POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nazneen getting the call from bank. She asks Imaan opened account, today? 20000 euros deposit? Fine I will ask him and tell you, thanks. She looks at Imaan and asks what are you hiding, bank manager did not have your number and called me, bad news for you, what are you hiding, you have seen result of one lie, you are lying again. He says I m human, I had to lie. She says fine, but be careful, maybe you don’t have anything to get, and everything to lose. He says I gave loan to a friend many years ago, so he is returning money now. She sees Salim and goes. Imaan gets Lala’s call. He asks why did you send 20000 euros. Lala says don’t worry, amount is safe, and these phone calls can’t be tapped, wait for next call. Imaan says why, I did your work. Lala laughs and

says work did not complete yet. Imaan gets angry.

Rohan meets Vikram and says I will meet you here. Vikram asks if I could not come because of work. Rohan says you decide that, work is imp or Rohan, its parents teacher meet tomorrow in school, class teachers meets parents and give gifts, I just get one gift, all friends get two gifts for mother and father. Vikram says so I…. Rohan says pray that my home gets two gifts. He goes. Vikram smiles.

Satpal and everyone talk. Harleen says I will give food to Sartaj and come. Imaan goes to Salim and sits there. He recalls Salim’s words and says sorry. He gets Lala’s call and rushes out. He says I m not on state to…. Lala says your next work. Sartaj cuts grass and thinks of Imaan’s words. Harleen comes to him and sees him. She switches off the cutting machine. He asks why did you come here, leave me alone. She asks him to get anger out on anyone else, railing is broken, hammer the nails there and vent out anger. She goes. Nazneen sleeps sitting near Salim. Imaan sees them and leaves.

Sartaj repairs the railing by hammering the nails. Harleen looks on. Imana withdraws some cash from bank. Indira follows Imaan. Teacher praises Rohan. Shobha says he went on his parent. Rohan waits for Vikram. Teacher says we are proud that Rohan is in our school, we don’t believe he is special, but similar to everyone. He gifts him one gift. Vikram comes and surprises Rohan. Rohan smiles. Vikram gets a gift from teacher and gives to Rohan. Teacher says Rohan will be happy, both parents are here. Rohan hugs Vikram. Shobha looks on.

Shobha and Vikram talk about Rohan. He says no use to keep Rohan away, I stayed two days away and see what happened. She says Rohan found you, he told me, we don’t lie to each other, he is my son. He says mine too. She asks do you love anyone except yourself. He says yes, and shows her reflection in car window glass. She says I can never stop loving you Shobha. She says even he says this. He asks Rohan. She says no, Sid… She goes.

Lala calls Imaan. Imaan says yes I reaches there. Lala sees him on video and asks him to go somewhere. Indira sees Imaan and calls Vikram. She informs him. Vikram says keep an eye on him, what he does, where he goes. She says ya sure. She wears burqa and keeps an eye on Imaan. Imaan disconnects Sartaj’s call. Lala calls Imaan and asks him to buy halwa. Sartaj hammers nail more and vents out anger. Harleen looks on and says your anger does this state of my heart. She goes. Imaan keeps some bag in the drum. He goes. Indira checks that bag and gets junk. Kids exchange Imaan’s bag and give to some man.

Sartaj says I feel its time to tell truth to everyone. Harleen says where did Sartaj go. Nazneen talks to Imaan and says I m stopping you to help. Imaan says none can help me. Lala talks to Imaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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