POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhant looking towards the sky. Vikram and Imaan get shocked. Duggal tells Govind about satellite images from Lala’s haveli, this is Siddhant Thakur, he was a top grade officer, he got Veer Chakra, we got video file, Siddhant gets Lala on wheelchair every day. Govind asks why is he looking upward. Duggal says it looks he knows we are seeing him. RAW officer Anand says we will share onground info soon. Duggal says there are two possibilities, that Siddhant wants our help. Govind says or he changed and became like them. Vikram says impossible, else why will he contact us. Govind says truth is one of the two possibilities. Vikram sees Siddhant and says what do you want to say Siddhant.

Govind says I read briefing, is Siddhant Vikram’s relative. Duggal says

yes. Govind says oh…. They go for a meet. Shaira calls Imaan and asks where are you. Imaan says I have some work. She says you maybe busy, mom had to talk to you. He asks about what. Shaira asks Nazneen to talk to Imaan about fest. Nazneen asks are you mad Shaira. Imaan asks Nazneen what is it. Nazneen says there is Lit fest happening in Karachi, I will not go, I have seen their souvenirs on your body. He says thanks. She says welcome always, where are you. He says I will call you.

Govind sees the taweez. Duggal says thes holes in taweez is code, its song Aave mere naal. Vikram says its punjabi song, Imaan and Sartaj said Siddhant was with them in prison, they used to sing this song in prison, see this translation in hindi, Mere Saath Ao, Siddhant used to sing this. Govind says he is trying to contact us. Vikram shows surveillance images, Siddhant’s pics in Lala’s haveli. Govind says it means our soldier is captive there and asking our help. Vikram says possible, coming on walk in routing every day and then looking at sky, as if he knows we can see him, its going to be evening, in some time, images will come, please Sir.

Govind nods. Duggal asks the man to get the images. Siddhant takes Lala for walk. Afreen asks Siddhant not to go out today, Yusuf is blaming that you take Lala out so that indians see you, like you are passing message. Lala laughs and says indian satellites, they could not find out camp till now, move away. Siddhant asks do you trust me. She nods. Siddhant takes Lala out.

Siddhant looks upwards to the sky and passes morse code. Vikram waits for satellite images and video. Anand gives the info. Govind asks what does he want. Vikram says he wants help. Duggal says it can be trap. Vikram asks what kind of trap. Duggal says it can be anything, he is with Lala without guards. Vikram says there maybe pressure, he is a soldier, Imaan and Sartaj proved me wrong when I doubted on him, we can’t doubt Siddhant. Duggal says its past, its not necessary that Siddhant is still same, I want your Siddhant to come back, but this is not that one. Vikram says fine, I can do something to prove Siddhant changed or not.

Vikram meets Imaan and asks what do you know about Siddhant, can you say it, tell them everything. Imaan tells about meeting Siddhant, he was a good officer and better person. Past incidents are shown. Imaan tells everything. Govind and Duggal get shocked. Imaan says we thought he died but… Vikram asks can Siddhant cheat country. Imaan says never, I have seen Siddhant in satellite images, he is a true indian soldier. Govind asks what’s Sartaj’s version.

Sartaj thanks Siddhant for giving him a life to get all relations back. Harleen and Sartaj are leaving. Harleen and everyone ask Sartaj to come. Govind says do whatever you can for our soldier, is he asking for help, its my responsibility to help him, do planning, do whatever possible. Vikram thanks him. Govind leaves. Duggal says I will talk to RAW chief. Vikram says thanks. Duggal says whatever I told was my opinion, I did not know this about Siddhant. Vikram says I can understand.

Duggal talks to his team. The man tells about Lala’s haveli, there are guards spread everywhere, its tough to enter there. Anand says they get weapons and ration from outside, people say even bird can’t enter there. Duggal says then how to get Siddhant out, we have to do something soon, I will talk to RAW chief, anything can happen, get going.

Shobha sees Rohan’s schedule to meet Vikram. Vikram calls him. She asks how are you. He says fine, is there family time in Rohan’s excel sheet, its not there right. She checks and makes one column. He says good. She asks when are you coming. He says anytime you want. He comes home and asks can I come in. She asks him to come. She asks is everything fine. He says yes. He sees Siddhant’s pic.

Siddhant thinks no one knows my real plan. He goes to room and sees Afreen sleeping. He takes a taweez from the drawer and keeps in his pocket. He recalls lying to Afreen.

Sartaj and Harleen spend some time. Sartaj talks to Imaan on phone and says I wish Siddhant was here. Imaan says I m not controlling Nazneen’s life. Imaan checks Nazneen’s interview. Reporter asks Nazneen when is she going Karachi, where her ex husband was tortured for 17 years. Yusuf plans something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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