POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Duggal meeting Imaan, Sartaj and Siddhant. He asks Akhil to click their pic. He says Vikram is going to become NSA chief now. Vikram asks Siddhant is he not happy. Siddhant says I m thinking what would Shobha think. Nazneen, Ayaan and Harleen are on the way. Nazneen says I can’t call Imaan, why did Shaira go Kishangunj. Harleen says yes, Satpal and Veera would have called me if Shaira came there. She recalls and says I know where Shaira went.

Shaira ties up Avi. She gets a gun. She cleans the place and takes some bags out. She goes to her car and keeps all the things. She goes back to Avi. A man tells Afreen that Yusuf called her. She asks what’s the reason. Yusuf says I m calling you to tell reason. He moves and shows doctor at knife point. Harleen guides

Ayaan. Shaira wears gloves. She cleans the floor. Avi wakes up and sees Shaira. He gets shocked. She takes him in her car.

Yusuf says you would be thinking why I called doctor here, I did not trust you and went to meet doctor, I asked why did Afreen come, he said cold and fever, I asked again, he said same, when I aimed gun at him, he cried and said cold and fever, so we will ask again, as his face shows something else. He asks doctor again. Doctor says cold and fever. Yusuf says see he is Lala’s best friend and can lie for Lala’s daughter, even if he has to lose life, but I have a way, Afreen will not want doctor to die because of her. He asks doctor again. Doctor says cold and fever. Yusuf asks Afreen to say. Afreen says I will say Yusuf. Doctor says no Afreen.

Yusuf stabs the doctor. Afreen cries. Afreen hugs her mum and says you are not understanding, you are my mum. Her mum realizes Afreen is pregnant and gets shocked. Yusuf looks on. Her mum says Afreen is pregnant. Afreen worries. Yusuf gets angry. Her mum says Afreen has Siddhant’s child in her womb.

Vikram asks where are you lost Siddhant. Siddhant says nothing. Vikram says Siddhant wants to stay in uniform, can we do something for him. Duggal says you are asking me, you will be in my chair, on my post, you can decide, I m sure you are doing this for soldier’s rehabilitation, not relation. Vikram says some more days. Sartaj looks at Imaan.

Harleen, Ayaan and Nazneen reach the cottage. They don’t see anyone. Ayaan says Shaira just goes to luxurious place, what will she do here. Nazneen says I should call Imaan. Ayaan gets Shaira’s bracelet. Nazneen says why will she come here and where would she go. Harleen recalls Shaira’s words and tells them. They leave.

Shaira takes Avi to the jungle. Nazneen is on the way. They find Shaira’s car. Shaira scolds Avi and asks are you feeling bad, are you hurt, even I got hurt, look what you made me, my family united after 17 years, Salim and Nazneen were uniting, you ruined everything. Nazneen, Ayaan and Harleen come there. Shaira loads gun and aims at Avni. Nazneen calls her out.

She asks Shaira to put the gun down. Shaira asks her to go from here. Nazneen says this is not right. Shaira asks is it right what he did with us, we trusted him, I m a kid, but I will do this. Ayaan says you are mad, adamant, irritating and careless, I thought you can’t do anything for family, but you are solid, you proved you care for family as we do, your way is wrong. Shaira says don’t distract me, Salim died because of him. Ayaan says I know, he did wrong.

Shaira says don’t give me Gyaan, take Harleen and mom. Ayaan says kill him in front of us, you will go jail and we will get participation charge, kill him. She says I will shoot him. He says shoot him, we will go jail together. She cries. He says don’t do this, you are not like him, Salim, Nazneen and Imaan did not taught this to us. Shaira drops the gun. Ayaan says I m so proud of you and hugs her. Nazneen hugs Shaira. Avi runs. Shaira says Avi is running away. Harleen says let him run, he can get saved by you, but not by my deeds. They hear sound and rush to see. Avni dies by getting hit by a truck.

Nazneen brings Shaira home. Shaira gives her statement. Santosh says its accident case, Shaira is not at fault. Nazneen says thanks, don’t tell Imaan, I want to tell him my way. She turns and sees Imaan and Sartaj.

Imaan says I m not right, I did not do anything right in my life, I shouldn’t have come back. Imaan goes to Ayaan and Shaira. Vikram says new job, NS advisor. Shobha smiles. Siddhant asks did you decide where will you stay, you both did not marry yet. Imaan sees Siddhant. Imaan says you were right Sartaj, there is something wrong, but its just a doubt, there is no proof. Afreen blows some place and hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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