POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts starts with Salim’s operation going on in OT. Salim recalls Nazneen. Doctor give him cardio shocks. He thinks of Nazneen and Imaan. Imaan and Nazneen come there. Imaan asks for Salim. Nandini attends them. Imaan asks about Salim, he met with a road accident. Nandini asks him to check. The lady says one patient is in ICU, he is serious. They rush to see. Nandini asks the surgeon about patient’s case. He says its major accident, we have to take him for scans, we are trying to make him stable. Nandini says Imaan is his brother, I will check him on time. Nazneen and Imaan cry seeing Salim.

Imaan goes to the accident site and sees Salim’s car. He recalls the accident. Inspector tells him about the truck speed, car got destroyed, it was like truck driver was waiting

to hit him. Nazneen talks to Salim on phone. Imaan picks the phone. The ambulance guys take Salim. He recalls the video. Inspector says Salim was a great guy, do you have doubt on anyone, did he have enmity with anyone. Imaan signs no. He sees the CCTV camera and shop behind.

Imaan thinks to call Sartaj. Sartaj calls Indira. She asks how did you call me in morning. He says why to be afraid if I trust you, why to hesitate if you want to know something. She asks what. He says I m ready to tell you everything, even about Pakistan. She asks when can we meet. Harleen comes and says Imaan called, he is tensed. Sartaj talks to Imaan. Imaan says Sartaj, Salim met with an accident, come to hospital. Sartaj rushes. Harleen asks can I come along. He nods. They leave.

Ayaan goes to washroom and calls out Imaan. He says doctor is calling you. Imaan says fine, 2mins. Imaan breaks the sim and flushes it. He breaks the phone too. He leaves. Doctor tells Imaan and Nazneen about Salim’s state, the spinal shock is strong, and there is blood clot in his left brain. Nazneen and Imaan ask chances. Nandini says 70-30, 30 of survival. Imaan holds Nazneen’s hand. Nandini looks on. Nazneen cries.

Sartaj tells Harleen that Imaan always think of other, one mistake and such big mistake. She answers Indira’s call. She says Sartaj is driving, call after some time. Indira asks is everything fine. Harleen says Imaan’s brother met with an accident, we are going Delhi. She ends call. Vikram writes letter for Rohan. Rohan looks for Vikram. Indira/Kirti calls Vikram and informs him about Salim. Vikram gets shocked.

Abhi comes to hospital. He gives tea to Ayaan and Shaira. He goes to Imaan and hugs him. He gives tea to Imaan and Nazneen. Sartaj and Harleen come. Sartaj hugs Imaan and asks about Salim. Harleen pacifies Nazneen. Imaan says that phone was not by Vikram, it was from Pakistan, they did this to threaten me, I broke my phone and thrown sim, you should go same. Imaan gets another call and says this is not my phone. Its Lala’s call again. Imaan gets shocked. Sartaj says but you said….. Imaan and Sartaj see Vikram in front of them.

Lala says I had relation with you and Sartaj. Vikram says so this attack is reminder, there can be more attacks. Vikram asks Nazneen to be alert, maybe coming days are more bad for you both. Sartaj asks Imaan will you do what they say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What’s happening.. cant understand

  2. Very touching episode.Felt sad for Imaan & Nazneen.

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