POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imaan saying I have to meet Duggal. The guard says sorry, you can’t meet without appointment. Imaan shows his ID and says I m squadron leader Imaan Khan. Guard says I identified you, sorry. Imaan says just 2 mins. Guard says fine, I will check car. Lala calls Imaan and says I gave wrong lead to media to help you, see if Duggal reached. Duggal comes and sees Imaan. Imaan greets him and says I got bouquet for you, I wanted to say thanks. Duggal says how sweet, sit in my car. Imaan says my car. Duggal says guard will get it come.

Imaan gets inside his car. They enter NSA. Sartaj rings door bell and knocks. Neighbor says she maybe not at home. Sartaj nods. Satpal tries to find Sartaj. Harleen gets Nazneen’s call. Nazneen asks did Sartaj come. Harleen says no,

we don’t know where did he go, I will call you. Nazneen says fine, thanks. Satpal says Sartaj was seen near bus stand.

Harleen calls Indira and asks about Sartaj. Indira says he is not here. Harleen says family is worried. Indira gives her address and asks her to come home and check. She ends call. Vikram calls Indira and says I saw news report from outside NSA, I felt I have seen Imaan. Indira says I will just check. Shobha looks on. Vikram goes to Rohan. He gets call. Bau ji asks Harleen to take Satpal along. Harleen says no need, I will check Indira’s place.

Nazneen tells Mrs. Khan that Imaan and Sartaj are gone, they are not answering, we are in trouble. A man looks on. Guard tells Imaan about his car parked. Duggal asks Imaan about Salim. Imaan says his surgery is going on. Duggal says you are here, what’s wrong. Imaan says I came to talk about him. Duggal says don’t worry.

Lala asks Imaan will you die there. Imaan says there are some complications, I need to go. He leaves. Vikram gets news that Imaan is missing. Vikram says my doubt was right. He tells Rohan that they will meet after 2-3 days, promise. He goes.

Vikram calls Duggal and asks him not to allow Imaan, he is dangerous. Duggal asks when will you change, enough, show yourself to psychiatrist. He ends call. Imaan goes to his car. Lala calls him. Imaan asks if you think you could kill me and end NSA together, why are you sending me safely.

Lala says this is the plan, we don’t want to kill you and Duggal, new minister is coming to NSA, keep mouth shut, else next time, your daughter, mother or wife…. Harleen is on the way to Delhi. Some men see her and trouble. They scare her and hit her car. She sides her car on the road edge and worries. Imaan recalls Nazneen, Salim and family.

Nazneen calls him. He says sorry, I was busy in work. She asks what was the work that you could not come for Salim’s surgery. He says sorry, I will say on right time. She says if it gets late, what will you do, listen to me, Salim told me before surgery about you. She tells Salim’s words. She says I don’t know what’s happening with you, we all are with you, don’t hide anything, we are your strength, not weakness. She ends call.

Harleen’s car doors get jammed. She tries to get out of the car. Imaan takes the bomb and keeps it far somewhere. He recalls Nazneen’s words. He throws the bomb in the sea. Harleen sits worried.

Sartaj sees Harleen locked in the air and breaks glass to get her out. Abhi says everything will be fine. Shaira asks how. Imaan says I would have made big mistake if you did not call. Doctor says Salim’s surgery was successful. Nazneen asks how are you feeling. Salim says happy. Salim coughs and bleeds. Imaan and everyone panic seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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