POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nazneen seeing Imaan and Sartaj. Santosh leaves. Imaan asks what are you hiding. Nazneen says I need to talk to you. Nazneen tells everything. Imaan and Sartaj get shocked. Sartaj says I will wait outside. He goes. Imaan says I m not fine, I did not do anything right in life, I should not have come back, I have seen Shaira’s old pics, she was happy, I can’t see her like this, why does not anyone curse me, just say it. She asks what do you want, you want me to curse you and say you ruined our life.

She says Shaira was irresponsible and in bad company, today she kept the gun down because of us, Salim, me and you, I m proud of her, she has courage, how to curse you, and why. Imaan goes to Shaira and Ayaan. He hugs Shaira. He says I don’t want an apology,

just promise, Salim was your friend, like I went and he took my place, can I take his place. She nods and hugs him.

Vikram, Shobha, Rohan and Siddhant dine. Vikram tells Shobha about surprise. She says you mean you are staying for one more day. Vikram says two years…. She asks what, 2 years, job? He says new job, National security advisor. She smiles and says that’s great. Siddhant asks did you decide, where will you stay. She says what do you mean, he will stay here. Vikram says I will get official accommodation. She says no way, you will stay here. Siddhant says why don’t you listen to me. She asks why should I. Siddhant says Vikram may have to say something, you both did not get married yet. She says so what. He says they can write anything about NSA, Rohan will also read, it can be difficult for him. They get silent.

She says Rohan, you know mummy and Papa did not marry. Rohan nods. She asks if Vikram stays here, you may hear something wrong, is that a problem. Rohan says no. She asks will you manage. Rohan says yes. She says Rohan has no problem, whatever society says, I don’t care, if marriage is imp for Vikram, I respect institution of marriage, if love happens again, we will marry, till then Vikram will stay here as Rohan’s father and my friend. Vikram says think again. She says my son won’t leave without his father, he is a child, I did wrong with him and you for 10 years, we got a chance, I won’t let it go. Rohan says its an order. They laugh.

Afreen’s mum says Yusuf do anything, its tough to get Siddhant out of Afreen’s heart. Yusuf says Afreen does not know, I will kill Siddhant. Afreen hears this and worries. He burns the memory chip. Its morning, Imaan recalls Shaira’s words. He goes to Mosque and prays for Shaira. Siddhant meets someone. Imaan turns and sees Siddhant. He doubts on Siddhant. Siddhant sees Imaan and gets shocked.

Imaan says anyone would have thought something else, being in my place, you know, you can answer me anytime, I m just your senior officer. Siddhant says I went to pray, there is no way to get peace, praying to Lord. Siddhant leaves. Imaan calls Sartaj and leaves voicemail asking him to meet.

Vikram gets ready for office. Shobha gifts him tie and makes him wear it. They have a moment. She smiles. Vikram says I had to talk something imp to Siddhant, where is he. He says he went on job. He leaves. Imaan meets Sartaj and says you were right, Siddhant…. something is wrong, I have seen him in mosque. Sartaj says I have doubt on Siddhant since he came my house. Imaan says yes, but just doubt, no proof. Ayaan asks him to see news. They see the surgical strike news. Govind says I m proud of say about our army conducted surgical strike last night. Vikram says we had info of this terror camp, source was more than reliable, Siddhant Thakur. Shobha sees Siddhant. Imaan and Sartaj look on.

Vikram gives statement. Someone clicks Imaan’s pic. Siddhant’s man asks Afreen to come with him, we have less time. Someone shoots at them. They get saved. Siddhant sees Afreen’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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