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The Episode starts with Vikram and Indira/Kirti evaluating Imaan’s moves. She says instructions will be passed till work is done. He says who can make the phone calls. They talk about the risk involved in Imaan and Sartaj’s case, if they are with ISI, then why did Salim’s accident happen. Vikram says maybe they are doing late and getting threatened. She says who can do this, it has to be someone who know them well, their family background, weakness, strengths. Vikram recalls Lala and says there is just one person Lala.

Abhi and Ayaan come to Shaira and Mrs. Khan. Abhi says Salim will be taken for surgery, did you see Imaan. Shaira goes and asks Abhi what are you doing in hospital, did you leave job to waste time here. He asks why are you annoyed, that I did not go job or I m here.

She asks why do you care for my family, what’s bond with us. He says when person likes someone, heart starts caring on own. She asks whom do you like. He smiles. She says be careful, Imaan and Salim will not leave you, thanks. She goes.

Nazneen sees Imaan. Imaan asks her not to ask answers, as I don’t want to lie, I will say myself when I want. She says I worry for you, when loved one goes wrong, he is stopped to get help. Imaan says none can help me, not even myself. He goes.

Imaan calls Sartaj. Harleen answers call and asks how is Salim. Imaan says he is better, his operation is today, where is Sartaj. She says he is not here, I will make him talk to you, since he met you and came, he is restless and asked everyone to stay at home, is everything fine. He says yes, Sartaj gets tensed soon, after Salim’s accident, he is scared for family, don’t worry, he will get fine soon. She ends call. Imaan sees Salim.

Sartaj goes to Gurudwara and prays. He recalls Indira. The man says you should lighten heart and share things, you will atleast get courage, if not aid. Sartaj says you are saying right, maybe its time that I say truth to everyone. He goes. Indira asks how will we prove anything. Vikram says we can’t prove, all calls can’t be traced. They discuss about Imaan’s moves. He says I think its bigger than terror attack. She says then we should arrest Imaan. He says no, its family issues, he is country’s hero, it will be big issue, Lala will also know and plan something. He says you should interrogate Imaan. He says you don’t know Imaan, I know, its difficult. She says then we have to change plan. He asks what do you mean.

Nazneen worries for Salim. Doctor says we are shifting Salim for operation, you can meet him. Nazneen thanks doctor. Imaan gets a call and leaves. She looks on. Imaan asks what do you want now. Lala says its your need, not mine, I have a small work, its time for some people to go, there is a key kept for you at hospital reception. Imaan takes the package. Lala says there is car parked in basement. Imaan says its wrong, I will not do this. Lala says you have to do this, else car will blast in hospital basement, than NSA office.

Imaan says I will be caught. Lala says I will tell some way, you won’t be caught, take the car. Imaan gets keys and goes to basement, while Salim is taken for hospital. Salim removes mask and tells Nazneen that whatever Imaan does is for other’s happiness, none knows him better than me, if Imaan hides anything, understand he is thinking for all of us, remember this, don’t find secret behind Imaan’s silence, find the reason. Imaan sees the bomb in the car and gets shocked. Salim drops his hand.

Shobha talks alone, assuming Sid is with her. Vikram comes and asks with whom with are you talking. She says no one, I was practicing for test. Harleen asks about Sartaj. Indira says no movement, Imaan is at hospital. Indira keeps an eye on Imaan. Imaan worries seeing the bomb.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. POW is going too slow ..hating the level of speed in the show .but can’t take my eye off it … Imaan has to soon backfire the plan of lala …fingers crossed …

  2. Superfast update ..! : )

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