POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 25th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Govind telling about the surgical strike in the press conference. Reporter asks the details of the surgical strike. Govind says NSA Vikram Singh will tell technical things. Vikram says we had the info, sources were reliable, our soldier was the source, Lieutenant Siddhant Thakur, he is a POW and got back to country, based on his info, we planned this strike. Shobha sees Siddhant. Vikram says we did not get any harm in this mission. Govind thanks army and Siddhant Thakur.

Sartaj says I don’t understand anything. Imaan says something is wrong. Shobha says you both won’t stop, I will get tea. She goes. Siddhant looks on.

Siddhant’s man gets Afreen to a safe place. He locks the door and leaves. Afreen cries. 12 hours before, Siddhant’s man comes back

to her and knocks door. He says we don’t have time, Indian army is going to attack on haveli, we have to leave. Her mum says we can’t trust him, Siddhant broke our trust. Afreen asks her mum to come. The haveli gets attacked by army. Afree’s mum gets shot and dies. Afreen cries. FB ends.

Siddhant’s man gets food and clothes for Afreen. She asks how did you know about the attack happening on haveli. He says I got info from Siddhant, you were right, his heart just has you, he did this surgical strike to win the govt. Trust and made you leave from there, I wish your mum agreed, Siddhant is much far, but still close. Siddhant sees Afreen’s pic and gets sad. He keeps the pic in the cupboard.

Council group gets angry on surgical strike and decides to take revenge. Vikram talks to Govind. Govind calls him Major to respect his post. He congratulates and praises Vikram. Vikram says you gave permission, else this surgical strike would have been just a plan, you and Siddhant are there. Vikram coughs and says tea is too sweet, what were you saying about Siddhant.

Govind calls Siddhant there. Vikram gets surprised. Govind says Vikram would be surprised seeing Siddhant here, I have a plan for Siddhant. Vikram says Siddhant wants to be in uniform, he is not interested in politics, right Sid. Siddhant says yes. Govind says listen to me first, I spoke to Siddhant, I want to give big work charge to Siddhant. Vikram asks can I know what is it. Govind says I m talking of industrialist Thadani’s security. Mr. Thadani walks in. Vikram, Govind and Siddhant meet Thadani. Govind says he is the security head chosen by govt’s side for you. Thadani says proud of you, young man, I heard a lot about you. Siddhant thanks him. Vikram looks on. Thadani says I would be more than happy, I would get to talk to a brave soldier, I m glad you chose Siddhant. Siddhant recalls Lala.

Siddhant’s man gives food to Afreen. He asks her not to worry, I got some medicines. She says this is not my medicine, can I talk to Siddhant. Imaan is at mosque and looks for Siddhant. Someone clicks his pics. The man tells Siddhant that Imaan is keeping an eye on you. Siddhant says he won’t know anything, how much time more. He gets a call from Afreen. They take each other’s welfare. He says I know you won’t say, even then I will remind you, there is nothing bigger than motive, you trust me right. She says yes. He says I will send news. She says I will wait… and call disconnects. Afreen and Siddhant cry. Honge na hum juda……plays…………..Siddhant returns the phone to the man and leaves. They recall their old moments.

Siddhant says this is my house. Guard says this is new NSA Vikram Singh’s house. Siddhant tells a story to Rohan. Rohan gets scared and runs. Vikram says you took job from Govind so soon. Imaan and Sartaj find some way to know Siddhant’s truth. Siddhant monitors Imaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Whats happening … i cant watch Sid betraying… what is running in his mind… ????
    Afreen should come to India and their story should continue happily ever after.
    How can a passionate soldier like Sid change like this…??????

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