POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhant coming home. He sees guard and says its my house. Inspector says its new NSA Vikram Singh’s house. He is allowed to go inside. Shobha says sorry, I did not know NSA is such big post, there is much security. She asks him to meet Rohan. Vikram smiles seeing Siddhant. She goes to Shobha and asks him to show drawing. Rohan says just to Mamu. Shobha asks him to go. Siddhant sees the drawing of their family. Rohan asks how did you like this, I told Papa to frame this and put it here. Rohan asks him to tell some story, mumma is bad story teller, and Papa stays busy, you will get drawings in return.

Siddhant asks him to come. He says its interesting story, there was a boy like you, sweet, cute, he used to study in good school, he practiced for drawing competition

in school, that day came and when he was completing the drawing, he heard some screams. Rohan’s smile vanishes. Siddhant says the boy saw some men entering the class and shooting around, he got scared and sat under table. Rohan gets scared. Siddhant asks do you want to hear what happened then, every story does not have good ending. Rohan runs out of the room. Siddhant sees the drawing and recalls the little boy.

Imaan thinks of Siddhant. Sartaj asks the men to fill the tanker in Imaan’s car. Imaan and Sartaj sit talking. Imaan says Siddhant stopped coming to mosque. Sartaj says why will he come, how many times will a man do mistake, what do you think. Imaan says he gave lead for surgical strike, he killed Lala, and behaves strange. Sartaj says he is trying to win trust. Imaan says and also doubt. Sartaj says just we have doubt, but there is no proof. Imaan says there is a way.

Vikram asks Siddhant so are you starting from today. Siddhant says yes. Vikram says you surprised me, you spoke to Govind and took job. Siddhant says I hope you are okay with it. Vikram asks Rohan to come or go with Siddhant. Rohan gets scared. Imaan comes and meets them. Vikram and Rohan leave. Imaan asks Siddhant where is he going, looking smart. Siddhant says first day at work. Imaan talks to Shobha about work. Siddhant leaves.

Imaan asks Shobha to sign some papers. He says Sid is back, how do you feel. She says how would I feel. He says true, I m asking idiotic questions, I met him in mosque, people go there to get peace, you both will be talking a lot, much happened in his absence, Harleen’s absence. She asks when did her accident happen. Imaan says I thought you know. Siddhant comes back and says my phone was left. He gets his phone and leaves. Imaan says I don’t mind my coffee, and goes to washroom. Siddhant hears the recording in his phone. He sees Imaan going to his room upstairs.

Imaan checks Siddhant’s room. He switches on his laptop. He tries entering password. Siddhant enters his room and sees Imaan. Imaan gets shocked. Vikram comes home and asks what happened. Siddhant asks him to come. Shobha says don’t know, they are not saying. Siddhant asks Imaan will you start or shall I say. Imaan gets speechless. Siddhant says Imaan is scaring me, I will say it, he was checking my room. Imaan says its just a misunderstanding. Siddhant asks him to clear it. Imaan says I went to use washroom in his room, and thought to check email on his laptop. Siddhant says that’s not the point. Vikram gets shocked. Imaan says what are you talking about.

Siddhant says Imaan has doubt on me. Shobha asks why. Siddhant says he has seen me in mosque. Imaan gets tensed. Siddhant says I told him that I go to mosque to find peace, is that wrong. Shobha says no, Imaan told me, why will anyone doubt on me. Imaan recalls Sartaj’s words. Siddhant says I was in prison, there was no trust, now I got back after so much difficulties, there is no trust. Imaan says what’s there to trust, you killed Lala, you gave lead in surgical strike, what’s there to not trust you. Siddhant says I don’t know, tell me if there is anything, if I tell anything about Sartaj, Harleen and your family, what’s there to feel strange, I stayed with Lala and won his trust, I know what happened in my absence here. Imaan says you are mistaken, there is nothing to doubt, I apologize. Siddhant thanks him. He apologizes to Vikram and says I called you here to end this chapter. Vikram asks him to relax.

Siddhant says I want to see security arrangements. The security officer asks him to find any mistake in their security. Vikram activates Santosh’s team, and starts investigation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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