POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imaan calling Nazneen. Call does not connect. Sartaj calls Imaan and asks about Nazneen. Imaan says there is some confusion, I m trying to call Nazneen, she will never say yes. Sartaj says that’s what I was thinking and ends call. Imaan leaves. Nazneen is on the way and says how can you decide such big thing Shaira, joke is not easy, Imaan was POW there, you made his wounds fresh. Shaira argues. Nazneen asks her to shut up.

Army officer says we can drop our troopers across LOC, gun fire will happen at three spots, the problem is without war fare, its difficult to reach Lala’s area. Vikram says I can understand, Siddhant is 30 km away. Officer says its difficult mission, but we don’t leave buddies and bodies behind. Duggal gets a call and goes to answer.

Duggal says many soldiers can lose life to save one soldier, we can fall in big problem. Vikram says home minister can explain, we are not violating international borders, we are crossing LOC, can’t we go in our territory and get our soldier. Duggal says we can, Vikram one min come.

They go out. Duggal says its LOC crossing, forget this, this won’t happen, I have an idea. Afreen and Lala see Nazneen’s interview on tv. Siddhant comes there. Afreen goes. Siddhant sits with Lala. Lala says council is very happy, they liked the plan, till when will you get all info. Siddhant says one or two weeks. Yusuf comes and says just one day, I thought to help Siddhant, we will get all info tomorrow. He goes.

Nazneen says I m not going. Imaan asks passport. Shaira says its my mistake, I have sent mom’s passport without asking. Imaan asks do you understand why I m refusing. Shaira says I did not understand that time, I understand now. Imaan apologizes to Nazneen. She says I have taken this decision for myself too, get the passport. Shaira goes to check at the door. Vikram comes to meet Imaan. He says I have to talk to you and Nazneen.

Nazneen asks what is this about. Vikram asks did you hear about Siddhant, something happened in past few days which Imaan knows, I want to tell you also. He tells about Siddhant asking for help. She asks is he alive. Imaan nods. Vikram says he wants our help, we have to reach him, so I came here, we want someone contacting Siddhant on our behalf, and right now that’s…. Imaan says there can’t be anyone better than Nazneen right. Vikram nods.

The man calls Yusuf and says I got all details, I m on the way, I will reach close to haveli and call you. Yusuf says don’t come here, meet me outside. He says no on can help Siddhant now. Vikram says just Nazneen can help Siddhant. Imaan says you are out of your mind. Vikram says RAW has explored all options, safest option is Nazneen, she is celebrity and is invited there. Imaan says sleeper cells can be activate, take some time. Vikram says there is no time, our officer will always keep an eye on Nazneen, its min risk and max gain mission. Imaan asks since when defence started using civilians, Nazneen won’t go anywhere. Vikram says I had no option and had to come here, anyways its your decision. Nazneen says its my decision.

Lala asks Siddhant when can you do the mission, Yusuf said you can’t sit calm. Siddhant says I know, none can come between me and my target. Afreen asks what were you talking. Siddhant says we will say. He takes Lala.

Imaan asks what are you saying Nazneen. She says i understand your fear and concerns, I refused in interview, but I should help NSA for country, I don’t know dangers, but why not to help POW like you. Imaan says I will go, not you. Vikram says you won’t get permission to go there. Imaan says Nazneen will go in Lit fest, I will go there as her husband and do your work, she said her decision, and I said mine, now the ball is in your court.

Duggal says this can’t happen Vikram. Vikram says Imaan is with me, he is clear, he wants to go with Nazneen. Duggal says Nazneen’s visa can get cancelled, this can’t happen, we can’t lose this chance, relations are really bad, you have to convince Imaan any way. Vikram puts phone on speaker. Duggal says Imaan will not get visa, we have no option than to send Nazneen, better get to work. Vikram ends call and says the ball is back in your court. Imaan requests Nazneen. Nazneen says I m sorry.

Vikram messages Duggal that Nazneen said no. The man informs Duggal about some movement. Siddhant asks Yusuf to get info for him. Yusuf’s man is stopped. He says I got apples for relatives. He proceeds. Duggal shows the man’s pic to Vikram, and says he is Yusuf’s informer, he was seen on our side of LOC. Vikram says their target is corporate world, or big businessman. Duggal says he took all info there, something big is going to happen.

The man meets Yusuf and says I got all info, even apples. Yusuf walks to him. There happens a blast. The men fall away. Afreen hears the sound and calls out Siddhant. She finds him sleeping and sleeps. Siddhant is awake and gets a call. The man tells him that he did the work. Siddhant gets up to leave. She says blast happened. He says I heard, its far, none can dare to do it near haveli. She asks are you and Lala hiding anything. He recalls Lala’s words. Siddhant’s man has put the bomb in apple crate. Yusuf gets injured. Siddhant leaves to offer prayers. Yusuf screams.

Yusuf and Siddhant have a fight. Yusuf says you tried to kill me. Siddhant beats up Yusuf. Vikram says Nazneen won’t go. Govind says maybe you did not try your best. Vikram meets Nazneen and says sorry to come at this time, but I had to say something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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