira with an old pic. Nazneen asks how did you get this pic. Imaan says I got it printed by the photo studio, whom I have the pic to develop that time. Shaira likes it. Harleen asks Satpal about Indira. Indira gets the mango crate with a thank you note. She gets glad and smiles. Sartaj sees her. She messages Vikram.

Vikram sees his wife and son’s pic. Salim sings and they all celebrate. Mrs. Khan says we should do something grand, maybe wedding. Salim says don;t look at me. Shaira gives idea of Imaan and Nazneen’s marriage. Imaan says rubbish idea, Nazneen say something. Salim looks on. Nazneen says I think its good idea. Salim says Imaan and Nazneen will marry again. Imaan sees them. Doctor Nandini Kapoor comes and greets them. She says Imaan Khan, its quite a while…. Imaan looks at her. Nazneen asks do you both know each other.

Nazneen asks Imaan did your memories get fresh meeting Nandini. Vikram tells Indira that she should not do anything wrong with Sartaj, we just have to get info. Indira talks to Sartaj. Imaan says I left a letter for you before going for Kargil. Nazneen says yes and recalls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am scared.. even everything is turning out good problems are landing

  2. Fiction fan Anu

    How did everything become almost perfect…Kya ye toofan ke pehle ki shanti hai?

  3. This serial is so engaging and even picturisation is too too good… After my siya ke ram this serial is the only one which got my curiosity. …

  4. . There is no place of narial breaking in sikhism infront of guru granth sahib ji.. only ardas we have done before starting something new ..director first should be get aware from rules then shoot ..otherwise someone definitely sue you for this.

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