POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Harleen managing the grains harvest and business. Sartaj comes. Kishori welcomes him and calls him hero. Harleen says Sartaj and I will see all work now. Satpal says I will be with Sartaj for some days and then he will manage alone. Kishora says he will manage house also now, its great, where shall I send harvest. Harleen asks Sartaj to say. He looks on.

Rohan gets two icecreams and meets Vikram. He says icecreams are not allowed at home, dentist asked me not to eat, so I eat here. Vikram asks will you get trapped. Rohan says you should worry for yourself, if my mom knows this, then she will not leave you. Vikram says she will not leave me knowing I met you. He calls him son. Rohan laughs and says Sonu also calls me Beta for everything, he is my friend, Beta

is a good word.

Vikram smiles and says yes its a good word. Rohan asks will you meet my mumma. Vikram says sure, but not now, sometime later. Rohan asks for his phone. He laughs. Vikram asks what happened. Rohan shows Shobha’s phone and calls Vikram phone a box. Vikram laughs.

Harleen explains things to Sartaj. Satpal says that’s wheat sack. Sartaj recalls the tortures. Satpal asks what happened, did you understand work. Sartaj says yes. Harleen asks are you fine. Sartaj asks did you teach everything or is there anything else. She says fine for today. He says I will leave then if you permit. She nods. He goes. Satpal asks why did you let him go, he will go to Indira. Harleen says its fine, be it any doctor, applying ointment on wound is necessary.

Shobha looks for Rohan. She gets a sketch of Rohan, Shobha and Vikram. She sees Rohan. She asks how did you get late. Rohan cleans his uniform. She asks did you eat icecream. He gets quiet. She says you never lied to me. He says since 3 days. She asks who gave it. He goes.

Sartaj comes to meet Imaan. He greets Nazneen and I was passing by and thought to salute Imaan, is he at home. She says yes, he is at his home, this was his home, its his his home now. He asks what, I will leave. She says go, you just know this, you and Imaan know this, do you think I m joking, what did you eat there, how did you both become stone hearted, not humans, you left your wife, Imaan left home for his mistake, you both have heart or not, did you think of your families, what about our prison, just your prison and torture, I lived for Imaan. Harleen lived for you, what did you both give us.

She scolds Sartaj and says you are Imaan’s xerox copy. She cries holding him. He consoles her and asks her to sit. He gets water for her. He says I did wrong with Harleen, I have hurt her heart, you are right, but Imaan and I are not same, the man who used to regret for same thing every day, what will he hurt you. We stayed together for seven years and Imaan used to say same thing every day that he did mistake. She cries. He says he is not like me, I m foolish, Sir ji is great man. He goes.

Sartaj meets Imaan at the car shop. Imaan asks did you get beating. Sartaj says no, I got scolding. Imaan says its good. Abhi asks Imaan to come. Abhi introduces Imaan to the manager. He says why is the car impressive. Abhi praises Imaan. Abhi says I think you should sign this deal. Sartak asks are you buying a car. Imaan says no, I will sell car for them. Abhi says he means he will do ad, you also do ad for pressure cooker, or cement. Sartaj says no, spare us. Imaan asks Abhi to give them two mins. Imaan asks Sartaj to do ad. Sartaj asks did you say everything to Nazneen. Imaan says yes, sometimes small pains have to bear to get big happiness, come.

Sartaj says sorry for misbehaving with you last time. Imaan says leave Indira, I gave advice that day, today its a warning, see it can get late. Indira comes there. Sartaj says its already late. Imaan gets a call. Sartaj says I will leave. Imaan answers and says from Pakistan…. Sartaj stops hearing it. Lala says its your and Sartaj’s second home, you are staying as hero there, they all don’t know what are you two hiding, but I know everything. Imaan asks who are you talking. Lala says your friend Lala. Imaan recalls torture and Lala. Sartaj says Lala and recalls torture.

Indira says when I m trying to get info from Sartaj, why are you threatening Imaan on phone and making my work tougher. Sartaj asks who was it. Imaan says don’t worry, we have imp things in our life. Satpal calls Sartaj and says come home fast. Vikram taps Imaan’s phone. Sartaj and Imaan rush home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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