POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Imaan beating up Vikram. He says I told you to be away from my family. Shaira looks on shocked. The men ask Imaan to leave Vikram. Imaan gets pushed and falls over the glass table. Vikram asks him to get up and helps him. Imaan beats Vikram again. Shaira shouts stop it. Imaan stops seeing her. He returns the mic to Vikram and says stay away from my family. He thanks Shaira for the lift and leaves. She recalls her words. Imaan calls Duggal and says I m not good, I fought with Vikram, sorry I can’t help it, he is spying on me, he thinks I m cheating my country, maybe he thinks so, but I will not tolerate him using my son. Duggal worries.

Imaan says I warned Vikam, if he does this again, I will call all journalists and say everything, then you have to answer,

sorry. Duggal says I can understand, I will see. Imaan thanks him and leaves. Harleen is worried. Sartaj comes to the room. He says I have to say something, shall I say. She says yes. He says Indira asked me to thank you, thanks. He gifts her earrings which Indira gave him. She smiles.

Shaira meets Vineet. He says I know you can’t come with me, afterall its your dad’s order, its your birthday, none of us will go. He gets cake ordered. He gets the cake. Shaira celebrates her birthday. He gets some tablets from his friend and spikes her drink. Shaira talks to Ayaan and says I came to meet my friends, I will go to Dadi’s house and call you. He asks with whom are you. She says I m with friends, don’t worry. Vineet gives the drink to Shaira.

Veera scolds Arjun for going to Indira. She asks him to return chocolates. Harleen says no need, Indira is a nice girl, what we saw was not complete truth, earrings were for me, she asked Sartaj to give this to me with thanks, we doubted on them, sorry. Duggal calls up Vikram. He says Imaan called me, meet me at hotel.

Imaan comes home and calls out Ayaan and Nazneen. Ayaan comes. Imaan says Vikram won’t close to you, I explained him. Ayaan hugs him. Imaan says next time, tell me everything. He does aid and asks Ayaan to find new way to impress Naina. He asks where is Nazneen.

Nazneen meets Payal and says I slapped Shaira, I did not feel anything, that’s bad. She cries and talks of Shaira. She asks did I do wrong. Payal signs no. Nazneen says even you don’t have answer for me, I don’t know. Mrs. Khan calls Imaan and asks where is Shaira, she did not reach here, she did not go to meet Salim, she is not answering. He worries.

Shaira gets dizzy after having the drink. Vineet holds her and gets close. She gets call. He keeps her phone away. Imaan says Shaira did not reach mom’s place, call her. He calls Nazneen and hears the phone ringing in room. Ayaan calls Shaira’s friend and asks about Shaira. He tells Imaan that Shaira is not with her friend. Imaan says call her other friends. Imaan says where does Vineet stay. Ayaan tells him. Imaan is leaving and sees Abhi at the door. Abhi shows the car, the first endorsement product. Imaan asks would I get test drive. Indira is leaving for office meeting. Harleen thanks her. Indira says I will be back in evening.

Abhi asks is this test drive not long. Imaan shows the place on GPS. Abhi takes him. Vineet sees Shaira’s nose blessing and tells his friend. His friend says its overdose. Vineet says if anything happens to her, it will be problem. They put Shaira in the girl. Vineet asks whats the plan. His friend says I will park the car away. Vineet says let her die. Shaira takes Salim’s name. Imaan reaches there and sees Shaira. Vineet says I stopped Shaira from taking drugs. Imaan beats Vineet. His friends hold Imaan. Abhi says leave Sir, I will make video viral, get away, don’t move. Imaan lifts Shaira and takes her.

Duggal says I told you to remove mic, you got caught, stop this. Vikram says its not connected to you. Duggal says I know, I m saying this for your good, stop this operation now, I know you have many plans hidden, there will be a backup working for you. Vikram disconnects an incoming call. Duggal says your agents will not be after Imaan and Sartaj. Vikram says you won’t have any connection. Duggal leaves. Indira comes to meet Vikram.

Imaan gets Shaira to the hospital. The doctor says we have to file police complaint. Imaan says we will do. Vikram asks Indira whats her plan. Indira says Sartaj’s plan, once I win his trust, I will get all info which he is hiding from us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. God.. veera was right that ibdra is a real witch

  2. indira might kept microphones within the jhumka that sartaj presented to harleen

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