POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imaan checking the car dicky. He gets shocked seeing the bomb. He recalls Nazneen’s words. Salim’s operation goes on. Nazneen sees him. Indira keeps an eye on Imaan. Imaan leaves in the car. Ambulance comes in between. Indira misses to see him. Vikram comes to meet Rohan. Indira gets his call. She says there is no movement, Imaan is still inside hospital. He asks her to keep an eye. He goes inside house and sees Shobha talking. She says when love turns to hatred, it can’t change back to love. He looks around and asks to whom are you talking. She says no one, I was practising for test, shall I call Rohaan, sit.

Nazneen calls Sartaj. Harleen answers. Nazneen asks about Sartaj. Harleen says he forgot phone at home. Imaan called some time back, is everything

fine. Nazneen says Imaan’s phone is off. Harleen says maybe there is no signal, wait I will try. She calls Imaan. He disconnects. Harleen says his phone is ringing, but he disconnected. Ayaan tries and says no, its switched off. Nazneen asks her to tell Imaan’s number saved in Sartaj’s phone. Harleen gives number. Nazneen says Imaan changed number. Harleen says I spoke to him on this number. Nazneen says tell Sartaj to talk to me. Harleen says fine and ends call.

Harleen asks Satpal and check for Sartaj. He says but he asked us not to come out of house. She says you go and check, call me after reaching there. He leaves. Imaan gets Lala’s call. Lala and Imaan have an argument. Lala asks her to buy a bouquet and have some reason to go NSA. Imaan goes to buy a bouquet. He recalls his family. He takes bouquet and leaves.

Rohan dines with Shobha and Vikram. He says mom made food, we will play a game. Shobha asks him to have food. Rohan asks them to answer his questions. He tries to get their answers and asks them to answer instantly. Rohan asks what’s most imp in the world. Vikram and Shobha say Rohan. Rohan says last one. He asks whom do you love equal to Rohan. Vikram and Shobha say Sid. Rohan says both answers are same, made for each other. Shobha sees Vikram. Rohan says we shall have food now. Vikram gets Indira’s call. She says there is no movement till now. He ends call and thinks why is there no movement.

Nazneen goes out and asks security guard about Imaan. He says I don’t remember, if you say car number, I can help. She says I don’t know number. He asks her to take help from cctv footage room. Veera asks Harleen not to worry. Satpal comes home and says I did not get Sartaj, the man at Gurudwara said Sartaj came there, I will find him.

Sartaj reaches Indira’s house and recalls Imaan’s words. Imaan reaches NSA. Lala calls him. Imaan says this is NSA, no one can enter it. Lala says right, but war hero can enter there, so I chose you, we did your arrangements. Imaan recalls Nazneen and family.

Imaan says I had to meet Duggal. Vikram asks Duggal not to meet Imaan, its not safe. Duggal meets Imaan. Imaan says I got a bouquet for you, I wanted to thank you. Lala asks Imaan to keep mouth shut, else your daughter, mother or wife next time. Nazneen asks Imaan what’s the work that you are not with family now. Harleen calls Indira and asks for Sartaj. Indira says he is not here, you can come here and check. Harleen leaves from home and some men hit her car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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