POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Yusuf and his men taking Afreen’s laptop. She stops the man. Her mum asks her to let them do their work. Afreen takes the memory chip. They leave. She recalls Lala’s words. Siddhant greets Shobha. He says there is much silence. She says Rohan went for football practice, I got a gift for you to make up for that phone. He thanks her. He asks why does Vikram not stay with us, you can tell me truth. She says truth, after you went, we got difference, I always felt, Vikram is responsible for sending you on that mission, for your captivity, we used to fight and then stopped talking, we used to stay silent and hearts used to fight, we stopped seeing each other, we tried, but we lost to problems.

She says then one day, Vikram decided to leave, we separated. He says

if you were not together formally, why separation. She says I don’t need social sanction to stay with someone, for me it was separation. He says all because of me. She says nothing wrong happened because of you, in fact your memories kept me fine, and the hope of your return kept Vikram fine. He says these dry leaves, they have no use in plants, I was away for 17 years, what’s meaning to punish yourself, you should have lived and forgotten. She says don’t ever say that, dry leaves work as fertilizers, your memories did the same, shall I make ginger tea. He nods. She goes.

He sees Shobha taking pills and asks why these medicines. She says stress, anxiety, hallucinations, talking to someone… He says I know what’s hallucination, whom did you used to see. She says you…. come and have tea. He reads news about Thadani. He checks news about Thadanis. He goes.

Yusuf and the council also see the same news. They plan to break down Thadanis and their mission. The man says Siddhant was a mistake, Lala trusted him a lot. Malik says at this time, we don’t want to do any deal and not attack on Thadanis. Yusuf says we have to do which none can’t, sorry to talk, but Lala did mistake, it does not mean we are not responsible. The man says your training camps got shut, what will you do. Yusuf says Siddhant gave all info to Raw, to cancel this plan, Thadani will be given additional security, I will fulfill mission, I have a plan, you support me, you decide what to do. He leaves.

The man says I think we have to wait for right time, we will attack and break their pride. Govind meets Duggal and says you want to work after retirement. Duggal says just tenure is ending, don’t call is retirement. Govind says I m sending you to England, manage embassy there. Duggal says as you say. Govind says whom do you want to see in your place, tell me if there is any recommendation. Duggal says there is one recommendation.

Sartaj makes Harleen rest. He says I wish even my enemy does not get such 17 years. She says everyone get sorrow in different colors, one should not bend in front of sorrow, we make our fate ourselves. He says no tension. They smile. He says I will get juice for you, I have to go field and petrol pump, did you tell anyone about the car lock incident. She says just family and Imaan’s family, I did not say anyone, why. He says nothing and goes.

Imaan is at NGO and working. Sartaj calls him and says Harleen agreed for checkup. Imaan says I will fix appointment. Sartaj asks did you say anyone about Harleen’s accident. Imaan says don’t know, maybe Nazneen. Sartaj says when we did not tell anyone, how does Siddhant know this. Siddhant is seen offering Namaz.

Imaan says maybe Vikram told that to Siddhant, stop doubting Sartaj, he is same Siddhant, our Siddhant, nothing changed, we will meet tomorrow. Sartaj ends call. Siddhant prays. Sartaj recalls Siddhant and says something changed.

Shaira gets a gun. Avi sees someone and gets shocked. Afreen leaves. Yusuf asks someone to keep an eye on her. Yusuf writes letter. Doctor reads she is pregnant, and none should know about this, else the baby won’t be fine. Duggal asks Vikram to meet. Vikram says why. Duggal says I have to talk. Rohan hugs Siddhant. Siddhant gets emotional. Vikram looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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