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The Episode starts with Imaan seeing Vikram coming. He says I will call back and ends call. Vikram asks how is your brother. Imaan asks how do you know. Vikram says I know you are getting calls from unknown number, you know time is biggest weakness, treatment is time is benefit, else useless, its smartness to take right decision in time, else foolishness. Imaan says say clearly. Vikram asks who is calling you from Pakistan, what does he want. Salim’s accident is not simple hit and run case, its planned murder attempt. Imaan dismisses the matter and lies to Vikram. He says my family is my top priority, I have no time for your useless stories. Vikram says tell me truth, I m ready to get help. Imaan and Sartaj go.

Nazneen sits with Salim. Harleen asks Mrs. Khan do you want anything.

Mrs. Khan says don’t know how to ask you, Nazneen is silent and not talking since yesterday, I feel she can lighten heart with you, will you try please. Harleen agrees. She talks to Nazneen and asks her to speak out her pain. Nazneen cries and says I did not do right with Salim, he loves me a lot, he was with me all these years as my support, I got all anger on him, I did not say that I love him. She cries.

Sartaj says its not right, we should not hide this. Imaan says none will know anything. Sartaj asks him to stop it, you are saying the same, we are getting calls from Pakistan, Vikram came till here, I m asking you to tell Vikram, we will be caught up badly.

Vikram comes to Nazneen and Harleen. He says both will be trapped, I m saying about your husbands. Nazneen asks why, what did they do, why are you after them, can’t you see anyone’s pain. Vikram says I can see it clearly and came to make pain away, you give this advice to Imaan. Nazneen says Imaan did a lot for this country, he came back after many years, let him live dignified life. He says person has to earn dignified life, it cannot given by someone. She asks what did Imaan do.

Sartaj asks Imaan to think well, the thing we are hiding is not between us, that caller knows it, if he tells truth in front of everyone, what will remain. Imaan says our family will not be attacked, our truth won’t come out, leave it on me. Vikram says I can’t leave them, I doubt on their intentions, I can’t tell you, just be alert, maybe you both can find out what I could not, be careful, because maybe coming days are worse than kargil war days. He goes.

Sartaj asks leave on you? What will you do? Your brother is in ICU, how will save family, how will you hide secret. Imaan says I will do whatever it takes. Sartaj asks what will you do, answer me. Imaan says I don’t know, I just know Salim is fighting with death, I will do anything to save my family. He goes.

Rohan comes to a shop and shows Vikram’s pic. The man says he is Vikram. He did not come since two days. Kaka asks why are you asking this. Rohan says he is my friend. He orders break pakoda. Kaka asks about chutney mix. Rohan takes it and leaves.

Vikram says its all connected, this accident is not normal hit and run case, its planned attack. Indira asks what’s connection with Imaan and Sartaj, why will those people attack families and spoil their plan. Vikram says maybe its reminder to them to do work soon, we have less time, we need to know what are they hiding. Sartaj sees Imaan. Nazneen and Imaan see each other. Abhi sits to give shoulder to Shaira. She sees him. He goes. Harleen calls Bau ji and says maybe we have to stay here at night, it maybe needed. Bau ji says its fine, stay there.

Nandini treats Salim. She says Salim’s condition was sensitive, Salim is out of danger. They all get relieved. Nazneen thanks Nandini and hugs her. Harleen says lonely person is a boat without the driving sticks, it can’t go anywhere. Sartaj looks on.

Shobha asks Rohan why did he go to that cafe. She checks his fever. He coughs. She gives him medicines. She asks did you go to meet your Papa, you make Vikram’s drawing, you meet him after school, you should have told me. She hugs him. He says you said I should say, so I said now, I met him before, but he is busy now. Imaan gets a call again. Sartaj worries. Lala asks did Vikram leave. Imaan asks how do you know. Lala says I know everything. Imaan says just you showed humanity between enemies. Lala says yes, just tell me will you do what we want, think of your brother. Imaan says I will do. Sartaj gets shocked.

Lala asks Imaan to do one thing. Sartaj shouts there is danger. Vikram says they are planning something big. Vikram follows Imaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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