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The Episode starts with Shaira going to the pub with Vineet. Vineet asks did you not like this place, you are crying, why. Shaira says I m good. He asks him to have some wine. She says I m not that types. He says I have an idea, I will get you my special drink, chill. She refuses. He insists and goes. Nazneen comes there with Imaan. Imaan says surprise, PR guy Abhi asked us to come here. Shaira says that’s not right, you are keeping an eye on us. Imaan says no, where is that hero, whats his name. Vineet comes and greets Imaan. Shaira introduces her parents. Imaan tells Vineet that he is tough to bear tortures for 17 years, because of Shaira, I just wanted to come back to my daughter to make sure none hurts her, I m glad a macho man like you is with her. Payal asks them to come. Vineet goes.

Payal asks Shaira did Imaan prove he is your father, or are you thinking some other trick.

Satpal is angry that he has to serve the documentary crew guys. Veera asks him to open his eyes and keep an eye on Indira. Indira is around Sartaj. Veera says she is with Sartaj. Satpal says Sartaj is not such. Veera says but the girl is like that. Indira says we will meet in morning, we got rooms arranged in lodge. Harleen and Sartaj offer her to stay with them in their house. Indira refuses.

Harleen says its not a problem and asks Veera to prepare room for Indira. Veera says see she reached till room, if we don’t stop, she will reach even kitchen. Harleen and Veera clean a room. Harleen talks to Indira and laughs. Veera asks Indira not to come out of room at night, there is fear of animals. Harleen asks animals? Veera takes Harleen with her. Harleen asks Veera what did she say. Veera says meaning was nothing, you are very innocent, people fool such people, be alert, greet some people from far. Harleen asks what do you mean, say directly. The man gets Indira’s bag and jacket and gives them. Veera takes candle to burn the jacket. Harleen stops her. Veera says if this woman hurts you, I will burn her. Harleen says don’t say that, apologize, Indira will not hurt me, its my guarantee. Indira smiles seeing Sartaj and shuts the room door.

People take selfies with Imaan. Vineet tells Shaira that he has to leave. Shaira asks is this excuse. He says yes, frankly, your dad and I will not get along well, I get angry when anyone talks to me like that, take care. He hugs her and leaves. Shaira asks Nazneen are they done. Nazneen says we were waiting for you, are you done. Shaira leaves.

Vikram enters Imaan’s house. Ayaan worries. Vikram says its better if you don’t know anything. He asks where is bedroom. Ayaan shows him and asks him to stop.

Shaira is on the way with Abhi, Payal, Imaan and Nazneen. They sing song and talk. Shaira listens to them. Nazneen tells about her college’s first crush. Imaan and Nazneen’s talk goes on. Shaira says it means Imaan did not trust Nazneen. Imaan jokes and sings song. Shaira seems disinterested. Vikram asks the man to do data transfer. Ayaan asks him not to do this. They check everything in the house.

The men do not get anything. Ayaan says there is nothing. Imaan and everyone come home. Imaan says I will sign it tomorrow. Abhi says thanks a lot, I will make you a bigger brand. Imaan says relax, I trust you and hugs him. Nazneen tells Shaira to understand. Imaan goes to open the house. He stops and sees Shaira. Ayaan tells Vikram that Imaan has come. Vikram and his staff run to leave. They leave. Ayaan acts normal. Imaan talks to him. Shaira is annoyed and goes. They see the back door flip sound. Ayaan worries. Nazneen says that door is always shut. Ayaan says I went there, I will shut it. Imaan says cigarette smoking is bad for health.

Ayaan goes and shuts the door. Nazneen and Imaan have coffee. Salim talks to Shaira and says I did not get any call from police today, what happened. She says your fake GF Payal would have told you everything. He says don’t waste time and energy, you can’t prove Imaan wrong as a father. She says its same blood, we will see Imaan wins or me. She ends call. She thinks of weird ideas to take pics and send Vineet, and then takes decent pic. She messages him sorry, I will meet later. Ayaan is angry on himself and sits upset.

Veera says Indira is with Sartaj. Harleen says she is making documentary. Indira gives her hand to Sartaj and sits in tractor. Duggal says its all waste things and burns some papers. Ayaan works on Vikram’s orders.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hate that sl_t who is trying to seduce sartaj…. the poor fellow so incapable of judging the rite and the wrong rite now……. What will happen to harleen

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