POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imaan throwing her bag. He throws the sim. Harleen is still inside the car. Imaan comes to hospital. Ayaan asks why is your phone switched off, Salim…. Imaan goes to Nazneen and hugs her. He thanks her. Salim’s surgery goes on. Everyone wait outside. Doctor comes and says surgery was successful. They all get relieved. Imaan asks can we see him. Doctor says I will inform you when he gets conscious. Imaan hugs Shaira. He sees Nazneen crying. Mrs. Khan hugs Nazneen. Imaan consoles Nazneen.

Shaira and Abhi leave from hospital. They have a talk on the way. He says everything will get fine. She asks how do you know. He says I have a strong feeling. She says I hope it turns true. She smiles hearing about icecream on radio. She says every child has icecream stories,

its fun to have icecream in winter, Salim used to get our fav icecreams every day, those days were nice. Abhi smiles and stops car at icecream stall. He gets icecream for her. She smiles.

Satpal asks someone for Sartaj. Sartaj comes home. Satpal runs to him and asks where did you go, we have checked pind, Harleen…. Sartaj says don’t question like Harleen, what happened to her. Satpal says Harleen….. Sartaj worries. Harleen cries and looks outside the car. She shouts for help. Veera says Indira lied you are not with her. Sartaj says she was saying true, I went to her, she was not at home. Satpal gets a call and gets angry. Sartaj asks what happened. Satpal says a guy said Harleen is in danger, she is on highway. Sartaj recalls tortures. He takes phone and asks Satpal to take care of house. He leaves. Harleen cries. Sartaj is on the way and calls her.

Imaan says Naz, I have hidden a lot about you, I disappeared suddenly, but today I would have made big mistake if you did not call. Ayaan says Salim got conscious. They rush. Sartaj sees Harleen locked in the car. She sees him and holds the glass. She imagines him. Sartaj is still on his way.

Everyone meet Salim. Nazneen asks how are you feeling. Salim says happy. They smile. Salim asks his mom who is best son. She holds his hand. He sees Imaan and reminds old things. He laughs and coughs. Shaira goes to him. Salim says this time, dad for sure. He gets unwell and bleeds in cough. Imaan asks are you okay and calls doctor. Doctor checks Salim. Everyone is sent out of the ward. Nazneen cries.

Sartaj reaches Harleen. He sees her unconscious. He breaks the glass and gets inside the car via window. He gets her out and pumps her heart. Salim is given cardio shocks. Sartaj revives Harleen by CPR. Nazneen goes inside the ward and sees Salim. Salim says choice is clear now and smiles. Nazneen says I have to say something, I…. Salim says I always knew it. Sartaj hugs Harleen and cries. Salim’s pulse goes flat. Nazneen cries. Imaan looks on and cries.

Everyone cry for Salim’s death and carry out his funeral. Sartaj hugs Ayaan. Akhri mod pe……plays………. Imaan shoulders Salim’s funeral.

Update Credit to: Amena

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