POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 24th December 2016 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imaan and Sartaj worrying by Lala’s call. Lala says think if we tell indian govt what truth are you hiding. Imaan says what truth. Lala asks do you want to hear it. Imaan says fine, ask Vikram to try anything else. Sartaj asks what was this. Imaan says its Vikram’s tactics, don’t worry, we have more imp things in our lives. Sartaj leaves with Indira. They are on the way. Sartaj tells her about Vikram, he is like mosquito who is heartless and sucks blood. Indira asks what does Vikram want. He says he doubts on us, he takes us for interrogation and now he is making fake calls, he wants to prove us wrong, he can’t prove it. She asks will you come home for tea. He gets a call.

He asks Satpal what happened. Satpal says just come home fast. Sartaj says fine,

I m coming. He asks Indira to stop car, I have to go home. Indira asks what happened, tell me. He says I will meet you later. Imaan comes home and sees the family pics. He sees Salim and Nazneen’s pic in the drawer. He keeps pic back. Nazneen comes and asks what are you doing here. He says try. She asks whats there to try, you finished everything, why this truth now. He says you have problem that I said true, or that I did not say till now. She says don’t use battle tactics on me, why this truth, why Nandini, what did I not do for you, what was less. He says you did everything. She says just go away.

He says your loneliness for 17 years, your fighting with problems and Salim supporting you, then one day I come back, Shaira annoyed, Salim quiet and you preparing for new war. She asks what war are you talking about. Imaan shows Salim and her pic. He says you both look great together. She gets shocked and says I…. He says don’t do mistake which I did, I cheated you, you did not cheat me, what Salim did was for your mistake, this is called fate or what, it happened right with me, wrong is happening with you and Salim. She asks shall I say something. He says no, don’t think of my pain, think of Nazneen and Salim, close your eyes, see the other side of this darkness, whose face do you see. She cries. He says Salim……She nods. He says the answer is infront of you, decision is in your hands. He goes.

Indira says I thought we are working together and you will share info, if I m getting info from Sartaj, why are you calling Imaan and threatening him, Sartaj was worried. He asks what phone call are you saying. She says your agents are calling by Lala’s name. He asks what. She says Imaan and Sartaj think you made the calls. Vikram asks his man to tap Imaan’s call and find unknown number. The man says its tough, Duggal will know, and person can hide unknown number. Vikram says its real call, find out about Sartaj soon, you broke his family. She asks why do you have sympathy for other’s family. Shobha comes and asks Vikram to stay away from Rohan. She shows the drawing. He says Rohan is my son. She says don’t snatch him, you snatched my brother, you think for yourself, I m sure you will break his heart too. She throws drawing and leaves. Vikram picks drawing. Indira looks on.

Sartaj comes home. Satpal asks him to come fast, Harleen….. Sartaj asks what happened. Satpal asks where did lizard go. Harleen asks what. Satpal says there was fat lizard, Harleen and Veera would have shouted seeing it, I can fight with Tiger, not lizard. Sartaj gets angry and asks do you think this is a joke. Satpal says its not easy to be elder son. Sartaj gets silent. Satpal says you have to be there at fields tomorrow morning. Sartaj goes. Satpal says I have done this, always Harleen decides. Bau ji says he did right thing, I can’t tell him anything today. Satpal hugs Bau ji. They smile.

Nazneen hugs her and Salim’s pic. Shaira calls Salim. She says you know Nazneen, she took all decisions with you, this is her anger, not hatred. Salim says don’t know. Imaan is with family. Salim says Nazneen does not want to see my face, you be with Nazneen, I m fine. He ends call. Shaira signs no to Imaan. Mrs. Khan asks what are you seeing. Imaan says pendulum, its does not belong to any side. Nazneen comes out of her room. She asks where is Salim. Mrs. Khan asks Salim. Nazneen says yes, call him, I m alone, tell him to come and hold my hand. They all smile. Ayaan and Shaira hug Nazneen. Imaan looks on with tearful eyes.

He asks Shaira to call Salim, I have to answer this call. Lala says if you want your and your family safe, then you have to do one small work. Imaan says stop calling me, if it was Lala, he would have not called, he was our friend. Lala threatens him and ends call. Nazneen calls Salim. She says we all are waiting for you. Salim smiles and says then I will come. Imaan gets Salim’s video and gets shocked.

Imaan sees Nazneen talking to Salim on phone. Salim meets with an accident. Imaan sees the accident footage and gets shocked. Nazneen calls out Salim….. Imaan gets a big shock. He runs to family. Nazneen cries and calls out Salim.

Police says the truck has hit Salim. Nazneen talks to Nandini about Salim’s survival chances. Imaan breaks the phone. He tells Sartaj about call. Sartaj says I m ready to tell you about Pakistan. Indira gets shocked. Lala calls Imaan again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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