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The Episode starts with Sartaj saying I don’t like lies. Indira asks what do you mean. He calls his number from her phone and shows her incoming call. She says I keep my other phone at home. He asks her to show. Vikram keeps his phone and hides. Indira shows that phone and asks happy now, you trust me now? Sartaj says I did mistake. She asks what do you think, what type of girl I m, tell me. He says I don’t know what happened to me, I can’t trust anyone, I can’t love anyone, when I m happy, wounds make it bitter. He shares his pain. Indira makes him sit. He says everyone is annoyed with me at home, I broke Harleen’s heart. She hugs him. Vikram leaves silently.

Indira shows her old pictures. He asks about her family pics. She says I have no family, they are alive, but I don’t

bond with them, I stay alone. He says like me. She holds his hand. He says I don’t know I love you or not. She says its fine, take your time. He asks do you trust me. She nods and says I wish you also trusted me. He says I do. She says I crossed limit and proved my trust, did you do anything that I feel you trust me. He says I will express trust soon. He goes.

Mrs. Khan comes to Nazneen. Nazneen says I have nothing to give you. Mrs. Khan says apology. Nazneen says for sons. Mrs. Khan says no, for myself, when Imaan got you home for the first time, I did not like you. Nazneen says say something new. Mrs. Khan says you know why, because you were perfect, strong and independent, I felt this girl is better than me and can become ideal for my sons, maybe I was jealous, any mum wants to be best for sons, you are also a mum and maybe can understand, my sons were everything for me, then I got a daughter, you…. Nazneen cries. Mrs. Khan says remember one thing, I can take my sons’ side, but today I m on your side, I accept your decision. Nazneen thanks her.

Veera and Harleen see Sartaj bringing a lawyer. Nazneen comes to Imaan and Salim. Nazneen looks at Imaan and asks for divorce. Harleen asks divorce. Everyone look on. She sees Sartaj. Harleen cries. Bau ji is hurt and stops Sartaj. He says there is no home without family. Satpal says great, when you stopped Harleen from leaving, I thought there is some hope, but no, I was wrong, you failed our hopes. Veera cries and requests Sartaj not to do this, take some time, you both did not spend time together, Harleen is great. Lawyer says no use by all this. Satpal scolds lawyer. Sartaj signs lawyer.

Salim says Nazneen, what are you saying. Nazneen says I did not hide anything. Mrs. Khan says Nazneen, I know you thought well. Nazneen says yes, thought, understood and decided, now this decision will not change. Sartaj asks what do you all want, shall we let this go on, Harleen does my wife’s rights and I hurt her more. Nazneen says I will not listen to anyone now, you can discuss. Salim says don’t say this, take some time, everything will get fine. Nazneen asks how will it get fine, tell me, will you fight with time, will you go in past and correct the wrong. Imaan sits quiet. Sartaj says Bau ji said Harleen has been bearing since 17 years, do you want her to bear forever, she wants to do Mcom, she is here for me. Harleen says no.

Sartaj says I don’t love her, by what right shall I stop her life, I want to make her free. Harleen cries. Nazneen says I want freedom from his relation, this name, from Imaan. No one can return me my past 17 years, but from this moment, I don’t want to spoil my life by getting trapped in any emotions. She sees Shaira and Ayaan, and goes. Imaan gets sad. Sartaj asks Harleen to move on in life. Harleen goes.

17 years ago moments are shown. Nazneen asks where is my husband, is he dead or is he alive. Vikram tells Shobha that we will know about him soon. Bau ji asks will our children come back or not, say truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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