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The Episode starts with Duggal asking Vikram have you lost it, how did you put microphone at Imaan’s house, you did not take my permission. Vikram says you will never allow, check the recording, its proof. Duggal says this is not a proof, the court will throw this audio file, I was wrong to believe you even 17 years ago, you are doing same, you want me to believe this, shut all this, its rubbish. He leaves and makes a call to stop funding to Vikram and his team. He shuts the operation. Vikram looks on.

The men wrap up. Vikram says tell Duggal that microphone is removed, but it will be there, if anyone has problem, take the cheque and thanks. They still work on the operation. Nazneen says no I can’t come for shoot, fine, keep location near the hotel. She sits to pick the file. Ayaan

worries. She does not see the microphone and asks servant to clean it. Shaira says I m going with Vineet. Nazneen says you can’t go. Shaira asks why. Imaan comes. Nazneen tells the matter. Imaan says you won’t get permission to go with Vineet. Shaira asks permission, who are you to give me permission, whats our relation, who the hell are you. Nazneen says enough and slaps her.

Shaira says another achievement, you made Salim from me and now my mum, congrats. She asks Ayaan how can you call Imaan as dad, what did he do that a father does, tell me if you know one thing. She goes. Imaan gets sad and goes. Vikram asks the men to delete this recording, no personal info will go out.

Indira plays the documentary and shows to Sartaj and everyone. Everyone smile. Indira asks to whom is he much close. He says I was close to Bebe first, and now Bau ji, Arjun, if I have to go out, Satpal and Veera. She asks about Harleen. He is about to tell about her. Indira pauses the video. Harleen asks can we see the video. Indira says yes, I can show but there is a condition, you won’t cry. Veera says now play it, Harleen is waiting. Indira plays video.

Sartaj tells about Harleen. He says Harleen is my glasses, I can see everything clearly by her, she changed my life for food, she did a lot to me, bearing my bitterness, I wish I become suitable for her. Harleen gets emotional. Everyone clap. Harleen says I will not cry, we will get tea and pakodas. She happily cries.

Shaira calls Mrs. Khan and says I m coming your home. Mrs. Khan asks what happened, tell me. Shaira asks can’t I come there, I will come and say. She ends call. Ayaan comes to talk. He says you should have not been so rude. She asks him not to give lecture. He says you think of mum, Salim, think of Imaan too. She says he will never be my dad. He goes.

Imaan asks Nazneen not to say anything to Shaira. She says she is ill mannered. He says I m sure she was not ill mannered, its because of me. She asks why are you blaming yourself. He says blaming fate is not my style. Ayaan hears them. He gets Vikram’s call and goes to room. Vikram says there is a work. Ayaan asks till when, I request you not to trouble my dad, he is already worried. Vikram says mic is not working, just reset it. Mrs. Khan calls up and asks for Nazneen. Ayaan asks Nazneen to talk. Nazneen asks did Shaira call, fine, I will talk to Imaan. Ayaan resets the mic. Vikram gets the signals.

Indira laughs and is with Sartaj. Veera gets angry. She makes tea. Indira says I will take tea. Veera says no need, you are guest. Indira says I m not guest. Harleen says its fine, take the tea. Indira goes. Veera asks Harleen not to trust Indira. Harleen says don’t worry, she is not distancing, she is bringing me and Sartaj close. Indira gives tea to everyone. She gives something to Sartaj in the tea cup and smiles. Veera looks on. Indira sees Veera and does not care.

Imaan talks to Ayaan. He asks did you fight with Naina. Ayaan signs no. Imaan says Shaira is going to mum’s house to stay there for few days. Ayaan says she is stupid. Imaan says I did bad by coming back, your life was going fine, I spoiled the balance, I did mistake, I could not understand, it was natural to move on and forget father, so its not Shaira’s mistake, not even yours, we did not even meet, its just my mistake. Ayaan says I did mistake and cries. Ayaan says Vikram called me, he asked me to keep the bug, he used to blackmail me all the time to find out about you. Imaan gets shocked.

Imaan recalls Ayaan talking to him about Lala Baluchi. He rushes out of the house. He sits in Shaira’s car. She says this is not taxi. He says drop me, then go anywhere, will you drive, or shall I drive. They leave. Veera asks Harleen to see Indira and Sartaj laughing. She says I told you not to give freedom to Indira, nothing got bad, stop this. Shaira drops Imaan and asks what are you doing. Imaan goes. Shaira says you are hurt, call mom once. She gets his walking stick. Imaan goes to meet Vikram. He recalls Ayaan’s words and gets angry. He breaks inside the door and says Vikram Singh, I told you……

Imaan beats up Vikram. Shaira looks on shocked. Mrs. Khan asks where is Shaira, she did not reach. Vineet spikes Shaira’s drinks and gets intimate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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