POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 3rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Indira showing the documentary to Vikram. He says you got inside the house. She says some more days, I will reach near Sartaj. He asks her to be careful, work is not easy. He says if it was easy, you would have not chosen top agent of intelligence bureau. He asks the plan. She says once I win Sartaj’s trust, I will get all info which he is hiding from us. He says good job Kirti. She smiles and leaves. Imaan and Abhi are on the way with Shaira. Imaan calls Nazneen and asks is Shaira allergic to some medicine. Nazneen says no, I will ask Salim. He says fine, tell me fast. Imaan takes care of Shaira. She vomits some foam. Imaan asks Abhi to drive fast.

Indira comes back to Sartaj’s house. She sees Harleen repairing cooler. Harleen says you will not like the heat,

I m repairing cooler for you. She says Sartaj started smiling, its good his pain is getting less. Indira says once his pain reason is known, it will be good. Harleen says I know, he is idle, he should get busy, govt. Promised petrol pump and did not give him, he felt bad. Indira worries as her laptop is on. Harleen goes. Indira closes Sartaj and Imaan’s info files. She says petrol pump.

Imaan takes Shaira to the hospital. He worries for her. Doctor treats Shaira. Nazneen and Salim come there and ask what happened. Abhi says its drug overdose, she is in ICU, she is serious. Imaan says her stomach is flushed. Doctor comes and says drug overdose is serious thing, we can’t tell anything. Ayaan and Mrs. Khan also come. Ayaan says Shaira can’t take drugs, she knows her limits. Doctor asks them to do police case or shall we book case from our side. Imaan says we will do.

Imaan says Shaira did not take drugs, Vineet has given her drugs. Vineet’s dad tells police that Vineet did not give drugs to her, he is MP’s son. Inspector says Shaira is Imaan Khan’s daughter, he is airforce officer, I can’t help, arrest Vineet. His dad scolds Vineet.

Harleen comes to Indira when she is calling to Vikram. Harleen says sorry. Indira says interview will go on for more days. Vikram says I will wait, bye. Harleen says food is ready, we will serve you when you say. Insira says no mins and shuts doors. She calls Vikram. Vikram says lets start with Sartaj.

Everyone wait outside the ward. Abhi gets snacks for everyone. Salim goes to Imaan. Imaan says Shaira was missing you. Salim and Imaan worry seeing Shaira. Doctor comes and says she is stable now. Nazneen thanks him. Imaan says I guess you all should go home. Mrs. Khan says I will stay. Nazneen says I will stay, take Ayaan home. Salim, Mrs. Khan and Ayaan leave. Imaan thanks Abhi for the help. Abhi says not at all, take care of your health. Imaan sees Shaira’s pic and cries. Nazneen hugs him. He goes to Shaira and stays by her side.

Sartaj and Arjun spend time. Harleen says Veera is calling Arjun. Arjun goes. Sartaj goes to shut door. He sees Indira. She removes her jacket and turns to remove her tshirt. Sartaj turns away. Its morning, Sodi comes to meet Bau ji and Satpal. Sodi says Sartaj did a lot for country, we could not respect him, petrol pump is granted to Sartaj, take the application papers. Bau ji says its affect of Harleen’s words. Sartaj smiles seeing Harleen. Sodi says no, Indira is making film on Sartaj, she did our complaint. Bau ji blesses her. Harleen hears this and sees Indira. Indira calls Vikram and says there was no shortcut than this to win trust, now wait and watch.

Nazneen and Salim see Imaan sleeping in the ward. Everyone come to see Shaira. Shaira gets conscious. Salim holds her hand. Imaan wakes up and goes. Shaira says you saved me again. Salim says not me, Imaan, your dad saved you. Shaira gets shocked. Imaan stays outside.

Shaira says everyone is explaining me that you are great, but I don’t like you. Sartaj sends a thank you note for Indira. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mou choudhury

    Love this show! Its so real after all those boring seriels…

  2. this shaira is too much . why does she not understand the fact that iman is her father . it is true that saleem took care of the family when iman was in pakistani jail . but it does not mean that she has to give affection to him , she is not doing that . but she can atleast not hurt him by saying bitter words . hope the father-daughter get united soon . before i used to like sartaj-harleen more but now i like iman-naz more . this show is such a unique one . not like normal saas-bahu drama , but sadly such shows dont get more trp and go off air soon . but the shows which have saas bahu dramas go on for more than 750 episodes ,

    1. True .I love this show .I like both couples but doesn’t like shaira meaningless behavior though Salim tok care of them but she calls him chachu not dad right then why should she behave so weird .. Father is father whether he is with you or not ..

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